Movie Stream Cast 73: Beetlejuice (1988) and Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X

msc-beetlejuice-saradeck-artThe Halloween season is here and we at Movie Stream Cast are celebrating with a month of spooky movie selections. In this episode, Josh and William review another Halloween childhood favorite: Beetlejuice. The movie is streaming for a subscription on Cinemax and for a $2.99 digital rental on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube. And after the scares, stick around for our chat about Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X.

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58 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 73: Beetlejuice (1988) and Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X

  1. Another episode?! I’m so behind. I still haven’t listened to the last one with Wittle Buddy. Beetlejuice though! I absolutely Beetlejuice. Growing up, I remember being very scared of the monsters in the movie. I just thought there couldn’t be anything scarier. Although I don’t think that’s the case anymore, I still think they’re very effective and they’re probably my favorite part of the movie besides Michael Keaton, of course. I remember looking at reels of the movie in my View-Master before even watching the movie. Good times!

      • Hahahahahaha that made me laugh so hard. Good catch. There’s a part of me that thinks Josh is editing my comments to make them more memorable. I’d be ok with that.

  2. You can probably tell from my comments about him on the show, but this episode left a bad taste in my mouth for Ken. He is the most humble guy on the tribe who talks about how humble he is all the time. He humble-brags about his fish catching before he denies the other tribe fishing gear. In his exit interviews, Paul said that he tried to work with Ken repeatedly to no avail. He also said that Ken was not being honest about being the only one catching fish, that both Paul and Brett caught fish as well. All of Ken’s talk about Paul just sounds like sour grapes jealousy that he wasn’t picked to be “team captain” when he thought he should be. It’s like Philip talking about Boston Rob at the start of Redemption Island.

    • Character differences aside, the main difference between Phillip and Ken is that Phillip often said he could do all these things but really couldn’t, whereas Ken actually is catching fish, building the shelter, etc etc. That’s a big reason why Phillip got the dodo edit and Ken is getting a hero edit. Of course, there are other reasons, too…

      • My problem is the Russell Swan type of game mentality that any of this stuff actually matters in the game of sSurvivor. As Richard Hatch said, “this stuff is a distraction.” You should not be looking to be a leader or follower a leader as a primary concern.

        • I don’t think anyone is arguing that this stuff makes Ken a good player. I think it’s interesting character fodder, though – this outwardly perfect man suffering from an inferiority complex.

          • Perfectly put, Dino. Ken’s an impressive physical player and a really interesting spin on the handsome muscle-guy archetype. Therein lies his appeal. I don’t know that anybody is thinking of him as some strategic mastermind or anything.

    • Solo, I sadly do not. When I moved to the States, I left a lot of things behind including my View-Master. I remember having some clay animation reels, maybe Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Other than that, I think everything else I had were reels of family pictures. I remember my parent’s wedding very vividly.

  3. One item of potential interest: In searching out special features, I found that the Beetlejuice DVD on my shelf has three episodes of the Saturday morning cartoon show. Watched one with Little Buddy so far. It really is nuts.

    • I remember the toyline based off that show and it was totally insane. All the figures had a tiny weird looking head hidden under their real head and they had some of the weirdest “action features” ever.

      • Agreed. Michaela earned a lot of respect from me during that water challenge. Chris was, well, unstoppable. He should’ve played the role of the Juggernaut in the X-Men movie.

        • Chris was amazing to watch. I’m shocked they decided to lift him in the following challenge, however.

          I was really surprised that Lucy wasn’t stronger and Sunday wasn’t heavier, in that water challenge.

          • I wonder how Chris would’ve fared against James in that water challenge. I imagine it would be like watching a bear fight, or a hippo fight, or a walrus fight!

            Speaking of fights, has there ever been a fist fight between players? I would think it to be something very common, especially with all that testosterone flying around.

            • My understanding is that Survivor has two rules: 1) if you win, you can’t split the money with anyone, and 2) you can’t punch anyone or you’ll be removed from the game. So, no punches have been thrown yet, but there has been a close moment or two.

              Just off the top of my head, I would say Sandra probably came closest to punching Fairplay. The other two incidents that come to mind are Bobby Jon and Jamie in Guatemala, and Brandon Hantz vs. the world in Caramoan.

            • There was also that challenge early on in Samoa where things got pretty rough and I think someone was disqualified (though only from the challenge) for being too violent? I think it was a guy who was also a pretty racist piece of shit.

              Not exactly a fist fight or anything but definitely some super aggressive action.

            • Yeah, Ben. Didn’t he trip someone or something? What a scumbag.

              There was also that crazy physical challenge in Thailand where Robb choke slammed Clay.

          • Yeah, I thought that was a weird call to have Chris on the lift in the immunity challenge. Put Lucy or Jess in the seat instead, and have Chris doing the lifting.

    • It was the first Adam confessional this season where he wasn’t shouting at us!

      Also points to possibly good things for him moving forward.

    • Yeah, it was great to get a bit more depth from Adam and I can relate to how nightmarish it is to have a parent diagnosed with cancer. That scene had me choked up. But I’m rooting for Adam even more now.

      • Oh, man, David. I didn’t know. Sorry to hear that.

        People are talking about an Adam winner at it. I feel like anybody who found the idol and had that incredible reaction due to personal inner strife would’ve had that confessional make the air, regardless of how far they go in the game. But I sure hope that it’s a winner’s edit. I like him and he’s one of my winner pick! Win / win.

  4. Since Solo mentioned his love of mockumentaries on the podcast, now is a good time to shill the fact that Christopher Guest’s new mockumentary movie, Mascots, a Netflix Original, popped on the streaming service this morning.

    This time around, Guest changed things up by working with new actors like Parker Posey, Jennifer Coolidge, and Michael Hitchcock.

  5. Looks like we were all pretty close in the fantasy league. I’m glad you guys went a little more shotgun. I totally wussed out and was scared that Cody was going to land another 20 pointer. I had Tribe points on Chris, Brett, Lucy, Cee Cee, and Figgy. Yeesh. 😬

    • I had Lucy, Cee Cee, and Figgy as well! My fourth pick was Taylor because I thought for sure if the Millenials lost, they were going to break up those two. I was going to go all-in on Lucy, but second-guessed myself last minute :/

    • Yeah, I’m still spreading my points around. I went in a little heavier on CeCe this week… should have thrown those extra points at Lucy, but oh well.

  6. Awesome episode. More William Rowan… always more William Rowan.

    Beetlejuice is a foundational film for my love of the horror genre. It’s still the movie I’ve seen at the theater the most, having forced my mom to take me to see it four times at the ripe old age of 8. This was just a few months after my initial introduction to the genre, with some more hardcore entries like F13 Part 6, NoES and Phantasm. Those movies scarred my little 7 y/o (at the time) mind, and while I was fascinated with horror it scared me way too much to revisit the genre at the time.

    Enter Beetlejuice, a horror movie that was much more accessible to me because of its comedic edge. I think that’s why I took to it so well, and why it’s probably the film most responsible for really getting me into the genre.

  7. This quote is for my dear Dino, who I thought would’ve learned more from listening to Dom and Collin.

    “Results-based anaysis is a useless way to analyze strategic decision-making.”



    • I stopped listening to them a few week his ago, actually.

      And that statement is flawed, imo. All that matters in a game like Survivor IS results. No two seasons are alike. The fundamentals of the game remain the same, but the human element of the game means it is constantly changing. An approach that worked in Cagayan probably would not have worked in Kaoh Rong, for example, and vice versa. Staying with Kaoh Rong, people bash on Michele’s game and her apparent “lack of strategy,” but that doesn’t change the fact that she won. So, her strategy was obviously effective.

      Gameplay and strategy in Survivor oftentimes is not pretty, but if it’s effective then what does it matter? Of course, that makes it difficult to analyze gameplay and strategy as the season unfolds. But the game is all about reading your opponents and acting in a way that’ll best get you to the end.

      • I have to agree with Dino. I don’t think there’s a correct way of playing Survivor. The possibilities seem endless to me. It’s like saying there’s only one.correct way of using Photoshop. Are you kidding me? There are millions of different ways of approaching things that will give you the same result. Sure, some take more work, but who cares as long as it works? No cream? Ok no cream.

        • My argument below is pretty solid, but David Bloomberg makes a great defense for being principle based, rather than results based on the latest “Why so and so lost” RHAP podcast. Rob says he is in the middle, but he’s really not. He’s just not confident that the editors showed us everything.

          • I didn’t get the impression that Bloomberg was 100% on the principle based side. Everything he said seemed to end with the “but if it works…” caveat.

            At the very least, after reading your comment I was expecting Bloomberg to be fully against a results based approach to looking at things, but he seemed much more laid back about it.

    • Could not disagree more. The most important rule in Survivor is to be adaptable. If you are following that principle, the others may follow. But there are hundreds of principles that we’ve seen play out in Survivor that we can say are good or bad principles, despite luck and other players factoring in a way we can’t fully prepare for. Are there different games for each type of player? Absolutely. But just listen to one of Angie Caunce’s character archetype podcasts and you’ll find that different character types have much different statistical probabilities of winning the game. What you are suggesting would apply to poker and most athletics. Just because there are new opponents and luck involved doesn’t mean there aren’t best practices in strategy or principles that you can learn and implement based on your opponent. That’s ludicrous. Sure, sometimes you’ll get a seemingly out of the box winner, whether Michelle or Sandra, but if you analyze their game, you’ll still find that either they were really good at certain principles or their opponents were really bad at certain principles. It’s never a fluke. Even someone like Fabio. Dom and Collin haven’t said this recently, but they’ve been saying it for years: you can’t be results-oriented. Someone said this on RHAP this week, I can’t remember who, but if David wins, it doesn’t mean that his move this week was a good move. It just means that a lot of other things had to happen in order for him to win. We have to debate the quality of the strategy objectively without knowing the outcome. That’s why I’ve been harping on Ken. What he’s doing is objectively bad.

      • I feel like the beginning part of what you’re saying here speaks to a different discussion, but I definitely don’t disagree with it. You need to be flexible in strategy and in Survivor, of course. But I don’t think being “results based” means you aren’t being flexible. Actually, I think it’s probably easier to be flexible by employing a results-based approach than if you’re trying to stick to a specific strategy.

        Bottom-line is, though, that I don’t think we necessarily see things differently. I think we’re just saying mostly the same thing in two different ways. I agree that there are general principles that should be observed when navigating through Survivor (or games in general), but different circumstances dictate different necessary actions. Sometimes you need to employ a “results-based approach” in order to further your game 3 more days.

        I think this discussion is more black-and-white when dealing with how to analyze Survivor, though. There, I agree that it’s more fruitful to look at the principles of actions, simply if for no other reason than we won’t know the ultimate results of actions until the game is over.

        In the game, though, I would rather win ugly than look good while losing.


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