Crowsnest Review

Maybe I expect too much from horror films. No, that’s not it. I expect very little. I guess I WANT too much from them. Here’s a few things I would really like to see in horror films: reasonable dialogue and interactions from the characters, decision-making that at least my less intelligent friends might display, and just for fun… try adding something I may not have seen before. Crowsnest is a found-footage film whose conceit is five friends (one of which just received a camcorder for his birthday) head out to the country for a fun weekend, but stop off to buy half-price beer. They become lost and run into a Winnebago whose occupants are apparently cannibalistic hillbillies that love to ram cars with their home. This RV’s insides appear similar to what I’d expect the belly of a worm from the movie Tremors to look like. Not the never-before-seen thing I’m looking for. The inside of this Winnebago also has an extraordinary ability to be darker in the broad daylight than any other RV could attempt to be even at midnight on a moonless starless night. All the characters are morons… protagonists and antagonists. Our would be heroes -who aren’t very likeable, by the way- do things nobody would ever do. For instance: if a friend was just killed, would you turn to another friend and out the fact you had sex with her in front of her boyfriend for no apparent reason? And if you were a cold-blooded killer who killed someone on camera, would you then leave the camera? Throw in an apparition (maybe?) a religious forewarning that goes nowhere and some weird cannibal girl that apparently can’t hear or just doesn’t care what’s going on around her and that’s this film in a nutshell. The film is watchable enough but doesn’t add anything to the horror genre or found-footage sub-genre. 3.5/10.