Meet the MSC Hosts


Joshua Ligairi is a documentary filmmaker, non-fiction television producer, and podcaster. Josh began producing and hosting Movie Stream Cast in the Fall of 2013 when the previous hosts had to step down from the commitment. Josh is a podcasting veteran with two active podcasts at present and a mangled heap of podcasts of days-gone-by in his wake. He is a full-time co-host on Horror Movie Podcast, an emeritus co-host on Movie Podcast Weekly, a future co-host on the Special Features podcast, and a frequent guest on (and Producer of) The Sci-Fi Podcast.

Joshua Ligairi


Rachel is a writer and editor for a major international educational database and has taught writing at a University level (apparently she’s not easy, but she is helpful, clear, and hot). She has also served as a film Producer on several of Josh’s films. Rachel and Josh have been married for over 10 years and have spent much of that time watching, discussing, and making movies together. She began co-hosting Movie Stream Cast in the Fall of 2013 and it marks her podcast debut.

MSC Rachel Ligairi



Aaron Thompson is a professional still photographer and documentary camera operator. He and Josh have traveled the world together, shooting two feature-length documentary films. Aaron has also lectured at the University level on both photography and filmmaking. Movie Stream Cast marks his podcast debut. Follow his amazing photo stream on Instagram to sample some of his fine work. He is also trying his best to care about / utilize Twitter (and could use some followers).

MSC Aaron Thompson Aamith



Cody Clark is a writer and professional film critic. For the better part of a decade he was a features writer and the in-house film critic for The Daily Herald newspaper in Provo, Utah. Before that he wrote a humor / film column for and film reviews for the now-defunct Previous to podcasting for Movie Stream Cast, Cody appeared as a frequent guest on Movie Podcast Weekly and the now defunct Considering the Sequels podcast. Cody is also a frequent guest on The Sci-Fi Podcast. Outside of podcasting, Cody has currently semi-retired from film criticism in order to concentrate on his fiction writing.

MSC Cody Clark



William Rowan Jr is a documentary film Producer and has worked in varying capacities in the film industry, off and on, for nearly a decade. Along with Movie Stream Cast, he is a full-time co-host on The Sci-Fi Podcast with Mattroid and Station! and is the Producer / Host of the forthcoming Special Features podcast, the Frenemies podcast, and is a frequent guest on Movie Podcast Weekly and Horror Movie Podcast. William has recently gone back to school, a la Rodney Dangerfield, and works on his screenplay projects in his little spare time.

MSC William Rowan Jr



Andy is a podcast veteran who likes to play the fool, but happens to be far more intelligent, thoughtful and capable than he usually lets on. Professionally, he is a practicing criminal defense attorney, who has handled huge cases that lead to him being featured on such national news programs as NBC’s Dateline. In his free time, he likes to climb, bike and kayak things. In addition to Movie Stream Cast, Andy was previously a co-host on the now defunct Considering the Sequels podcast with Jason Pyles and Karl Huddelston and is currently a full-time co-host on Movie Podcast Weekly with Jason and Karl.

MSC Guy Name Andy



Jason Pyles is a professional film critic and podcast Host and Producer. He hosted Movie Stream Cast for 8 months, from the early Spring to the late Fall of 2013. Jason currently podcasts about movies full-time at Horror Movie Podcast (with Josh) and Movie Podcast Weekly (with Andy), on top of producing several other podcasts. He holds emeritus co-host status on MSC and is invited back, anytime. Read Jason’s farewell to MSC here.

MSC Jason



Jeff Hammer is the founder of Movie Stream Cast. He was a semi-regular host and the sole Producer of the show from its inception through the Fall of 2013. Previous to MSC, Hammer co-founded The Resurrection of Zombie 7 podcast, as well as the now defunct Zombie Reckoning podcast. Hammer has been a frequent guest on Movie Podcast Weekly (with Jason and Andy) and still podcasts part-time on ResZombie 7. Father of us all, Hammer holds emeritus co-host status on MSC, as well as a special place in our hearts.


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