Movie Stream Cast 54: Cooties (2015)

Cooties BannerIt is another death-defying edition of Horror Movie Stream Cast (or is it?!), when Josh reviews Elijah Wood’s long-awaited comedy-horror film, Cooties. The movie is streaming for a $6.99 digital rental on Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, and more. Josh also resurrects an old Movie Podcast Weekly segment from back in the day that you saw coming from a mile away, it’s Previously on Survivor!


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90 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 54: Cooties (2015)

  1. Woo! A movie review. It’s been awhile.

    For me, the biggest disappointment for Cooties is just that it didn’t receive wide release. After first seeing the trailer before one of the movies I saw in the theater, I really wanted to see this. The Friday after it came out, I went on Fandango to order my tickets for a double showing with The Visit and Cooties wasn’t an option. Lame. The VOD release on the same day is nice, but when you’re committed to paying to seeing a movie in the theater, it kinda sucks.

    I loved the movie though. I went into the movie with the perfect expectations. With it’s cast, the title of the movie, and the general feel in the trailer, I was expecting more comedy than horror. While you named some good movies that were similar to Cooties, the one that reminds me the most of Cooties is one you didn’t say – This is the End. Ignoring the whole meta celebrity aspect of This is the End, both movies are pure comedies with horror plots. They’re not meant to scare you and the laughs come from the events that otherwise would have been scary in any normal horror movie.

    Somehow I had completely forgotten that Daniel Radcliffe was in The Facility. Maybe it’s just that I’ve completely blocked out anything he did prior to becoming Frodo. So the whole idea of being a teen and dealing with teachers being aliens and now being a teacher with the students becoming zombies is pretty cool sidebit in the movie. Maybe it’s a pure coincidence, but it adds an interesting layer to the movie.

    The opening scene with the funky chicken nugget was almost enough to make me never want to eat meat again. Then I remember how delicious chicken, cow, and pig were, so I was back to being okay with meat. Overall though, I can see myself buying the Blu-Ray when it comes out and watching it on a fairly regular basis like I do with Shaun of the Dead. If you’re a comedy fan, it’s worth paying a few bucks and getting the rental or better yet, seeing it in the theater if it’s near you.

    • I hope I wasn’t too harsh on this film, Sal. I just really wanted a horror film. I think even a movie like This is the End has more scary moments and much much MUCH darker comedy.

      The main thing I hated was the reoccurring evil kid zombie tampering with phone lines like a gremlin. Then, he’s on your car. Just let there be normal feral zombies.

      I would’ve liked to see this in theaters too. It’s playing near me but not in my home. town. But, the thing I like about day-and-date is that when there’s a film that I normally wouldn’t get to see here for months until DVD or VOD, I can see it right away.

      • You weren’t too harsh on Cooties. I’m a little disappointed that you weren’t a bigger fan of it, but you were fair on it. When you’re expecting one thing and you get something else, it makes sense for why you’d be disappointed especially if you were waiting for this for years.

        I do wonder if you’d like it more on a re-watch, now knowing what kind of movie it is.

        • Maybe … I wouldn’t say I found the comedy to be all that great either. For me, as I said on the show, this is the kind of thing I’d put on at a Halloween party with people who didn’t normally watch horror movies. I own Fido and Warm Bodies, but I’ve never put them in unless I was showing them to someone else. I WANT to like this, so I will give it another shot on DVD or when the rental price goes down.

          • I’m a pretty big fan of Fido and especially Warm Bodies. So that may play a role in my greater enjoyment of Cooties. I do agree that a movie like Cooties would be an ideal type of horror to show non-fans or to show at a party. I suppose in that aspect, you could probably compare Cooties to Halloween episodes of sitcoms where you’d have a normal episode, but the cast would be put into a spooky situation that may or may not be in canon.

    • Also, I believe this is the second time you’ve referred to Elijah Wood as Daniel Radcliffe. Are you messing with him or do you have a condition? Or are you racist? Not all white, former child actors look alike, Sal!

      • My only condition is that I love telling lousy jokes multiple times.

        It’s a popular joke, particularly online, that Radcliffe and Wood get mistaken frequently.

        Then again, I’ve never made the mistaken joke between Elijah Wood and someone like….Terry Crews. Maybe I am racist. :O

        • Haha, Terry Crews! Now, that’s a good joke.

          Maybe it’s a testament to Elijah Wood’s youthful good looks that he can still be mistaken for Radcliffe who has got to be a generation younger.

          • I’m a believer of the concept that if you tell a hundred awful jokes, there’s bound to be at least one good joke in there somewhere.

            I imagine part of the reason why Radcliffe and Wood are mistaken for each other is that they’re both best well known for insanely popular fantasy series where they were the main star and hero. Occasionally on talk shows, Wood or Rafcliffe will mention this issue with fans trying to get Radcliffe to sign photos of Frodo Baggins or calling Wood “Daniel”.

  2. Unfortunately the CBS streaming service is unavailable in my “geographic region” (do they just not want British people to be Survivor fans or something?) so I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep up with you guys but I’ll see what I can do.

    • Have you tried a VPN? I know just from listening to survivor podcasts thay there a lot of British folks watching along so there must be some way to watch. Let me do some research today.

      • If I could offer a bit of advice.

        Download Hola Unblocker for Google Chrome. Switch to the US flag and then go to:

        Should play without any problem. If you’re using an ad blocker, be sure to turn it off first though.

        I tested it by using Hola Unblocker to give myself an UK IP. Naturally, the video wouldn’t play. I then used Hola Unblocker to give me an US IP (One of their proxies, not my normal IP) and the video then played.

        • I have an alternative way of watching but this is very useful information to know, Sal. Your tech-saviness puts my quite feeble grasp of computerism and internetting to shame!

      • I managed to get it watched, Josh!


        Really interesting start to a season. I was taken a back by the beauty of the setting here. I’ve always been fascinated by Angkor Wat but aside from that my perception of Cambodia has always been somewhat tainted by the Khmer Rouge years. So it was interesting to get a glimpse of the place stripped of political context and to be able to get a feel for it’s natural wonder.

        It seems like a great cast of characters as well. I’m not too familiar with a lot of them but it’s great to have some reference points laid out as a foundation. I really hope Stephen sticks around for a while though. This was a shaky start for him and he’s the kind of guy I relate to the most (probably because I’m also an awkward nerd). I’m glad to see some older players too though. I’ve definitely found that the seasons with more prominent older characters are the ones I enjoy the most. Good-looking but vapid youngsters in bathing suits laying in the sun is not what I want from this show (or any show really, besides maybe Baywatch but we all know that Baywatch Nights was superior because Hasselhoff fighting supernatural forces). Lots of personality in the cast makes it so much more fun to watch.

        I also loved the Immunity Idol location twist. That adds such a tense dynamic to the game and ratchets up a duality of suspense at the challenges. Genius!


          Yeah, I think this has a lot of potential.

          The only near-misses on the male side, in terms of of gameplay, were Woo and Keith and both of them are funny and entertaining in their own way. I thought they were both good on this episode.

          On the female side we have Monica Padilla who, as you know, didn’t show much in Samoa. But, she seemed to have some chutzpah for one of the bikini babes. Similarly, Kelley Wentworth didn’t show much in San Juan Del Sur, but I think it’s arguable that she had the best night of the cast in the premiere episode. And finally, Abi-Maria has no actual game, but she is a good pot-stir-er.

          he only true dud here is Kimmi Kappenberg. I don’t know why she was on the list or how she got voted in.

          Other than that, the other 14 people on the cast are bringing A LOT to the table in either strategy or physicality. Often both. Just a stellar cast. And a lot of great personalities and redemption-worthy backstories.

          So exited to watch with you, man!

          • Also, I’m pretty scared/sad for Stephen, but he still managed to be hilarious in the first episode, whether you were laughing with him or at him.

        • David, if you did’t see it on the last post, definitely check out the Survivor Know It Alls Podcast. But, seeing as you’ve watched All-Stars as well, you might find this one more interesting. I think it was an excellent podcast.

          “Wow, you guys! Rob Cesternino’s podcast with Jenna Lewis about episode 1 of Survivor: Cambodia is SHOCKINGLY good. Jenna has some very interesting insights that didn’t come up at all in Know It Alls. Plus, some fun insider stuff on her seasons, All-Stars and the OG original!”

          Listen here:

          • I actually checked out their coverage of the first episode of Cambodia earlier but I’ll give this a listen now.

            Also, have you ever considered writing a Survivor based horror film, Josh? I’m sure you must have. It would have so much potential to be a fun slasher. The reality crew and the tribes could be stranded on an island by a huge storm and picked off one by one by a murderer wearing a rotting pigs head who kills with a stick sharpened at both ends!

          • Haha. Surprisingly, I’ve never considered it. What if someone just takes their desire to win the money a step further than Russell Hantz and starts killing the other contestants off-camera and try to make it look like accident. They tell someone the water has been boiled then hand them a cup full of brain-eating parasites.

          • But in the end the killer would have to be Jeff Probst. And it would end like “Happy Birthday To Me” with all the victims propped up at Tribal council. “You’ve got a date with me tonight at Tribal Council!”

        • I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I was pretty underwhelmed by it all. I didn’t connect with any of the characters although I liked the kid that appreciates both old school and new school gameplay. I also have my eye on the girl that found the immunity idol. Other than that, everyone seemeed rather vapid to me. I think Russell spoiled me, guys. Perhaps it’s unfair and unrealistic of me to expect a Russell type of character every time. I’ll stick to the season for sure, just to keep you both in check before you wreck yourselves.

          • I think maybe starting with Samoa was a mistake for you Juan, because Russell is such a huge character and probably the most aggressive and relentless player yet and there’s certainly not a “Russell” in every season. He starts off with the strategy incredibly quickly whereas most seasons take a good handful of episodes to really escalate to that more intense level of play.

            Regarding the perceived vapidity of the players; I guess that’s not as glaring to me because there’s a few that I’ve seen in previous seasons and am already familiar with. Stephen for example plays a great underdog game in Tocantins, he goes from being an unlikely contestant to being part of an incredibly strong and effective alliance. So I know he’s got a love of the game and is a really smart guy but anyone judging him solely by his performance in Cambodia so far probably wouldn’t pick up on any of that. He’s doing quite terribly. I also think that this being a “second chances” season a lot of the cast are playing it safe and maintaining a reserved approach. That kind of gameplay always ends up exploding into chaos eventually though! And I’m sure some of the cast (Varner in particular) are definitely putting on an act of cluelessness and vapidity which is a strategy in and of itself.

            If you’re really hankering for some more Russell Hantz action I definitely suggest you watch Heroes Vs Villains though. He plays almost the exact same style of game as in Samoa but this time he’s up against seasoned players from previous games.

          • Also, Juan, just keep in mind that the reason you don’t see many people playing as hard as Russell straight out of the gate is because it is an incredibly difficult game style to keep up and an even harder game style to win. Russell is one of only three or four people that played that fast and hard and had any kind of staying power or chance at the title (which is why I’m a little worried about Varner this season). After Samoa, Russell said the game is flawed, but he missed the real beauty and brilliance of the game, which is the supreme level of difficulty involved in convincing people you back-stabbed to vote for you in the end. If you like “balls to the wall” seasons, I’d recommend watching Cagayan and Worlds Apart after you check out Heroes vs Villains.

          • Yeah I know. I think it also hurt me a bit to jump into a season where the gameplay has evolved so much that it’s a bit alienating for Survivor newbs such as myself. I just watched episode two and I’m a lot more into it now. I revisited episode one as well and I think I was just in the wrong mood. I’m enjoying the show a lot more now.

            David, I’m sorry, but I hate Stephen. He’s useless. I generally dislike people who can’t look after themselves. It’s fine to be awkward but that should have no impact on one’s physical prowess. I’m aware it could all be a strategy like you mentioned, but so far he hasn’t shown me anything to want to root for him.

            My players so far: Gorgeous Joe, Savage, Kelly Wentworth, Kelly Wiglesworth, Spencer, and Monica (I haven’t seen much of her, but she’s so darn cute!).

  3. A 6?! Oh man this is one of my most anticipated films of the year! I have a feeling that I’m going to enjoy it a lot more though. I’m extremely tolerant of comedy in my horror. In fact, I would like to see more horror comedies and even comedy horror. I’ll try to squeeze this into my schedule. So much stuff to watch! 😵

  4. I was just listening to a Survivor podcast, as I’m wont to do, and they had the best line about Abi-Maria. This was actually Colin from the “Dom & Colin Podcast” (a strategy-heavy show that covers The Genius, Big Brother and Survivor) and he said,

    “Abi plays Survivor like she doesn’t know there’s prize money.”


  5. In non-Cooties or Survivor talk, I watched the documentary, Exporting Raymond, on Netflix today. It’s a doc about the creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Philip Rosenthal, as he heads to Russia to help start up the Russian version of the series. Rosenthal expects an easy time as he’s the expert on the show and as long as those Russians listen to him, it’s just a matter of finding the right cast and shooting the pilot. Instead, Rosenthal struggles with things not translating well for the Russian culture, the crew not understanding where Rosenthal is coming from, and the pilot looking like it’s going to be a trainwreck.

    I enjoyed the documentary. I’m not some big fan of Everybody Loves Raymond, but I dug the episodes I did see. The whole issues with cultures and how some comedy works in one country, but can’t in another is something I hadn’t thought of before. Rosenthal brings a lot of laughs with his general attitude and the frustrations he went through with this pilot. If you have any interest in the TV landscape and what happens behind the scenes, Exporting Raymond is worth checking out. If nothing else, you can appreciate the fact that you’re not stuck in Russia, where you’re fearful that sooner or later you’ll be kidnapped.


      • Ah nice. I’m still a long way away from finishing Movie Podcast Weekly.

        Listening to some old MPW episodes, I realize I can’t avoid Josh talking about Survivor. Yesterday I randomly picked out MPW #61 to listen. After Karl mentioned buying this nifty new device called a Chromecast (It’s funny how just in a couple of years, the idea of a group of guys being shocked and amazed at Chromecast is pretty funny since it’s now just a normal gadget that seemingly everyone has an alternative to it IE. Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, ect). Once Karl mentioned you can stream videos to your TV, you just hear Josh in the background all excited that he can watch Survivor on his main TV. Then later in the episode during the recommendations, Josh brought up Survivor Fiji talked about the whole concept of the race tribes, the haves and the have nots, and how (SPOILER FOR SOME SEASON OF SURVIVOR) a person from Utah was in the final four of the current season.

      • Well, I listened to the full MPW #47 and you pretty much didn’t say anything about Exporting Raymond other than suggesting people watch it. At no time you you even mentioned Everybody Loves Raymond. Ha.

        It looks like for that episode, you took the easy way out and used your recommendations segment to just repeat ones you’ve already recommended in past episodes of MPW since you believed Jay, Karl, and Andy sucked at actually watching what you recommended.

        Doing a search on MPW, it seems as if the episode in which you actually talk about Exporting Raymond is on MPW #33. That episode actually has some appeal to me as Andy has a few horror movies listed in his mini reviews. That’s different. It looks like it’s also one of the many episodes where Andy snored during the show. Sounds like hilarity ensues on MPW #33.

        • Andy’s actually a big horror fan. It doesn’t come up very often on that show, though. He’s not really passionate about anything, other than mountaineering.

          • Really?

            I’ve never really gotten that impression on the podcasts I’ve heard. The way he trashed The Burning didn’t help that case either. He’s a real curious sort of man. Half the time he seems to hate having to be involved in the podcasts.

            I will say that Andy’s epic snoring during MPW #33 made yours and Jay’s review of the Great Gatsby so much more enjoyable.

          • Oh, I LOVED that Great Gatsby review. He made me sound even more boring than I am!

            Yeah, Andy’s not INTO horror. He doesn’t care about or have any respect for classic movies or anything. He just enjoys watching them. Mostly newer horror movies. But they are one of his favorite genres.

            Andy does the podcast because he likes Jason. He does it as a favor to Jason and to have a chance to catch up with him. He likes movies too and he’s VERY smart, but it’s almost like he wares his brain out at work and just wants to use film as entertainment. It takes a lot to work him up into getting analytical about a film. It’s actually his charm, so long as the other hosts are good. I think he represents the vast majority of film-goers out there. It was either good or it sucked. Nothing more or less.

            • I’ll say this about Jay, despite some controversial movie opinions that makes you want to flick his ear like you’re in the 5th grade again, he comes across as one of the most genuinely nice guys you can meet. With that and his passion for podcasts, I can totally see where someone like Andy would be willing to do podcasts for all this time just as a favor to Jay.


      Just watched this episode earlier and I found it enjoyable enough but it wasn’t as good as the first. As I’ve come to learn though, episodes early in seasons are inherently difficult and less interesting.

      Spencer breaking down and crying kind of endeared me to him a bit and I was glad to see that he escaped being voted out by the skin of his teeth. Abi is fun to watch but by jove she seems like a difficult person to be around. Also, I like Savage but I’ve noticed that he seems to have something against weedy, nerdy looking guys. I remember him singling out Skinny Ryan in Pearl Islands for “giving up half way through a challenge” despite the footage showing him fighting hard until the finish (though I’m aware this could just be the result of editing shenanigans) and now he’s really got it out for poor Stephen (although Stephens inciting comment this episode was rather poorly calculated). Savage does seem like a really nice guy but being a pathetic wimp myself, he puts me somewhat on edge.

      • Yeah, I really like Savage, but I really hate how he is targeting Stephen. And I agree that Stephen isn’t doing himself any favors here. He kind of tried to do the same thing to Gorgeous Joe about the hammocks. Luckily, nobody picked up on it. Stephen says something like, “Oh, Joe’s always got a scheme … to make something new.” It’s like, buddy, they all like him and you’re just pointing out that you’re trying to play the game when nobody else is.

      • The episode is also better than I initially gave it credit for if you consider how the entire power in the game flopped thanks to Abi and Varner.

        • And Terry! It was a pretty monumental shift but I cannot see the majority alliance ending up better off for involving Abi. As abrasive as she is though I thought it was pretty despicable of the others to be laughing about her so blatantly while she was on her own on the beach within earshot. Survivor or not that’s behaviour that I just cannot respect in the least. Interesting that such behaviour ends up strengthening Abi’s position in the game more than ever though.

          Also, I feel like I’m not getting to see enough of the Bayon tribe so far. I understand that’s because Ta Keo are the ones going to tribal (and clearly the more fractured and volatile of the tribes) but I haven’t really got a feel for the dynamic of Bayon aside from Strong Guys vs Stephen. I’m really hoping he finds a way to ingratiate himself with at least one of his tribe mates and turn the tables a bit.

          • Based on the preview, it looks like there’s going to be a swap next week, so that could save Stephen’s bacon.

            As far as Abi goes … too many variables for me. She’s too unpredictable. Good for Terry, but I’d remain very cautious. Again, though, the swap might make this moot.


            Absolutely. You wouldn’t know this (yet), but Spencer and Stephen are in the same podcasting community, so this could be a lifeline for both of them. I don’t know how close they are, but they are linked. It would be like if Station and Dr. Shock were on the same tribe. Or if me and GeekCast Ry ended up on a tribe together. We’ve only talked 2-3 times, but we have the same friends and same fans and there would be a certain amount of comfort in working together.

            I also think that even though Savage wanted Fish out, Jeremy may be willing to work with him, especially in this tribe configuration.

            We haven’t seen ANYTHING about Monica or Kimmi, so no idea where they stand and I’m not sure Wiglesworth will be able to forgive Spencer enough to work with him (or if he will want to either), but I think Fish can work with Wigles.

            I think Jeremy is the most obvious boot. Or, if Old Bayon sticks together, it will be Spencer. New Bayon should be VERY interesting. Could go any number of ways, but I hope Spencer and ESPECIALLY Fishbach are safe.

            With Angkor, Old Ta Keo have the numbers (if you can count Abi as a number). Savage is the obvious boot. But Varner may want to go old-school-strong, so he may take out Tasha, who is also a big challenge threat. There’s also the possibility that they just lose patience with Abi and she goes.

            On New Ta Keo, it’s either Terry or Ciera in trouble. Joe and Kass are together. Terry is the obvious target, but I can see both Joe and Kass wanting to work with him. Keith’s not a threat and Wentworth isn’t seen as a threat. Plus, she has the idol if she needs it. Ciera is known for being super devious, so she is the target if Joe and Kass keep Terry.

          • Oh, one thing I hadn’t considered: Since they are going to a three tribe format, they may keep the strong guys around even if they don’t like them. There are less places the hide in the three tribe format and you need a strong team or you can get picked off pretty quickly. If that’s true, there’s a chance Kimmi or Monica could go home instead of Spencer or Jeremy. This dynamic may save someone like Savage too and put the weaker athletes like Abi or Kass on the block. It’s going to be interesting!

    • I’m starting off this new season well. Second episode and I already forget when the show airs. I foresee many trips to CBS’ website to watch what I missed.

      —Spoilers for episode 2 of Survivor 31—

      Oh Abi. She’s such a lovable person due to how atrocious she is at the game. She’s a huge player though. Abi can really change up the game, even if it’s indirectly. The problem with aligning with her is that you can’t rely on her to play a smart game. Even though it ended up being okay, tipping off Shirin about the change of vote could have given Shirin and Spencer enough time to try and recoup some of the previously lost votes. I like Terry trying to warm up to her, but despite having her loyalty, I can see aligning with her only causing problems for him down though.

      I loved seeing Jeff alter his game 180 degrees. He went from being some sad sack that looked as if he was wanting to give up to becoming an aggressive player in episode 2. He receives bonus points from me with his stranded on a deserted island look with the sleeves torn off of his button up oxford shirt and wearing the sleeves at other times.

      I do echo David’s thoughts on very minimal thoughts on Bayon tribe due to the extra focus on Ta Keo. Just from the two previous seasons I had been watching, it seems to be a very common theme where you can go several episodes with virtually zero knowledge of the other tribe minus a member or two.

    • Eh. Cody just had a weird schedule last week and wasn’t able to watch Ep. 2 until Saturday night, on account of being busy watching movies for the next episode of MPW. Cody has turned his 11-year-old daughter into a major “Survivor” fan, so now he can only watch the show at times that are not past her bedtime.

      I note for the record, however, that after Week 2, Cody is ahead of Josh in two of the “Survivor” fantasy leagues, and only trails Josh by a single point in the other league.

      Cody is also annoyed by the pending tribe switch-up, because it kind of negates everything that everyone has done so far … and some of the players who Cody is rooting for were off to a pretty solid start.

      On the other hand, since this season began with 20 players, whereas many begin with 18 or 16, it feels more like they’re simply relaunching the season than shaking up everyone’s established gameplay the way that a more traditionally-timed tribe switcheroo does. Day 1 all over again, just without the marooning element. Cody is interested to see where Varner lands, and what effect it has on his madcap alliance manipulation. So far, Varner has managed to not paint an enormous target on his back by running around stirring the pot, but other people may soon be looking at him the way he was looking at Shirin and Spencer.

  6. This is one (COOTIES) I wasn’t really looking forward to because I’m not too into horror-comedy, but still bummed to hear that you didn’t like it. I’ll definitely be passing on this, now.

    I am looking forward to GOOSEBUMPS, though. I haven’t seen any trailers (as per my usual), but the movie poster is pretty awesome.

    • Sadly, I have seen the Goosebumps trailer and it looks awful to me. But, you know me and CGI. I just can’t take it. I’m sure Juan would disagree with me. The thing that gets me is that people are comparing it to Monster Squad (only based on the trailer) and that is blasphemy to me. Sure, Dracula is a little cheesy, but the other monsters in Monster Squad all look top tier in their creature design, even by today’s standards. And, of course, they are practical.

      Re: Cooties, I just wanted real horror mixed with black comedy (LOOK AT THAT POSTER!) and it’s really neither. There are one or two dark comedic beats, but they are very silly. Having said that, I’m in the minority in our community from what I can see on the message boards.

      • Perhaps, but I have a feeling I would side with you on this one. Like I said, I was only lukewarm on it to begin with.

        • For me, my desire to see Goosebumps is purely out of nostalgia. I don’t have high expectations for me, but my 10 year old Sal self would be pissed if I skipped out on it.

      • I do disagree with you, Woflman because come on! It’s clearly a movie aimed at a younger audience, not the typical horror fan. Because of that I think the art direction they chose for the special effects is very fitting. I’m not expecting the movie to blow me away, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be a nice little time with Jack Black attached to it.

  7. My wife and I just watched Cooties last night. We both enjoyed it! We were expecting mostly comedy. Great cast like you said, Wolfman, but they are known for comedy so of course this was going to be a comedy. I must say though, I found the killing of the children zombies pretty disturbing in more parts than just the fire extinguisher. SPOILER! Even a baby gets attacked and kills it’s mother.

    Some jokes fell flat. And yes… do more with the characters! All of them could be developed more but especially Jorge Garcia and Jack McBrayer. The virus affected the brains so they only wanted to eat but then the zombie kid knows to smash cell phones and destroy the telephone lines? That seemed weird. Lastly the ending wasn’t much of an ending. Maybe I didn’t get it but it seemed to leave everything hanging. I’m also not convinced that this virus would have spread as wide and as fast as it did. The kids are not undead so bullets could kill them right? I guess prepubescent children don’t seem like a threat so that’s how they get the jump on you. The relationship issues weren’t wrapped up. What about his unfinished book? So yea, I too wish it was better but I think I enjoyed it more than you Wolfman.

    • Yeah, I agree with all of your criticisms.

      I didn’t see the kid deaths as dark. I think the SPOILER! baby getting it could have been extremely disturbing, but they follow it with goofiness of it killing the mom and Rainn Wilson telling a joke.

      I really wish I could have controlled my expectations more on this. Maybe, as Sal said, I will enjoy it more on a re-watch now that I know what it is. I hope so!

      Glad you enjoyed it! I’m jealous.

  8. Josh, if you ever choose to have a Movie Stream Cast meetup in case the other one falls through (*ahme* Jay *ahem*), what do you think about all of us joining you in one of those challenge runs like Mud Run or Spartan Race? There will be little “game” to play, but there will be plenty of challenges. I’ve personally been to a few of them and they’re fairly challenging, especially when mud is involved. Anyway, just a thought.

      • Ha! Funnily enough, I think you’ll be my biggest threat. I’m pretty sure I can dispose of Josh, Jay, and Karl without much trouble (no offense, guys). You and Andy are the big obstacles though. David, Sal, and Shannon are the wildcards.

      • Cody! I had no idea you were a marathon runner. I’ve never done a full marathon, but it’s on my bucketlist. In my current condition the most I could do is about 7 miles. I know, shameful. You’re on my threat radar now, buddy.

        • It would probably be a stretch to call me a marathon runner. I did this marathon for the first time last year, and that was the first one I’d ever done. But I like to run for exercise, and I’ve found that having a marathon to stay in shape for keeps me running throughout the year. :-) Don’t worry, though, I’m slow. If there’s a meet-up Spartan race, you’ll probably still kick my ass.

        • The most I have ever run is 11 miles and that was way back in the day when I was in some semblance of good shape, but I have never really tried to run long distance. I was more of a sprinter type since I played high school sports. I played soccer for several years, basketball until everyone else got taller than me, and then I eventually stuck with football. I was an all-state running back and I often played both ways and played linebacker too.

          But, I also hated the jock mentality and didn’t mesh with them socially, as I was an artsy skater kid in a punk band, and my art teacher convinced me I had a better future pursuing an art scholarship than a football scholarship. I never let him live it down to this day. What a terrible financial move that was.

          Right now, having not really exercised in a decade, I’m trying to get into cycling. I do the stationary bike whenever I watch TV and I just bought a road bike.

          Rachel used to be a runner, she ran her first marathon just over a year ago, and she still likes to run, but she discovered Zumba last winter and that’s her new obsession. Zumba, piyo, bootfit, and then more Zumba. She took me to Zumba with her a couple of times in Colombia. That was an embarrassment. Or an embarrassment of riches if you were looking for comedy.

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