Movie Stream Cast 55: The Guest (2014)

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57 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 55: The Guest (2014)

  1. I’m so heartbroken right now… </3

    Still at work. Will try to make you see the light later.

    • I’m sad that Josh wasn’t crazy about THE GUEST, too, but I do agree with his thoughts on when the movie shifts towards the end with the crazy guns and agents. I was not a fan of that.

        • Wow. You LOVED this.

          I don’t know what I’m missing. It just fell really flat for me. The only GREAT scene is at the high school. There are a couple more decent scenes like the one with Ethan Embry and those with the mix CD, but I was bored with pretty much the rest of the movie. And there were a few scenes that I actively disliked like the conversation with the dad, the party with the younger kids and the raid on the house.

          I agree that it is competently shot and there is a good use of music and sound, but I guess that because the world, characters, story and plot were all so unappealing to me, it was hard to get invested.

          • It’s a very stylized film in both its look and story. So, if it’s not your style then you’re not going to like it. I get it.

            I watched this movie with my wife, and while we were watching it I kept thinking to myself “man, she is probably hating this.” At the end of the movie, she told me she loved it… I actually think she liked it more than I did.

      • It’s atmospheric, but I don’t love the tone or the world and it’s all pretty predictable and one-note for me.

        Did you give your review, Dino?

        • Have you decided which beloved horror film you’ll be reviewing next? Wouldn’t mind giving it a watch ahead of time so I can properly have my heart broken yet again.

          • Well, I’m doing non-horror but still Halloween-appropriate films here. I’m thinking about doing a kiddie film that I can watch with my kids like Ghostbusters, ET, The Burbs or Monster Squad. Trying to decide if they are brave enough for Poltergeist or Lost Boys. On Horror Movie Podcast it will be Mine Games (on Netflix) this week and I’m considering Deathgasm for next week, but Jay will probably want me to do those on a Frankenstein episode, so not totally sure. Will let you know here.

          • Oh man, MINE GAMES is rough. I think the movie had some serious potential, but the horrible acting really ruined that movie.

  2. You’re killing me, Josh. KILLING ME!

    My obituary is going to state that I died due to Wolfman Josh not loving fantastic movies solely because he expected something different than what he got.

    I saw The Guest back in March and I loved it. It’s one of those movies where once I finished watching it, I immediately posted about it on a message board that I’m a part of. Initially, I only saw it because it had the chick from It Follows and I wanted a little preview a couple of weeks before It Follows came out in theaters. The Guest worked for me on so many levels because at various points, it feels like a different sort of genre. The initial premise does feel like something inspired by Hitchcock. The big finale at the school was the super fun horror segment. For a decent chunk of the first half, it was reminding me a lot of that movie starring Andy – 2011’s Drive. It’s the sort of movie I can see myself watching once a year.

    I will admit I wasn’t a huge fan of the opposition against the David character. It made it bigger than it needed to be and as a result, a few points made it a little too over the top. Sometimes simpler and more straight forward can be better.

    Still, The Guest was one of my favorite movies from 2014 and while I would never say someone’s opinion is wrong, Josh’s opinion on The Guest isn’t right. (HA, see what I did there?)

    As far as 90’s thrillers go, I find I don’t watch them too often or get in rewatches. The ones I do are more horror based. I do love The Usual Suspects, The Fugitive, Pacific Heights, and Fargo though. To name one that I dig that you didn’t name, I did quite like Fear. I don’t know if you’d count it as a thriller, but I also seriously love Serial Mom.

    • I will respond to you properly when I have a minute, Sal, but I just wanted to say briefly, 1) it wasn’t primarily my expectations that drove my problems with this film. That was minor, but I wanted to cop to it and 2) I did mention Fear, sucka!

      Talk soon.

      • Gahhhhh…I just wanted to mention one true 90’s thriller that you didn’t already name.

        How about another Reese Witherspoon movie, 1996’s Freeway? That was a fun variation on an old tale.

        • Have not seen Freeway. There is only one early Greasy Reesey movie I remember which was SFW. Did not like that.

          I had two honorable mentions that I forgot to say on the show: Breakdown with Kurt Russell and A Simple Plan with Bill Paxton and Billybob Thornton.

    • Serial Mom?! That’s like Comedy/Horror bordering on satire, isn’t it? I do remember liking that. I only saw it when I was completing my Matthew Lillard filmography. I would need to revisit that to say anything about it. I think I preferred his role in Senseless.

      Okay, on to your review of The Guest …

      The parts I can relate too:

      “I only saw it because it had the chick from It Follows”

      “the initial premise feels like something inspired by Hitchcock”

      “I wasn’t a huge fan of the opposition against David”

      “the big finale at the school was a super fun horror segment”

      The parts I cannot relate to at all:

      “it reminded me a lot of 2011’s Drive”

      “it’s the sort of movie I can see myself watching once a year”

      How is that last part even possible? There is almost nothing to this movie.

      And I can’t figure out why this is a good thing:

      “at various points it feels like different genres”

      Have you seen the other thrillers on my list? I think they are a lot of fun. A Perfect Murder is a Hitchcock remake, which is ever so hard to do, and they do it really well with just enough ’90s flair. I think it is the most palatable on my list for horror fans. the Game is also a blast if you haven’t seen it with a couple of moments that border on horror (as Fincher often does). And I can’t live without knowing that you have seen The Talented Mr. Ripley. It is incredible. As is the original French adaptation of that novel, Purple Noon, but watch the Matt Damon version instead. I promise you that Jude Law and Philip Seymour Hoffman are worth it just for their brief, insanely charismatic moments on screen, especially Hoffman’s final scene in the film.

      • I only listed Serial Mom since IMDb does list thriller as one of it’s genres. However, it is IMDb and they’re known for being filthy, no good liars when it comes to genres.

        As far as liking the fact that it feels like different genres at various points, it kept it fresh for me. Since the tone changed at various points, it kept me guessing and unsure of what sort of formula the movie was ultimately going to follow. It gives it a bit more of an appeal since it’s not just one type of genre. It’s the type of movie you can show non-horror fans to trick them into watching something that’s a bit horror like.

        The other other movies on your list, I haven’t seen The Game nor A Perfect Murder. I do love Dial M For Murder, so the latter sounds good to me. I’ll try to give one or both of those movies a watch within the next 24 hours. I have seen The Talented Mr. Ripley, but it’s probably been over a decade. I remember enjoying it though, despite not remembering much else.

        • The Game is contrived but SO much fun. I can’t overstate that. It’s a thrill ride. You should give them both a shot, Sal.

          Sal wrote: “It’s the type of movie you can show non-horror fans to trick them into watching something that’s a bit horror like.”

          This, I like.

          • A Perfect Murder

            Remakes can be a real drag, especially when it’s a great film that’s remade. It’s easy to get lost in the endless comparisons. Here, I didn’t have any problems with it being a remake. It feels different enough that at times it feels like you’re watching a completely different story, but you still have those fun moments where you spot something that reminds you a lot of the original. For example, the close up of the meat thermometer. Even though that object has nothing to do with the original, as soon as I saw it, I knew exactly what that objected represented.

            I loved what Viggo’s character brought to the character and how it was so different from the original. He’s what made this remake work due to the differences compared to Dial M. Although, he’s also my biggest problem with it as well. He’s an unstable sort of character, but they didn’t go into that enough for me. It seemed as if he was a bit of a stalker due to his collage, but they didn’t explore that craziness enough for my tastes.

            Likewise, I wish they would have made Douglas’ character a bit more of a villain prior to the kill plot. The wife expressed her feelings of her husband not truly loving her, but we never actually saw that. So it was this weird dynamic of the viewer supposed to be on her side, but she’s the one cheating on her husband instead of being upfront and honest with him. Yeah, he becomes a villain by plotting his wife’s death, but she isn’t exactly likable. The husband isn’t likable. The boyfriend isn’t likable.

            Still, it’s a thrilling ride that left me unsure of how it was going to end up due to the changes they made to Dial M.

            It’s not as good as Dial M, but that’s hardly a complaint. I’d give it a 8/10 and STREAM IT rating.

          • Awesome. Thanks for checking that out so quickly. I’m glad you liked it, despite the problems you had with it. I can’t disagree with you. The only thing I would say about Gwyneth being unlikable due to cheating is that it kind of puts you in the uncomfortable position of rooting for Douglas much of the film … at least leading up to the attack. That’s a fun, complex element, for me.

            As far as throwback moments, I really like the key.

            But, I’d agree, the film succeeds on it’s own terms despite being heavily inspired by the Hitchcock film. That’s probably what makes it a decent remake.

            Now are you going to watch The Game?!

            • I don’t know if I was so much rooting for Douglas’ character, but I was really into his early plot of how much he actually knows what’s going on with his wife, will he stumble onto the truth, and just the whole uncertainty of how he’s going to react to it all. I will say that up until the attack, it’s difficult not to side more with Douglas than any other character. Had they shown Douglas’ character being some sort of villain, it would have made me feel different about his character in the early going though.

              It all reminds me a bit of Psycho. You know you shouldn’t like Norman Bates, but you follow him around long enough that you’re rooting for things to go his way. After all, you need that character or Norman or Steven to have some success for the movie to progress. If I’m going to watch a 90’s Hitchcock remake, I’d watch A Perfect Murder any day over Psycho.

              I might try getting in a watch of The Game over dinner tonight.

          • Josh, how dare you speak ill of THE GAME!!!

            j/k, it definitely is contrived, but then, so is the game.

            When you started your top 10 ’90s thriller list, I just kept saying to myself “THE GAME better be on that list.” Thanks for not letting me down, buddy.

          • The Game

            First off, I found it pretty eerie that I ended up watching this on October 11th, Nick Van Orton’s birthday. That alone has convinced me that Wolfman Josh works for the CRS. I’m on to you!

            Second, I don’t know if I’ve seen a more exhausting movie than The Game. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing either. After two hours of not knowing what’s going on, who to trust, and what’s actually part of the game, I’m mentally exhausted. Ha

            I don’t know what all to say about the movie because I had zero idea of what was going on at any time. It’s a thrill ride and you’re unable to stop watching until everything becomes clear. Even when everything is seemingly explained and the game is over, I couldn’t even trust the movie. Michael Douglas was great as starting off as someone who was unlikable, but slowly liking him due to the crap he’s been going through.


            The one thing I find pretty sketchy is the fact that the ultimate goal of the Game was to make Douglas think he killed his brother and then jump to his death, just as he watched his own father do years earlier. WTH?! That’s one hell of a morbid birthday gift by Conrad.

            —END OF SPOILERS—

            I won’t say this is a negative, but more of a “Potential negative”. I have some concerns about the replay value for The Game. With so much of the enjoyment coming from the uncertainty of everything going on, would it still be as entertaining when you watch it a second time, now aware of the twists and turns? A fantastic movie like Memento suffered from that problem. But, since I obviously haven’t rewatched it yet, I won’t know if The Game is similar to Memento in that regard.

            I loved the movie though and it was easily the better of the two Michael Douglas’ films I’ve watched this weekend. I’d give it a 9.5.

            • I think re-watchability, like anything with film, is highly subjective. Essentially, if you like a movie enough, then you’ll enjoy it on re-watch despite having the twist or surprise ending already blown. Case in point, THE GAME never gets old for me. However, you’re definitely correct in saying that it is a movie that is more prone to losing its luster on subsequent viewings.


    For Cody, the idol hound, here is Stephen in a “secret scene” explaining why he hasn’t been looking for the idol:

    I don’t know how you don’t like Stephen, Juan. He’s a nerdy dork, but an intelligent and lovable nerdy dork.

    Gorgeous Joe is much more convincing to me as this AMAZING guy everyone said he was (but we didn’t see) on his last, but it’s a bit much, dontcha think? They’re really cramming it down our throats. His long curly locks I get, but I really don’t get the allure of the man bun. I don’t even like a wo-man bun.

    My pre-game winner picks were Wentworth and Varner. My fantasy final two were Stephen and Chaos Kass. I do also like Savage and I’m warming up on Woo (he’s just so dang likable). Well, now Savage seems to have really screwed himself by playing too hard. He’s a bit all over the place. Wentworth and Savage got screwed by the swap two seasons in a row. Woo’s not in good spot. Stephen swapped up, but we didn’t see him connecting with Spencer, which I thought was his best bet. And Kass has done a complete 180 from her first season. She’s totally unrecognizable. Give me the Chaos! So, I don’t know what to think.

    I like Joe and Jeremy and Keith and Tasha and Spencer enough, but they have all played so recently, I wouldn’t mind seeing them go and keeping some of the old schoolers around for awhile. I’m going to feel REALLY bad the day Terry, Savage, Varner or Wiglesworth gets voted out.

    The best thing about this season so far is, it is completely unpredictable! Abi-Maria took it up ten notches from her last season. I would vote her out immediately if I were them. She’s not a safe player to try and drag to the end.

    • Josh, keep in mind that I know nothing about Stephen. I forgot to bring that up during my bashing of the poor guy, who I’m sure is likeable in real life. What I’ve seen so far in the first two episodes though, shows a rather inept and useless guy. I need to see more of him to see more of this likeability you speak of. I’m currently watching episode 3 like literally right now! I feel so bad for Savage. I really like him and it doesn’t look too good for him.


      I’ve just seen episode 3 and I enjoyed the way the new tribe swap shook things up. I was pretty pissed off to see Peih-Gee go instead of Abi though. I really think those guys will end up regretting that choice because Abi appears to be totally irrational, paranoid and temperamental to an almost psychotic level. I agree with you Josh, as fun as her antics are, she seems totally unpredictable and a terrible choice to keep around. Poor Peih-Gee.

      I also agree that the Gorgeous Joe stuff is a bit much. They may as well have angelic chorus and beams of white light around him. He just seems a bit dull to me.

      And I’m still holding out for a Spencer and Stephen alliance.

      • I don’t like either of them, David, so seeing one go before the other one didn’t affect me as much. I would like to see Abi go next though. I can’t stand her animosity. You guys are thinking about this Gorgeous Joe stuff way too much. His presence was accentuated in episode 2, but we didn’t see more of that in this newest episode. Regardless of how you feel about his looks, you have to admit that he seems like a decent human being and physically he’s a strong competitor, right?

        • What’s wrong with Peih-Gee? I don’t think she did anything mean until provoked by Abi and she couldn’t help that. You so much as walk past Abi the wrong way and she’ll make every conversation from that point onwards difficult and teeth-grindingly awkward.

          And I probably am being a bit unfair to Joe. There’s nothing wrong with him at all but I just tend to find that the hunk Mr Perfect types don’t make for particularly interesting Survivor characters a lot of the time. There’s not that much room for progression. It’s early days yet though and it’s an unpredictable game so I should shut my stupid mouth and reserve my judgement!

          • Actually I take some of that back. Peih-Gee was revelling a bit in mocking Abi infront of the others in episode 2, while Abi was on the beach alone. I thought that was taking things a bit too far.

            • Haha I was about to bring that up. She did seem like a bit of a bitch that time. At least in the way the cameras captured the moment. Overall, she seemed like a weak contestant, which brings up kind of a stupid question. What if we could see an alternative view on a season where the people who were voted off early didn’t, and then in turn had the chance to show us what they could’ve done or prove that they really deserved to be voted off that early. I mean, there’s no way of knowing what kind of a player Peih-Gee could’ve become had she been given the chance to grow. I know that sounds ridiculous since it’s only 30 days on an island, but hey, some people adapt really fast.

          • They do have a twist called “redemption island” in some seasons where the people voted out go and compete in challenges to return to the game.

            For me, I’m just not really that interested in the physical strength side of the game. As Yau Man proved in Survivor: Fiji; you can be a skinny old Asian man and rule at physical challenges if you have a good knowledge of basic physics!

          • Well, you still have to exert an X amount of force in order to make physics work for you. So you can’t totally dismiss the physical side of things. I’m of the mind that thinks brawns are just as important as brains. They each are helpful in different situations and in different ways. One shouldn’t underestimate either or rely on one too much. The human body is the perfect machine and I think it’s a waste not to take advantage of it to its full extent. That includes both the mind and the body. But what do I know? I’ve only seen one season of Survivor 😛

          • I follow a lot of these guys on Twitter (you have to be careful because some unintentionally spoil little things here and there), but Peih-Gee said that if you go back and watch the video, she wasn’t actually making fun of Abi, she was telling the story of getting caught talking about Abi and trying to maintain her composure, but ultimately didn’t and “that felt good.” She says they were more laughing at her than they were at Abi.

            Also, in one of Shirin’s Exit interviews (not sure if it was this one, but this one is a blast) she said that the main way in which this differed from her previous incident being bullied on the show (alluded to in Tribal Council by Jeff) was that Abi was the one who provoked the fights she got into and then pouted when someone (like Peih-Gee) would stand up for themselves:


            I don’t have a problem with Joe, I just think the show’s editors are going a little overboard. Or maybe it’s just because he is THAT amazing. I just didn’t see it on his last season, so I’ve been surprised how everyone is so in love with him. I’m mostly frustrated with Kass because she has been a hardcore, cutthroat player in the past and she is just smitten with Joe.

            This is acceptable:


            This seems overboard:


            Keith saves it by speaking my thoughts exactly.

            Also, keep in mind, Juan that me and David love Stephen primarily for what we’ve seen on another season (and for me, hours of listening to him podcast). he has SUCKED this time out, but that’s what so funny and fun about it. Imagine, if you will that Stephen was like, Jason Pyles. You just want to see this guy succeed and you can happily laugh at him whenever he doesn’t.

            Same goes to Peih-Gee to some extent. She was awesome on her last season and got so close but couldn’t catch a break. She seemed to be playing a really smart, under the radar game, but Abi just would not let her coast. In hindsight, maybe she should have been more aggressive instead of saying “I’m going with the numbers” but I bet, without Abi, PG makes it to at least the final five. I’ll also say, I like her because she talked to me right here on MSC, baby!

            In terms of the alternate reality, that’s kind of what this entire season is. Giving people who had potential, but didn’t win, take another stab at it. Well, people who had potential plus and Abi and Kimmi and Keith.

            But, on that alternate reality note, there’s also a little twist that comes up later in the game called Redemption Island. Essentially, it’s a losers bracket, so when you get voted out, you go to Redemption Island and compete in challenges to try and make your way back into the game. Although most super-fans hate the twist and the season, I’d recommend checking out the actual season called Redemption Island after Heroes vs Villains. It also comes up (and is okay) in Survivor: South Pacific and (is AMAZING) in Blood vs Water.

          • Hey you leave Joe’s hair alone! As a ex-long-haired specimen, I can relate to him. Having long hair is hard work! I gotta give it to the ladies.

    • BEGIN “Worlds Apart” SPOILERS:

      Joey Amazing was one of the first boots after the merge on “Worlds Apart,” and he never played the “look at me” game that several contestants on that season were running pretty much from the start. He didn’t ever wind up in a controlling position that season, which is partly his own fault (of course), but largely due to some of the luck factors that play into every season. He was pretty good at most of the challenges, and rocked a couple of them. I liked him the first time around because I’m a sucker for actual survivor skills (something he’s showed again this season), a sucker for tough challenge competitors (ditto), and a sucker for players who can keep their emotions level and get along with others (decent showing the first time; absolutely rockin’ it this time). I just felt like he had more to show, and would have shown more than he did if he hadn’t been so screwed going into the merge. Also, being one myself, I’m a sucker for anyone who gets on the show who is a superfan and has watched every season. I think that, actually, is one of the biggest things that endeared people to Joe the first time around. (That and his hair/trim physique, naturally.)

      Mike dominated Joe’s first season, and Joe hasn’t shown that he’s a Mike Holloway-level scrambler and strategizer yet, but I think that the potential is there. And Mike is one of the strongest players ever. (His great weakness was making the game harder on himself than it needed to be.) For me, the defining difference between Joe and Mike was how they handled Joe’s idol clue. Joe, at least as far as we were shown, didn’t seem to grasp how much the idol would have helped and didn’t search for it. Again, however, that’s only what we we’re shown. Fruitless idol searching often does make it into the final edit, which is what leads me to suspect that Joe didn’t look for the idol as hard as he could/should have. Mike, on the other hand, essentially looked for it until he found it. And while I know that idol hunting can give you a bad rap, you gotta remember that the producers want them in the game. They aren’t going to be THAT hard to find.

      END “Worlds Apart” SPOILERS
      BEGIN “Second Chance” SPOILERS

      I like Fish and Spencer a lot, so I’m glad that the tribe switch rescued them both a little. And I really like Jeremy, so kudos to him for getting an idol, and double kudos to him for not falling for Fish’s weak crap about sharing any idol that gets found and using it for the good of the tribe. Well, at least he hasn’t fallen for it yet. (Don’t fall for it, Jeremy, I’m begging you.)

      RE: Idol hunting: It’s obviously not a good idea to leave camp for hours, or walk away in the middle of a conversation/bonding moment, but there are plenty of chances to look around. People take naps. You can pretend you’re going off to find wood, food, water. Pretend that you’re going off to take a dump (or look when you actually go off to take a dump). Be smart about it, but don’t not look because of social pressure to not look. That’s just pulling a ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

      Loved this week’s immunity challenge. I love challenges that are a mix of physical exertion, cleverness, and puzzle-solving. Also, just for any Joey Amazing doubters, he had a strong assist from Chaos Kass this week, but that’s essentially the third time in a row that J.A. has led his tribe to victory. Just sayin’.


        Just to address that last point ( I will get to the rest soon), my conspiracy theory is that Joe was only in the challenge bc he is tall enough to keep the peices in place. Otherwise, Stephen has proved to he one of the great puzzle challenge competitors this game has seen.


        Kass showed in her first season that she’s a major puzzle contender too, so I’m assuming Stephen just let Kass go for it (probably helping from the mat as we saw on Varner’s tribe) and Joe was there as the height/muscle simply to hold the pieces in place.

        • Wait, in the last puzzle Stephen wasn’t on the same tribe as Kass and Joe. He stood back and let Spencer and Monica do it.

          • Is that right?

            Well, that’s still my theory as to why Kass and Joe were on the puzzle.

            Re: Stephen, maybe this is a continued part of his strategy to not look too smart or too threatening. Idk. It’s really weird that he hasn’t done any puzzles yet, because he is so good at them. And Spencer has a pretty terrible track record at puzzles as I recall. On his original Bayon tribe, I can also understand him not wanting to be the cause of losing a puzzle because he would be gone. It’s interesting. I wish he would step up.

        • Come on, Wolfman. Give Joey some puzzle love. Joe solved a puzzle in Week 2 that baffled everyone else, including Spencer and Shirin, who were solving for the other tribe. It’s not 100 percent obvious in the episode that it’s Joe whose mental leap saves the day (though they make it pretty clear in the edit), but Dalton’s recap specifically credits him. The kid has shown moxie with puzzles in the past, too. He’s good in all aspects of challenges.

          • Finally someone with some Joe love! I’m with you 100% Cody, my Pixar-brotha-from-anotha-motha.

          • Yeah, I can always count on Juan! Joey Amazing for the win! (Don’t get voted off this week, J.A.!)

  4. Okay, I just rewatched the episode and my head is spinning. I’m going to try and articulate my more in-depth thoughts.

    First of all, Varner is playing like a maniac. That really scares me for him. I’m not just talking about his “meltdown” but also his vote. Also, Wentworth is down in the numbers on her tribe, so I’m a little worried about my two winner picks. But back to that damn vote.

    If Varner, Abi, Woo and Peih-Gee were smart they would have thrown this challenge and any other challenge they were to encounter in this tribal configuration. Let me break it down visually, because that’s the only way I can make sense of it.

    Old Bayon did not lose a challenge in two episodes, so they were up on Old Ta Keo by two at the time of the swap, looking like this:

    00000 00000


    After the tribe “mitosis” (as Cesternino called it), Old Bayon had the majority in every tribe except Angkor, looking like this:

    XXXX 00

    0000 XX

    0000 XX

    It’s obviously smart (as Woo desperately points out) for Varner, Peih-Gee, Woo and Abi-Maria, (the Old Ta Keo members of Angkor), to stay together and vote out Savage and Tasha (Old Bayon) for their own immediate survival … BUT … if a tribe “meiosis” came after two episodes of this tribe configuration, it’s EVEN MORE important to vote out Savage and Tasha to safely rejoin with the others at an even tie.

    In fact, if any of the other tribes lose, you’re almost guaranteed that an Old Ta Keo is getting voted out because there is so much harmony among Old Bayon. Only Stephen seemed to have a reason to flip before the swap and even he seems thrilled with the new configuration.

    So, Varner, Peih-Gee, Woo and Abi-Maria HAVE to throw their challenges to vote out Savage and Tasha if they (or their tribe mates) want to survive now OR later.

    But it gets worse. Additional negatives for Old Ta Keo at this point are that Spencer is likely to flip if given the chance and Abi is all kinds of crazy. So, you can’t count on either vote. That puts them down two more from the even tie they’d have had if they were properly throwing challenges.

    And worse yet (worse for these guys, it’s great for us), having dropped two players from the original 20, we’re basically back at the point where most 3 tribe seasons start. World’s Apart started with 18, Cagayan started with 18, Philippines started with 18 … even All-Stars started with 18. All were three-tribe seasons and all had their first swap on their 5th episode, 14-16 days into their game. Will they stay in this new configuration for 5 more episodes or do we see another swap on episode 5? The number of days hasn’t changed, it’s still 39, but their starting on square one on Day 9. Due to the number of days and the three tribe format, there’s also a good chance that we’ll get a couple of double-eliminations where the bottom two tribes will have to go to tribal council.

    So, despite the strong odds that anything can happen, the only chance Old Ta Keo (as a unit) had at survival was their Angkor members throwing the first two challenges, to get rid of Savage and Tasha, and probably throwing a third challenge to purge the tribe of Abi, should they have to wait it out even longer.

    The fact that it didn’t happen and Peih-Gee was voted out means that any Old Ta Keo–from any of the three tribes–is going to be fighting a brutal uphill battle from here on out if they are going to survive. Thanks a lot, Abi and Varner; you screwed my fantasy pool and yourselves!

    I fear that Woo is probably next on Abi-Maria’s hit list after her evil smirk toward him at tribal council and the line, “second time you write my name.” If Savage and Tasha were smart, they’d flip the script and try to work with Woo to vote out Abi and Varner for a little more stability. The three of them play the same strong, loyal, old school game.

    I blame Varner here most of all. He should have pulled Abi and Woo in after that “meltdown” and explained that he was trying to make sure Old Ta Keo was sticking together. Varner also saw that you have to constantly stroke Abi’s ego to keep her on your side, yet … he’s sleeping in the shelter? Maybe he just thought it better to keep his trap shut and survive to fight another day, but losing Peih-Gee seems like a crucial mistake. I’m not saying he can’t come back from this. This season has been insanely unpredictable, but he’s sure made it a lot harder on himself and everyone else.

    • I just couldn’t stand Abi’s smirking, passive-aggressive “second time you write my name” comment. The fact that she takes votes against her so personally drives me nuts. If she had a shred of self-awareness she would be expecting a lot more votes than she’s getting considering how accusatory, confrontational and rude she is all the time. Urgh.

  5. Josh, I don’t think you’re giving THE GUEST enough credit. I also think that you missed a lot of the things that I picked up on, though perhaps I’m looking way too much into it. The movie is much more than just a 90’s thriller throwback. It’s a gem of an amalgam of nostalgia. First of all, I think THE GUEST is a B movie disguised as an A movie (that army subplot that came out of nowhere is classic 80’s cheese!). It’s comprised of bits and pieces from various 80’s and 90’s horror, thriller, and action classics—and not just visually, but aurally as well. I picked up on vibes from The Terminator, Total Recall, The Stepfather, Halloween, Prom Night, The Hand that Rocks the Craddle, Rambo, Universal Solider, The Hitcher, The Killer, and maybe a few more that I haven’t thought of. Is the movie substantial? Not a whole lot, I’ll give you that. But that’s not to say that there’s nothing to it. I think it very clearly comments on the state of war veterans and the irreversible damage they go through. It does so in a not-so-subtle and superficial way, but the themes are there. But that’s besides the point as this movie is about an unforgettable thrill ride that culminates in one of the most fun ending sequences I’ve seen in a good while. This is pure style over substance and I’m ok with that because everything on display here is top-notch. The movie looks and sounds great, the music is incredible, and the acting is just perfect. Dan Stevens plays David like the all-American boy that any of us would trust with our life. He’s basically Captain America gone psycho and that really works for me. Maika Monroe is as lovely as always although she doesn’t have much to do until later in the movie, which is a shame.

    I loved everything about this movie and I wish everyone could enjoy it the same way I do, but alas, I guess I’m a weirdo.THE GUEST is a 9.5 for me. I’ve seen it 5 times already and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite “most watchable” movies purely on how incredibly fun this is. Boring? Come on! Gettaouttahere!

    • I also think that comparing it to the thrillers that you mentioned is not fair, because it’s really not trying to be those at all. But that’s just me :/

      • Based on the reaction of everyone in this thread, I’d say Josh is the weirdo of the group for being the one to dislike The Guest.

  6. My top 5 thrillers of the 90’s…
    1. Pulp Fiction
    2. Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me
    3. True Romance
    4. Kiss of Death
    5. Single White Female

  7. I liked this movie, probably about a 7 and I agree with Juan’s list of movies that influenced this one. The Guest felt more like an action movie to me and I wasn’t surprised that the government was hunting him down at the end. I was totally into the look of this film. The Halloween decorations were amazing!

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