Movie Stream Cast 56: The Monster Squad (1987)

monster squad bannerThe Halloween season is upon us at Movie Stream Cast and we’re celebrating. This episode Josh is joined by a little buddy to review a Halloween childhood favorite The Monster Squad. The movie is streaming for a $2.99 digital rental on Google Play and YouTube.


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59 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 56: The Monster Squad (1987)

    • I’ll no doubt have more notes on this episode later but for now I just want to say that Spencer repeatedly having pain inflicted upon him is hilarious.

      • The challenge was BRUTAL. Even worse than when they did it in All-Stars.

        I think the problem with this ep is that it was too similar to the last. I’m ready for less Abi at this point.

        • My sincere hope and my confident prediction is that they’ve been milking Abi for every last drop of drama they can squeeze out of her because they know it will all come to an end this week when Angkor inevitably loses again and Tasha-Savage-Woo make the smart play, the merciful play (ot us and them both) and really the only play and finally send Abi packing.

          • Abi needs to go next. I can’t stand her. I am glad Varner is gone though. It’s fine to be a manipulator, but pull your own weight for crying out loud!

          • Episode 4 cemented the fact that Abi is fun for about 5 seconds and then horribly painful to watch. I hope she gets blindsided into the wind.

          • I can definitely see the Elizabeth Banks thing, but it wouldn’t have occurred to me.

            Juan! You didn’t like Varner?! He was the best part of this season so far, in my opinion. “Step on the gas–what just bit my ass?!!!”

  1. Well this was adorable.

    I think you handled everything really well in terms of maintaining a conversation that Little Buddy (Wolfboy Buddy?) could follow along, but also adding in more in depth info. For example, that funny part involving Napoleon Dynamite. It’s always interesting how a very different age demographic views a movie that is sorta created for their age group, but appeals towards older ones too partly because of how old it is.

    I LOVE Monster’s Squad though. It’s the kind of movie I think Universal really dropped the ball on not making themselves. As someone who isn’t a big fan of the Creature from the Black Lagoon series, but recognizes how big of a character Gill Man is, it’s nice to finally have a great Gill Man movie. I’m not a big fan of watching other adaptions of Frankenstein as the monster never looks right without that classic Boris Karloff/Glenn Strange look. Yet, I don’t have a problem with the Monster in this film. I only got around to seeing it for the first time in 2010, so I didn’t have any childhood memories of the film to add to the nostalgia. I see it as a much higher quality version of a Goosebumps movie.

    At some point in the month, I should really get around to watching it again on Netflix.

    Overall, fun episode partially because of how different it felt from your other ones and kudos to Little Buddy for being a good co-host and making you actually explain why you felt certain things.

    • I’m surprised you don’t like the Creature from the Black Lagoon franchise. I love it! He’s one of the most iconic monsters from the sci-fi horror in the 50’s.

      Some Reasons I love the Gill-man…
      -The under water shots look great and his costume works underwater.
      -He doesn’t talk and he’s not made by man. He’s just a creature that time and civilization forgot.
      -Kaye is hot, the scene where the creature is swimming with her is iconic.
      -The music cue every time we see the creature or his webbed claw.
      -I love the boat traveling through the Amazon into the gill man’s territory. It’s awesome when he blocks the boat in the lagoon with branches. We see that all the time now in movies like zombeavers and Bigfoot movies.

      Anyhow, I could go on but you get the point. I’d be interested in why you aren’t a fan of Creature, Sal.

      • They’re just really dull movies. They’d probably work out much better if they were shorter like the 30’s and 40’s Universal Monster movies instead of being twenty minutes too long. There’s some great scenes like the underwater scene with Gill Man swimming with Kay, but the scene goes on FOREVER. In both Creature and Revenge, they have this amazing main theme, but they go back to it so often that I ended up hating it. Everything was so repetitive and they never find their groove.

        I do really want to like the movies though. Gill Man is an iconic monster and deserves to actually be involved in a good movie. At some point in October, I’ll be reviewing The Creature Walks Among us to finish the trilogy.

        I don’t hate the movies, but find them to be rather dull.

        I don’t know how controversial of an opinion that is. If you want a controversial Universal Monster’s opinion, I think the original Mummy starring Boris Karloff sucks. It’s a cheap rip off of Dracula and fails to actually give us a proper mummy. The Mummy’s Hand and it’s sequels is where the real mummy Universal Monster’s quality is at.

        Hey Josh, I’ll buy you a pizza if you can get us an edit button here.

        • That pizza would go well with some Freddy! That’s interesting. I’ve heard someone say “it’s boring” about almost every movie that’s in black and white, of course you have a good pallete for all movies so im more interested in you’re opinion. One of my friends that only watches new movies actual liked the creature and it may be his favorite of the monsters. I think I like the variety of settings that Creature gives as far as universal monster movies. Usually monsters are in castles, mansion, woods and swamps. In the case of the mummy I actually agree with you. Cool idea for a monster and very iconic but man that movie drags. Dracula can be pretty stagnant at times too.

          • Thanks for the good pallete compliment.

            I can understand why some will just automatically call it boring because it’s old, but that’s not the case for me. Creature isn’t boring because it’s in black-and-white, it’s from the 50’s or for any other superficial reason. It’s boring because they keep going back to the same scenes over and over again or they stay on a scene for too long. It’s not a boring concept though. If you take the film and edit it down some, I think it could be a really good movie.

            For the main Universal Monsters Dracula, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man and The Invisible Man are still amazing movies in my eyes. The Phantom of the Opera is good, but clearly a step below the bigger ones. Creature is the most average of the main Monster films. Finally, at the very bottom is the original The Mummy.

        • Oh, and yea, that theme is totally overused! I still love it. Maybe in the “so bad it’s good” sense. I feel like it’s used in another universal horror film too!

        • Oh, I freaking love the Mummy movies AND the first Creature. I also like the Abbott and Costello Meet … movies, but Meet the Mummy is the weakest.

          They are making yet another batch of action-oriented Mummy movies. I don’t think Universal understands what is great about their properties.

          I would love a stab at a Mummy movie. I think you could do something really great is you grounded it in a dark reality.

          • I still need to see the rest of the Abbott and Costello movies. I’ve seen A&C Meets Frankenstein, The Invisible Man, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. That leaves what…The Mummy and Boris Karloff? Great films though, particularly as they take the monsters seriously and leave the comedy to the other characters.

            I wish Universal would stop move away from the action/horror with their monsters. It kind of worked for the first Underworld film, but I want to see these classic characters just trying to be scary, not attempting karate while wearing leather jackets and having a day job at Abercrombie and Fitch.

            A big budget Mummy movie could be great since there hasn’t been a lot, unlike vampires, zombies or even Frankenstein’s Monster. The last strictly horror Mummy movie that I remember being great was probably Hammer’s from…1959?

  2. Can Little Buddy replace me permanently? It’s so much more fun to listen to him than my own voice. But I may be biased.

  3. This podcast made my little Halloween heart happy! Buddy is lucky to be watching this movie as a youngster. I watched this movie for the first time this October as part of my 31 days and I loved it! Yes, Frankenstein’s monster is totally a nice guy. He always gets that part in monster rallies, probably because he is such an empathetic monster.

  4. Little Buddy is a natural!!! And Josh actually giggles while talking to Little Buddy. I think I have to watch this movie now!! You sold me on it.

  5. This was probably the best episode I’ve heard. You should totally make a separate podcast where you and your kids review movie’s.

    • Wow, really? Rachel said the same thing. I thought it would get pretty boring for people. I mean … I think MY kids are adorable, but other people’s kids … blech. The more I hear this idea, the more I like it, though.

      • I’m usually a bit of a grump when it comes to kids but Little Buddy is just awesome and adorable. What a smart and lovely little fellow! And I feel a kinship with him because we both share roughly the same approach to Survivor; We like the nice people and don’t like the mean ones.

          • Are you guys being for real? How is Woo a nice guy? We hardly see the guy and when he’s on screen, he’s begging for his life. He does have a certain appeal, but I wouldn’t categorize him as nice just from what little I’ve seen of him. Of course, that’s the cynic in me talking. Kids are far better judges of character, so I’m going to go out on a limb and trust Little Buddy’s judgement on this one.

          • I’ve also seen Woo play in Cagayan. He’s a pretty terrible strategist and maybe kind of a cliché surfer dude/teenage mutant ninja turtle type but he also comes across as a genuinely lovely person on that season.

          • If he’s the teenage mutant ninja turtle type then he’s my kind of guy… unless he’s like Raphael.

          • Woo is 100% Michelangelo, Juan. If you just imagine that he is Michelangelo begging for his life you will love him.

            Yeah, we all (including little buddy) had the experience of seeing him in his previous season where he’s talking about his “ninja stealth mode” and his “Sonic the Hedgehog run” … plus he’s so into the honor of his martial arts. David put it well that he is a lovely guy. And I liked seeing him finally stand up for himself in the episode 4 tribal council. I also loved when he told Shirin and Spencer “No way” .. that was epic for Woo who is always being manipulated by everyone around him.

            To be clear, I didn’t want him on this season at all. Total waste of a spot when Shane from Panama should have been on, but now that he is on, I like the addition of his personality a lot.

      • I’d be all for hearing other episodes of MSC with Little Buddy. It could even be interesting to hear Little Buddy’s thoughts on the Survivor recaps.

          • Has Jay’s kids ever appeared on any of the podcasts? I know I heard one review with Andy’s daughter recently (Maybe the Lego Movie?) and it was awwwtastic.

            Whenever there are podcasts with the host bringing on a family member (Whether it’s with you and Rachel, any of the kids, Jay’s wife, or Andy’s wife) it always adds something different to the podcast. You get so used to the personalities of the hosts, but the host end up acting differently with a family member, so you’re seeing a new side to them.

            I think it could be interesting to hear the kids reviewing an older kid’s movie (For example…Toy Story), where we have memories of the movie from our childhood (or teen years, whatever) and new memories as adults. So you end up being able to compare your initial thoughts to the kid’s of today and see how that then compares to your adult’s views on the movie.

          • I think Jay’s kids did MPW once. Andy’s have done MPW at least 3 times.

            Yeah, that is kind of fun to have the different sides of the hosts. I could feel it myself when doing the show.

            • I stumbled onto another review by Andy’s daughter’s on MPW for Frozen. It…didn’t exactly go according to plan due to some shyness. Ha. It still ended up being a cute segment though.

  6. This was a great episode. The highlight for me was when Little Buddy called dad out for showing this movie to him as a 3 y/o…

    Josh: Was this your first time ever seeing MONSTER SQUAD?
    Little Buddy: Um, well, I saw it one time when I was littler, but… like, when I was about maybe 3…
    Josh: If we did watch it I probably covered your eyes for a lot of it, or fast-forwarded a lot of it.
    Little Buddy: Well, I think I remember all the parts.

    Daddy, busted.

    Don’t worry, Josh. I tried showing my son JURASSIC PARK when he was 2 y/o. He didn’t last past the first scene.

    The timing of this episode was actually perfect for me, though, because I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to introduce my oldest son to horror. He’s 5… and, shall we say, “sensitive” to even remotely scary things… so I’m having difficulty finding “dad-approved” entries to ease him into the genre. I’m thinking this might be a good candidate.

    • How about the old Are You Afraid of the Dark? episodes? Outside of the terrifying opening video, there wasn’t much by way of scares in the actual episodes. You do have a lot of usage of popular horror characters and tropes that you’ll see later on with more serious horror.

      • I’m not familiar with that series, but it looks like a bunch of the episodes (maybe all?) are on YouTube. I’ll check a few of them out to see if they fit the bill. Thanks, Sal.

      • “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” is great. The clown episode really scared the heck out of me when I was a kid. In a good way though; it taught me the valuable life-lesson that clowns are not to be trusted at all.

        • I second David’s comments. I remember really enjoying Are You Afraid of the Dark during my high school years. I’ve actually been meaning to start catching up on my horror shows. I never watched the F13 or NOEMS shows and I’m really curious, if nothing else for the nostalgia.

    • If he’s pretty sensitive, I might wait a year.

      It’s tricky because I really do talk them through everything while it’s happening. I talk the whole movie to try and contextualize and soften things a bit.

      Two films that even my sensitive girl can watch with ease are Hotel Transylvania (although she likes the love story) and Curse of the WereRabbit. Jay goes with Monster House, but I think that’s even a bit much. Maybe next year. We did Frankenweenie no problem. Even Paranorman went okay, but with a LOT of talking.

      They’ve seen bits of Ghostbusters and they’ve watched all of The Real Ghostbusters cartoons that we could find online. They love it.

      They’ve also seen all of the Universal monster movies.

      • I LOVE The Real Ghostbusters! Josh, do you know about the OTHER Ghostbusters cartoon? You should show them that one and see what they think. They’re going to be so confused lol.

      • Yeah, I guess I never really considered the Hotel Transylvania / Frankenweenie / Paranorman type movies to be in “this” category, but a solid case could be made for them. My boy has seen each of these and was mostly fine, but he did have a few nights of nightmares after seeing both PARANORMAN and CORALINE. That was about a year ago.

        I remember J mentioning MONSTER HOUSE in the past. I’ve never seen it, so wasn’t sure if that would work. That’s actually a hang up for a lot of these with me: of course, I need to vet whatever I end up showing him, and a lot of these are things that I just don’t want to watch. I need to stop being selfish, though. This is for my boy, after all, and parenthood is all about sacrifice. Ha.

        Speaking of MONSTER HOUSE, I saw this earlier today >>

        The Universal monster movies are an interesting angle…

        Thanks, this helps.

        • You could also go the opposite route of finding the single scariest movie you can find and show your son it. Once you scare your kid to death, then every other scary movie should be a breeze, right?


          For more serious advice, has your son seen much Scooby Doo? Sure, it’s not scary, but it does play into some very basic horror tropes. It could be good to introduce kids to the realization that you can have fun watching monsters before getting into the more serious stuff.

        • Monster House is awesome for the first half. I really don’t like the big finale when things get extra whacky. You’ll like it, man. Definitely worth seeing once.

        • Yea. Jay’s right. Monster House is great! I’ve been watching monster house for years and I tried to show it to my son a few saturdays ago. All of the adults ended up sitting down and watching it. I don’t mind the ending, Josh. I think it’s great. I guess if I had one beef with Monster House it’s the animation modeling on the humans. My son is 2 and can barely watch anything for more than 10 minutes at a time but he liked what he saw. Mostly he’s into halloween episodes of Thomas the tank engine, Bob the builder, Sesame street, etc…

          • I actually think I’m misrepresenting J, here… it’s HOUSE (1977) that he always touts as one of the better horror entry points for the little ones.

            MONSTER HOUSE looks pretty interesting, though.

            • Hahaha, either a kid would be totally traumatized by House or maybe it takes a kid to understand it.

            • It could be interesting hearing the kind of twisted dreams a kid will have after watching House. Ha

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