Movie Stream Cast 60: Digging For Fire (2015)

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On this episode of Movie Stream Cast, Josh goes solo to discuss the indie dramedy starring Jake Johnson and Rosemarie DeWitt, Digging for Fire. The movie is streaming for a $3.99 digital rental on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay and more. Josh also discusses the Netflix Original comedies Master of None with Aziz Ansari, John Malaney: The Comeback Kid, Bill Burr: I’m Sorry You Feel That Way as well as the new season of Survivor, streaming for free on Josh also gives you a haphazzard list of 10 interesting “mumble-core” movies to check out.


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61 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 60: Digging For Fire (2015)


    Again, I recommend the Ponderosa video of last week’s boot (they are really good this year:

    And again, last week’s “Survivor Know it Alls” podcast:

    Also, Stephen wrote some AWESOME stuff in the Survivor blog he writes for People Magazine:

    “The fundamental narrative of Survivor, like all great tragedies, is hubris and overthrow. I could see that story unspooling before us right then, even as I sat there. The arrogant nine of us sitting there so self-assured in our dominance … right before a total blindside.”

    “Arrogance had slipped into our game, when we all should know better. People had been speaking in moral terms instead of strategic. ‘The Girls’ – meaning Abi, Wentworth and Ciera – didn’t deserve to be there, some people were saying. As though deserve had anything to do with Survivor. ”

    “When Kelley Wentworth whipped out her idol and invalidated the nine votes cast against her, we all knew we were in the presence of a masterful Survivor move. Even as Jeff Probst read off the remaining ballots, even before we knew who had drawn the short stick and would be sent home for our epic blunder, we gazed around at each other with shocked and delighted smiles. Yes, we were all playing the game, but we’re also fans – and that was freaking awesome.”

    Cody & Jenifer, I forgot to enter my fantasy league picks again last week. It was a crazy week. So bummed because it was my only chance to update my JSFL winner pick. Now I have NOBODY as an overall and have to forfeit those points. Arrgh!


      MAD RESPECT for Stephen. Now this is what I wanted to see from him all along. Jeremy just moved to the top of my list for winning it all. Two idols? Holy crap!

      • Yay! I knew Stephen would win you over eventually. I think he’s been playing it very safe until now but this latest episode showed some of his true potential. I think it’s only going to get more intense from this point on too. Personally I’d love to see a final three of Stephen, Jeremy and Wentworth.

        • Yes! I’m excited too, Juan.

          And yes, David, that’s the ideal Final 3 for me. Unfortunately, Stephen gets squashed like a bug in that scenario.

          • Here’s the thing with Stephen. You guys were giving so much credit for previous seasons. I was giving him credit (or lack of it) based solely on what I was seeing, which let’s face it, it wasn’t much… until episode 9 that is. I’m a believer now, so you guys were right, I was wrong. Stephen rules. Etc., etc., etc…

          • Juan: It’s not so much what we saw in Stephens previous season and more just how much we know he thinks about and loves the game from his blogs and podcast appearances. Either way though, I understand where you’re coming from.

            Josh: Regarding your assertion that Stephen gets squashed in the event of him going into a final 3 with Jeremy and Wentworth; I’m not so sure. I think the people playing this game are going to respect strategy more than anything else and from the looks of this last episode Stephen is the one in his alliance who’s winning at that game. He has Jeremy’s trust and definitely holds a good deal of influence over him. We even saw Jeremy parroting Stephen’s point about it being a game of voting blocks almost word for word. And I bet Stephen is way more prepared to make a coherent and effective case for himself at final tribal this time around. If he makes it that far I think he has a chance given the respect a lot of these players have for the “new school” approach.

    • Wow. Sorry about your overall pick, but that gives me (a small) chance to pull ahead of you.

      I’ve been watching the results closely. Overall rankings on The Tribe:
      Week 8
      theryguy 58th
      icarusarts 115th
      jeniferp 126th

      Week 9
      theryguy 60th
      Icarusarts 107th
      jeniferp 132nd

      So josh, how are you the only one of us who increased their standing this week?

      Too bad about the wigglesworth. She was a top pick for a lot of people.

        • The JSFL standings don’t track contestants by username. So even though my username is “JeffProbstsHairpiece,” I show up as “Cody” (from UT) in the standings. I’m currently 79th over there, with 36 total points.

          I show up correctly (as JeffProbstsHairpiece or Jeff Probst’s Hairpiece) in both of the other leagues. Not doing so hot in the fantasy league for The Tribe (84th out of 195, with 51 total points), either. The weekly picks format, it would seem, is not my strong suit.

          My Pick Four entry at Purple Rock Podcast is currently flying high (locked in a four-way tie for fourth overall), but there are a couple of lineups that look even stronger than mine at the moment.

  2. Would you count 2014’s The One I Love as a mumblecore film or am I only thinking it is one because it stars Mark Duplass? In either case, I really enjoyed that one.

    I may lose some respect, but I do dig Swanberg. In recent years, he’s been a director and an actor that his inclusion in movies is enough of a reason to watch them. The fact that he’s been working with Melanie Lynskey and Anna Kendrick a fair amount recently helps too.

    Thanks for the Lynn Shelton recommendations. I haven’t seen any of her movies yet, but I’ve been eyeing ones like Your Sister’s Sister for awhile now. I blame the fact that I haven’t seen it yet based on the fact that the movie poster makes it look like it could be a chick flick. Ironically enough, I see Shelton actually directed a few of the episodes for Masters of None.

    • I don’t know about the filmmaking process on The One I Love, but it seems more composed than most mumblecore films. Actually, Lynn Shelton’s work (after Humpday) is on that level of filmmaking too. Anyway, I enjoyed that one too and if it is a mumblecore film, it one of my favorites. Pretty much all of the Duplass brothers’ work is worth watching.

      “I may lose some respect, but I do dig Swanberg. In recent years, he’s been a director and an actor that his inclusion in movies is enough of a reason to watch them.”

      If you thought I hated him as a director, I hate him even more as an actor. He’s ok in VHS and good for his role in You’re Next. I’m not willing to give him an inch outside of that. I’ll never forgive him for making me look at his disgusting penis in Nights and Weekends just because he wanted to put it on Greta Gerwig. Eeeew. And he’s just so lame.

      Having said that, his films are getting good. It’s some crow I’m having to eat and be honest about the fact that he’s finally getting better. You mention the actresses. He’s also worked with some of my all-time favorite actors, so there’s no way of getting around it, but I think they definitely elevate his work where he was pulling it even further down when he was acting in his early crap.

      I love Lynn Shelton. Again, Humpday all day! But Touchy Feely and Your Sister’s Sister are great films that I don’t mind owning. They are not “chick flicks” but you aren’t WAY off. See, Rachel loves romantic comedies–AND I DON’T–but those are movies that we can watch together.

      BTW, I was a little rough on Master of None. It’s already getting better in Episode4 and Episode 5 was AMAZING. I’m really digging the show.

      • For Sal and David – Sal brought up The One I Love that could be on the top of my list and reminded me of You’re Next. Those are both as good or better than most on my list. But I wanted to add one more awesome mumblecore movie I watched. It’s a lo-fi indie detective film and I loved it. Check out COLD WEATHER if you don’t have it on your lists.

        Lynn Shelton > Duplass Brothers > the rest of my mumblecore recommendations

        • Just finished watching Cold Weather. – SOME SPOILERS FOR COLD WEATHER – It’s a bit jarring at first when it comes to the plot changing multiple times in the movie. It begins as a simple movie about various types of relationships, then it becomes all about the mystery of Rachel’s disappearance, finally there’s the shocking moment when Rachel just comes back and the movie shifts into being about the mystery of the missing briefcase/getting it back. Once the credits began to roll and we’re never told any actual answers to the questions, I wonder if the movie is even about mysteries at all.

          Instead, it’s just about two siblings, who are a bit lost in life and don’t have very strong relationships. Yet, by the end of the movie, they seemed to come together to show that the one relationship that they do care about and exists for them is the sibling relationship. Gail doesn’t have any friends. Doug is half assing the friendship with Carlos while putting in zero effort to get Rachel back. It was kind of sweet at the end when the siblings had some good bonding time together.

          Cold Weather is a weird little movie due to expectations. You expect big things to happen, but they never do. I can see plenty of people not enjoying the movie due to it’s lack of proper developments. I can’t even say I’m overjoyed by the film, but I did enjoy it. In some weird way, Cold Weather is a feel good movie about two siblings bonding again and a lost man finding some passion in his life.

          I’d give it a streaming recommendation only for those that enjoy slow movies that are seemingly about nothing. For others, they’re probably better off not watching the movie.

          • That’s a pretty good rule of thumb recommendation for most mumblecore. Haha

            I mostly agree with your take. On the plus side, I really appreciated the look of this film. Loved the locations and cinematography.

          • And agin, I recommend Cold Weather, but below all of the Lynn Shelton and Duplass brothers recommendations.

            As I said: Lynn Shelton > Duplass Brothers > the rest of my mumblecore recommendations

  3. Man, I really need to catch up on my mumblecore homework. I really enjoyed “Baghead” and I love the DIY approach but I just haven’t got around to delving deeper into the genre. Josh, your list of 10 mumblecore movies to check out will be an asset.

    I also love how much Joe Swanberg is basically your arch-nemesis.

    • Actually, I’m pretty sure Swanberg is Devin Faraci’s arch nemesis. Did you see this? Watch the video. Amazing.

      I don’t hate Swanberg for making bad movies. I hate him for releasing them–AND SO MANY OF THEM! These are movies someone should have made in film school and never released. The guys has directed 18 movies. I’d say one of the is REALLY good and 3 of them (including a short) are pretty good. Maybe he’s good now. Maybe he’s great. Maybe I’m a fan of the filmmaker I’ve become, but it’s been a really rough road to get here and he’ll trick you by putting a Mark Duplass or a Greta Gerwig in an unwatchable movie.

      Digging for Fire (2015)

      Happy Christmas (2014), Drinking Buddies (2013), V/H/S (segment “The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger”)

      Silver Bullets (2012)

      Kissing on the Mouth, LOL, Hannah Takes the Stairs, Nights and Weekends, Alexander the Last, Uncle Kent.

      Exposures, All the Light in the Sky, Marriage Material, The Zone, Caitlin Plays Herself, Art History, Autoerotic

      • Too much mumbling in my opinion… ahhhh just kidding. I actually really enjoyed Happy Christmas and I’m a huge fan of You’re Next. I’m looking forward to exploring more of this genre.


    Wow! Now this is why I love Stephen. Some serious playing going on in this episode, this season is getting crazy and yet another twist thrown in there to boot!

      • Spencer’s a strong swimmer too isn’t he?

        I think the effort Stephen exerted to get that advantage may lend a little credence to the idea that he has purposefully not been giving it his all in previous challenges. I seriously think he’s counting on his alliance with Jeremy taking him to the end and has been holding back from putting 100% effort in so as to make Jeremy feel more secure that when it comes down to it he’ll always be able to beat Stephen at an immunity challenge. I seriously think he’s that shrewd of a player.

        But maybe he just sucks at challenges,

  5. Finished up my eighth season of Survivor. I’ve now created a doc to keep on my laptop to keep little notes on the seasons that I’ve watched to help keep them all straight.

    -Spoilers for Survivor Pearl Islands-

    – Without question, the player I was most familiar with before even watching any Survivor a few months ago was Jonny Fairplay. Not only was the whole grandmother’s death a pretty big deal back when it happened that I can remember VH1 talking about it in their old “Best week ever” show, but I’m a wrestling fan. Since Survivor, Fairplay has popped up in some smaller companies. The ironic thing about Fairplay is that he’s not very popular with wrestling fans. He’s got the whole reality TV stigma about him that makes it difficult to get the fans to see him as being anything other than a super cheap means of a wrestling company to bring in a “Celeb”. I can remember a lot of groaning online when Fairplay would pop up in a wrestling company some years ago.

    – Despite not wanting to see Fairplay on wrestling shows, I was looking forward to finally seeing his season of Survivor. If my love for Russell isn’t clear enough, I’m a big fan of the villains. They’re fun. Fairplay is such a character that any time he was on the screen, it was entertaining. It may have been a total dick move to pull the grandma’s dead card, but I can appreciate the lie. Unlike with Russell, I didn’t find myself cheering Fairplay on to hopefully win.

    – The closest I came to a player I got behind and wanted to see win was Rupert. That was only in the first half of the game. The longer Rupert stuck around, the more he bugged me. There were times when he seemed like he understood the game and embraced being a pirate and other times he was the biggest baby whenever someone tried to play the game against him.

    – This might surprise Josh, but I was okay with Sandra winning. She was the first person to impress me with her ability to haggle with the locals. She isn’t the most interesting or deserving winner that I’ve seen, but she played the game.

    – I ended up hating Lill. Way too emotional, didn’t seem to understand how to play, and I did not want an outcast player to end up winning. My dislike for Lill may have made it possible for me to be so cool with Sandra winning. In my eyes, Lill blew an easy win because of how terrible she was in the final tribal council. Way too defensive to further show how little she knew how to play the game.

    – In regards to the Boy Scouts uniform, in theory, I don’t think it’s right to judge her as a scout while playing the game. You’re not judging anyone else, so why judge her? At the same time, she made the choice to wear the Boy Scouts uniform. So it was either an actual strategy to be liked (Which I doubt since that would take some thinking) or she wore it for the hell of it. Maybe if she hadn’t talked about the scouts so often, the other players wouldn’t have been focused on the scouts uniform.

    – Andrew Savage was really likable. Kinda bummed he got voted out before the merge.

    – Ostin was my pick for biggest disappointment of the season. By looks alone, he looked like he was going to be one of the best physical challenges player. That never materialized.

    – Even though I didn’t want an outcast to win, I would have been less upset had it been Burt over Lill. He was a strong player that excelled at challenges and had some strategy.

    – Darrah impressed me in the second half. Pre-merge, she didn’t stand out in any fashion. Just as I was ready to write her off as a lame duck, she started to dominate the immunity challenges.

    – Trish earned the title of “Who Player of the Season”. It’s an award dedicated to the player who left the least impression on me and by the end, I was scratching my head wondering who they were.

    – Burt became interesting once he returned and was able to develop more of a personality than just one of the frat boys.

    Those players are the only ones that stood out to me.

    – So the biggest event of the season was the return of the outcasts. Awesome episode, my favorite of the season, and it made the game really unpredictable. As I believe David claimed would happen, I became less excited about it as everything played out. I would not have been happy had Lill or even Burt had won. While I didn’t have a problem with the outcasts coming back, I felt there was too much going on with the eliminated players. You have:

    1) The initial three tribe challenge

    2) Outcasts tribal council to vote two players back in

    3) Two outcasts are now back in

    4) The Pearl Islands quiz immunity challenge that was won by members of the jury

    5) Final tribal council with jury members able to ask questions

    6) Final vote by jury members

    It became too much to me. These players were eliminated, I’d rather focus on who’s still alive without needing a second chance. Still, that initial shock episode was great.

    – Likewise, I did not like the fact that two players were voted back in, assigned tribes again, and yet the merge happened before the next challenge. Either have a challenge in the middle or only bring the returning players back in at the scene of the merge.

    – The fact that Lill brought Sandra to the final two instead of Jonny Fairplay blew my mind. Again, yet another example of how terrible Lill was at this game.

    – I enjoyed all of Rupert’s fishing to show off the survival aspect of the show that is missing from recent seasons.

    – The marooning was my favorite out of the eight season that I’ve watched. I loved the whole going into the town to purchase goods. It made this marooning more of a challenge than the whole “Grab as many goods as you can in X seconds” like I’ve seen in some seasons.

    – Savage and the rest of the Morgan tribe not believing Jonny Fairplay’s reveal of Drake throwing the human chess game was pretty hilarious. Dude, it’s a very physical game and Drake just happened to sit out it’s two most physical players? Come on…

    Overall, I thought Pearl Islands was an average season. Jonny Fairplay was entertaining. When he wasn’t whining, Rupert was entertaining. The outcasts twist made for an exciting couple of episodes. Without having that one player to latch onto throughout the season and hoping that they’d win, it ended up being the season I cared for the least. However, I’ve yet to see a season that I dislike (That includes Gabon…), so being the least entertaining is still good in it’s own right.

    Next season will be the start of what David called “Long haul stretch of seasons”. I began watching Tocantins first as I was still obtaining All-Stars. Even though All-Stars came first, I don’t believe it matters which season I watch next as long as I watch both before Heroes vs Villains.

    • I’m kind of surprised that you liked this season the least out of all of them so far, Sal. But it got me thinking that maybe I’m rating this one a little too high. I think it has the best marooning/opening of any season that I’ve seen and that really sticks out in my mind. I also loved Rupert and was pretty happy with Sandra as a winner. But in retrospect maybe some of the mid-to-late episodes were a bit forgettable/meandering.

      Having watched so many seasons so quickly I struggle to rate them all objectively because the more I see the more scale for comparison I have so the early ones I watched get off easier.

      And man, if Rupert’s starting to bug you already he’ll drive you nuts in his returning appearances. He’s like the opposite of Coach for me; Coach baffled and irritated the heck out of me at first but seemed to grow more self aware, savvy and likeable with each season in which he appeared whereas I started off loving Rupert but the more exposure he got the more I found him grating, frustrating and kind of sanctimonious. The same goes for Ozzy actually.

      • Rupert’s a pretty complicated player for me. At the end of Pearl Islands, I was glad to see him voted off. However, once I began watching All Stars, I was really glad to see him again.

        As far as driving me crazy in future appearances, he was only in one episode of Blood vs Water and he was the biggest reason why I had such a tough time with the initial set-up with the season that I was better off watching a different season for my official first season.

        Speaking of returning players, I look back at my first official season of Philippines and I have to laugh at the fact that I thought the hook of three returning players was such a big deal. Little did I know at the time how really common it was for a player to return for a second or even third season. Ha

  6. So, Your Sister’s Sister. SOME SPOILERS BELOW

    I think my initial assumption that it was a chick flick was to some extent accurate. It’s just not your Karl Huddleston type of click flick. I really dig Mark Duplass. I don’t think I’ve seen him in anything that I’ve disliked. Any time I see him in one of these smaller movies, it amazes me that this is the same guy from The League. The movie did take a pretty crazy turn at the revelation about the condom. Everyone seemed to get over the whole condom issue far too quickly. Then again, Jack’s f’d up. He knows Hannah is kind of f’d up too. So maybe just chalk the whole condom issue up to an f’d up person doing an f’d up thing. To a lesser degree, Jack did something similar with his outburst at the one year anniversary get together. When it wrapped up in the manner in which I expected for this sort of film, I realized I should have watched this ages ago when I first noticed it on Netflix, but opted not to due to that pesky romantic comedy classification.

    I’d give it a streaming recommendation. Like Cold Weather, there’s a lot of strong sibling bonds to the film. It seems like the sort of movie you can watch with the wife with both of you being okay with the decision.

    • Humpday (and Touchy Feely, to a lesser extent) is a lot more edgy than Your Sister’s Sister, but all mublecore is at it’s (mumble)core, about acting and characters and relationships.

  7. The good news? I watched Touchy Feely on Netflix.

    The bad news? I pretty much hated it.

    I just could not get into the movie and ultimately had to watch the movie in three different sittings. None of the plots did much for besides the initial interesting set-up. By the end, I settled into just finishing the movie for the sake of finishing. If there was something I got out of the movie, it was the enjoyment of some of the movie particularly the song Henry sang at the end. I ended up going on Amazon and buying the mp3 of “Horses” as soon as I finished the movie. So I guess Touchy Feely wasn’t a total waste.

    • I bought that song too!

      But I’m surprised you didn’t like the movie at all. I didn’t care for Rosemarie DeWitt’s character in this movie, but I really liked the other two storylines with Josh Pais and Ellen Page.

      So far, it sounds like mumblecore isn’t really your thing.

      I think Cold Weather, Touchy Feely and Your Sister’s Sister are among the best. Clearly you like Mark Duplass, so I’d still recommend trying his films out, just to be totally sure.

      • I’m also a HUGE Scoot McNairy fan. Thought the performances were strong from him, Allison Janney, Josh Pais, Ellen Page and Ron Livingston. Enjoyed Tomo Nakayama a great deal as well.

        • I can’t say I remember ever seeing McNairy’s name before now. Looking over his IMDb page, the only roles I’ve seen him in, besides random TV appearances, were Frank, Promised Land, and Monsters. I seem to remember thinking he did a good job in Frank.

          Is it just me or does it seem as if Allison Janney is in EVERYTHING these days?

          • Scoot McNairy’s most prominent role is definitely Monsters, but I just love him in these little supporting roles like this. Especially Promise Land and Gone Girl. Small parts, but awesome acting and he steals his scenes. He doesn’t have much to do in films like Argo and 12 Years a Slave, but he’s just a great part of the tapestry. Doesn’t distract from the whole. The only thing I’ve seen him in where I didn’t like his performance is Non-Stop. Still haven’t had a chance to see The Rover or Our Brand is Crisis. I’d love to work with him, though, and I’d love to see him get another great leading role.

            And, yes, Allison Janney is in everything.

      • What makes you say mumblecore isn’t for me? I enjoyed both Cold Weather and Your Sister’s Sister. Earlier I mentioned being a big fan of your arch nemesis. I haven’t mentioned it on here, but in the past I’ve enjoyed movies like You’re Next, The Sacrament, Jeff Who Lives at Home, Safety Not Guaranteed, Creep, White Reindeer, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Entrance, and Terri.

        (I don’t know if you consider all of those mumblecore films, but you get the idea)

        Touchy Feely is the first one where I just couldn’t get into. Previously, my least liked one was probably The Lie, which was just okay.

        I didn’t like Rosemarie DeWitt’s plot. When I first heard about the film, I thought it was a little more over the top comedic instead of being so low key. I love Ellen Page, she’s enjoyable in everything I see, but I couldn’t get into her story and before I knew it, it was over. Trying to have three-ish stories going at once meant none of them received the amount of time that they deserved to be truly fleshed out.

        • I’m an Ellen Page fan too and I’ve been a Ron Livingston fan since watching Office Space about 3,000 times with my college friends. Josh Pais is another of those character actors I’ve always liked and I was really glad to see him get more of a lead role here.I just think this cast is awesome. I want to like Rosemarie DeWitt more than I do. I’d rather see someone like Lizzy Caplan in these types of roles.

          I must have read too much into your previous comments, but my takeaway was that Cold Weather, Your Sister’s Sister and Touchy Feely were all disappointments.

          I didn’t remember the specifics of your thoughts on movies like You’re Next, The Sacrament, Jeff Who Lives at Home, etc, but I’m glad you liked them too.

          I just always feel bad when I make a recommendation and the person feels like their time was wasted. I’m glad that wasn’t completely the case here. We’ll always have Horses!

          • Looking back over my reviews for Cold Weather and Your Sister’s Sister, I could have done a better job at showing more enthusiasm. This is especially true for Cold Weather. I’m not very good at expressing how I felt about a movie while I’m still digesting it, particularly when I’m handling expectations vs the realities of the movie. At least in the case of Your Sister’s Sister, I had the line of, “I realized I should have watched this ages ago when I first noticed it on Netflix, but opted not to due to that pesky romantic comedy classification.” Admitting you were wrong about something, even if it’s just preconceptions, is probably one of the biggest compliments you can give a movie.

            Looking over Josh Pais’ IMDb, I see he was in 2003’s The Station Agent. Would you count that as a mumblecore movie? If so, I remember really liking that when I saw it some months ago. Also, holy crap, Pais provided the voice for Raphael in the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. That’s reason enough to like Pais. Raphael was my favorite turtle when I was a kid. In addition, that ninja turtles movie was the first movie I ever saw in a theater.

            I wouldn’t feel bad about recommending a movie I felt was a dud. You’re still batting over .500. Recommending Dogville alone earned you the right to suggest a few duds.

            Part of what makes “Horses” so special is that it’s pretty rare for me to hear a song in a movie and feel the need to download it immediately and then listen to it a dozen times in a row. I think the last time a song had that impact on me was last year when I saw The Battery and “Anthem For The Already Defeated” came on. In that case, it was about a song being way too much fun not to listen again. I can’t explain why I liked “Horses” so much though.

  8. I saw this on Twiter from True Dork Times:

    #Survivor The only challenge Joe (or his team/tribe) has lost all season is the one where he oiled up. #DontOilUpJoe

  9. Finished up watching Baghead and I had the complete opposite opinion from what I had with Touchy Feely. The whole camera work and style took a few minutes to get used to, but like Clerks, you stop noticing the camera work once you get into the story. The biggest strength of the film was how believable everything was. I don’t know how much “Acting” was being done, but I didn’t have any trouble the actors are really like the characters they’re playing particularly with the characters of Chad and Michelle. It didn’t hurt that Steve Zissis plays a very similar character to Chad in the TV series, Togetherness.

    While it’s not a horror film, I’d say Baghead was more effective than the majority of horror films in the last decade at scaring me. I’m not talking about jump scares either. I felt legitimately tense at various points, the highlight being the scene with Michelle’s night time visitor. I think the reason why all this was scary to me is because of the realism due to the cheap look of the film. It doesn’t feel like I’m watching a movie, but rather witnessing something that’s actually happening. So as a horror fan, I really appreciated the film.

    I suppose some could say it’s a predictable movie especially the big twist, but it’s not a horror film, so it doesn’t actually matter if the revelations are predictable. Instead, the movie is about the characters with both likable and unlikable characteristics (With the exception of Catherine, who did such a great job at being a witch that I now officially hate the actress).

    Let’s see if this makes sense. If you’re a horror movie fan, don’t watch Baghead for a horror movie. Instead, watch Baghead because you’re a horror fan.

    An easy Stream It recommendation and an actual rating of…I’ll go as high as 9.5. It’s like a stew of throwing a lot of different elements together in a pot to create a simple meal, but one that has a lot of different textures and flavors. Okay, I suck at analogies. It’s a great movie, whatever.

    • I don’t know how you do it, Sal, but I commend you on the incredible amount of content that post on the comment boards. I think you’ve posted more than all of Juavino’s history combined… and that’s a lot :/

      It also pains me to admit, that because you post so much and because I don’t roam these forums as often anymore, which will hopefully change once I’m able to free up some time, I don’t comment on your comments a lot. I guess I just want to say I don’t mean to ignore your comments, which I don’t because I actually read them. I think they deserve a reply, I just don’t have a lot of time these days. I’m just glad Josh has been holding the fort like the trouper he is. Anyway, keep on rocking, Sal! \m/

      • Thanks for the kind words. I do sometimes worry I post too much and it may annoy some. As long as you guys are enjoying my comments, that’s all that matters. Hopefully some of my comments/reviews can help further tempt others into checking out some of these movies.

        If nothing else, I figure if some are shown to be checking out Josh’s recommendations, he’ll continue recommending lesser known movies that I’ve either never heard of or have but have passed over.

        • Don’t worry about posting too much, Sal. I used to worry about that too, but then Dino and David started to interact with me and suddenly a mighty being was born. Perhaps RyanW, Shannon, Dark Mark, and redcapjack can form a new entity with you. You could call it Saryannoarck… or something like that :/

  10. Enjoyed Baghead so much that I kept going with The Puffy Chair. First off, that puffy chair looked incredibly comfortable. I want a puffy chair.

    I wouldn’t mind getting some more perspective on Katie Aselton’s (Who is a total babe in the movie) character of Emily. From the opening scene on, she came off like a total nut job if you did anything to upset her in the slightest. Frankly, I don’t know how Josh thought it would be a wise idea to bring her on the trip after her outburst at dinner. At the same time, I realize that her frustrations over Josh’s lack of commitment has probably been going on for a long time. As a result, it makes sense why she’s so tightly wound. However, with where the movie starts out in the timeline of their relationship, all we see is Emily acting like a total witch. So I suppose the other perspective I’m looking for when it comes to anyone else who has seen The Puffy Chair is do you feel Emily’s actions are less hostile? Am I only against her because it’s easier for me to see the male’s perspective? It’s not to say the Josh character is perfect. He has his own hang ups and seems to have some anger issues.

    Perhaps it’s because I just watched Baghead last night, but the camera work and style didn’t bug me in the slightest. I quickly got into the story and was enjoying it throughout the entire thing. I loved the music in the film. Any time I hear Death Cab for Cutie in a movie or TV show, my ears perk up. I feel like everyone used Death Cab or Spoon’s “The Way We Get By” in the early to mid 2000’s.

    For me, what I got out of The Puffy Chair is the life lesson that you can’t force relationships. We saw a short example of that with Rhett’s marriage and the main example of Josh and Emily’s relationships. It doesn’t matter how hard you try, if all signs are pointing to the fact that it doesn’t work, you’re better off going your separate ways. As much as the movie ended on a downbeat, to have a “Happy ending” would have been insincere.

    So overall, I enjoyed The Puffy Chair, but not as much as I dug Baghead. It was a breeze to get through and I don’t feel as if it’s as difficult of a movie to sit through for “Normal” viewers as something like Cold Weather. I’d give it a Stream It recommendation and an actual rating of 8 Puffy Chairs on eBay.



    Just in the middle of watching the Cambodian history trivia challenge and Stephen faking out Abi might be the best thing he’s ever done!

      • His hat does make him look rather douchey, I must say.

        But Stephen’s downfall was his war against Joe. As much as I ended up loving Stephen, I don’t think he has what it takes to win it all. Then again, the game’s so unpredictable right now that maybe the ones I think will make it to the end will end up leaving pretty soon. I’m praying* for you, Jeremy.

        *and by praying I mean cheering and drinking one for him.

        p.s. I poured one for Stephen the other day. Literally. That’s how much he grew on me. I don’t pour one out just for anyone.

        • You should check out Stephen’s Ponderosa video. He actually took it quite well and seems genuinely happy to have the experience of being on the jury. It seems that he’s more comfortable having been voted out at this point while attempting big moves than repeating the events of his first season. He also briefly discusses Game of Thrones with Kass, likening himself to Varys the eunuch:

          To be honest, though I’m sad to see him go, I think the last three episodes of this season have been some of the best Survivor I’ve yet seen and a lot of it is thanks to old Poopy Pants; him flipping the game around, then getting targeted and saved at the last minute and to his total surprise by Jeremy’s secret idol and finally his inevitable downfall. It’s great stuff.

  12. I realized a few days ago that I hadn’t actually gotten around to finishing Digging For Fire back in 2015. Finishing it up, it was okay, but I can’t say I liked it as much as Swanberg’s Happy Christmas or Drinking Buddies. Plot wise, I didn’t care much for Lee’s search for excitement. I imagine this is for a variety of different reasons. Being a guy, I’m likely able to relate and be into the plot of the husband, Tim. Tim’s plot is naturally more exciting since he’s digging for a body and Lee’s hanging out with Legolas. Not to mention, Tim’s plot dealt with Brie Larson, which automatically makes it more interesting.

    The whole character study and the movie truly being about a couple needing some excitement and learning that they need each other may turn off many regular viewers particularly with Tim’s decision of what to do with everything he’s found.

    It’s not bad, but with such a big plot like the hunt for a dead body, a mumblecore movie about relationships taking center role may put off some.

    I forgot to do a review of the movie, but back in November ’15, I also watched The Do-Deca-Pentathlon. I’ll continue to state how much I love Steve Zissis as an everyday type of man. Again, the Duplass show why they’re better filmmakers than Swanberg and Lynn Shelton by keeping me hooked on their movies. This one seemed to have a little more technical care than some of their past movies, undoubtedly costing more money. Without having a brother, I may not be able to completely relate to the brotherly rivalry, but that didn’t keep me from understating the absurd need to win the competition.

    I can’t say I have a number rating since it’s been a couple of months since I’ve seen it, but it’s another great Duplass film.

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