Movie Stream Cast 61: Coherence (2013) and Survivor: Cambodia “Second Chance”

MSC Coherence BannerA day late and a dollar short would be an improvement. Still, despite the unfortunate delay, Movie Stream Cast is back in a big way with an extra-long episode of movie streaming goodness. This time Josh and Cody are joined by The Sci-Fi Podcast’s resident physicist Brian Patchett for discussion of the sci-fi mind-bender, Coherence (including an additional bonus pooler section for the film) which is streaming for a subscription on Amazon Prime and for a $2.99 digital rental on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube. Josh and Cody also bring you extended coverage of four recent episodes of Survivor: Cambodia “Second Chance”.


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43 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 61: Coherence (2013) and Survivor: Cambodia “Second Chance”

  1. Following the advice of the podcast, I ended up stopping it so I could go watch Coherence on Amazon Prime without anything being spoiled. It’s a really trippy sort of movie that I tend to like. An ideal sort of movie for someone who wants to see a non-space related sci-fi movie. Once I got through the first ten minutes of the very mumblecore inspired talking and the craziness began, I was hooked. It reminds me of Lost in that it didn’t matter if it was good or bad, if I was going to be happy with the ultimate payoff or not, I had to keep watching to see what was to happen next. Luckily, the ultimate payoff didn’t cause me to want to throw my remote at my television, unlike with Lost. Ha

    It’s a small thing, but I love some of the posters for the movie. There’s the main one that’s in the sidebar on the main page, but there’s also variations of that very poster with different objects in the middle, replacing the ping pong paddle. I love whenever a movie or something similar has that sort of variation covers.


    I disagree with Josh that Em not putting the ring on her finger in the final scene signified something. To me, I saw it as simply Em not wanting to expose anything weird to Kevin, she didn’t want to make the big gesture of removing her previous ring and replacing it with the one Kevin handed to her. To me, that’s what I would have done in her place.

    The main replay value to me is to try and spot all of the little signs that someone is not in their original house. One of the big examples of that was Amir and Hugo revealing that they had red glow sticks. There was another less obvious example in the kitchen where Beth and Lee are talking about the plant that Lee bought at a thrift store. Em looks on baffled, unsure of why these two would be repeating the same topic they were discussing at the very start of the movie.

    I’m curious as to when the multiple worlds began. For me, I wonder if it’s at the start of the movie when Em is talking to Kevin on the phone and the call abruptly ends. When Em ends up showing up at the house, it’s a different world Kevin that actually shows up.

    During the events of the movie, I wonder what the real neighbors were going through. Were they experiencing anything weird? If not, did they see Em and company acting weird as they keep leaving the house and going back in (While thinking it’s a different house). Imagine how that must have looked. Ha


    Overall, I enjoyed the movie. It’ll be interesting to re-watch it to see if it improves or you end up with something like Memento where you can’t watch it over and over again. I’d give it an 8.5.

    • “Once I got through the first ten minutes of the very mumblecore inspired talking and the craziness began, I was hooked.”

      Sal, you didn’t like all the talking at the beginning? I thought it was great! It was not only entertaining but it helped establish the characters and learn a little bit about them before things go crazy. Granted, we learn a lot more about everyone as the movie progresses, but I thought it was a really nice setup. It looked like a real dinner with real friends.

      • It’s not that I actively disliked the first ten minutes. You know it’s just a means of introducing the characters and getting everything going before the plot actually begins. Was I hooked during that part? No, there wasn’t anything to be hooked on. Once the craziness began is when I was hooked.

        Saying I wasn’t hooked in the opening ten minutes wasn’t a negative against the movie.

      • Me too. And, without having seen the movie itself, it probably does the best job of explaining what it’s about.

        This is one I’ll have to watch. Thanks for the heads up that it’s streaming for free to Amazon Prime subscribers.

    • There’s even more!

      ” alt=”” />
      ” alt=”” />

      Then the red glow stick variations!

      ” alt=”” />
      ” alt=”” />
      ” alt=”” />
      ” alt=”” />

      The fact that they made variations of the posters and then variations with the red glow sticks makes me love the movie even more.

    • I like all of them, actually. Thanks for posting them, Josh. The minimalist one is nice, but I think I prefer the first two. They’re more compelling to me and they make a neat and clever little series with all the different combination of objects.

  2. This is so weird! I had written a comment the day this episode was posted but somehow it’s not showing… am I in a different dimension? AHHHH!!! Maybe my message didn’t go through. I posted on my phone, so maybe I closed the browser before it finished posting. Either way, I’m so glad you finally got to review this gem of a movie. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve seen in the last few years and it was my number two horror movie of 2014. That’s right, I consider it a horror movie because let’s face it, it’s a super scary situation! Sure, the structure is more of a mystery/thriller, but there’s a thick layer of horror that’s most definitely present.
    Anyway, I’m in the Cody camp. I think this movie is absolutely marvelous and so much fun. The movie is complex but completely accessible. It provides a great first watch but it avoids the staleness that many movies with a big twist have. Instead of relying on this big twist to have an impact on you, the big twist is organically intertwined throughout the entire movie and by the time it’s over, you want to watch it over and over to see what you missed. There are so many little bits of information and clues scattered that it’s just as fun to watch on a second, third, or fourth rewatch. The acting and dialogue here are so wonderfully organic. It’s like the events that unravel are actually happening to real life people and we’re witnessing it all. It’s a blast! This is a 10 for me and it’s a great addition to the sci-fi horror genre. DO NOT MISS IT!

  3. I will say this. I am a tad bit disappointed this wasn’t reviewed on TSFP or HMP. Due to the recent events, those two podcasts can probably relate to Coherence pretty well. Ha

    • Yeah but I’m glad that Brain got to be on the podcast, so it kind of felt like a Sci-Fi podcast episode.

      Guys, have any of you seen a movie called +1? It’s a similar movie but not nearly as great. In fact, I think it’s just ok. But I think it would be great material for a VERSUS episode.

      • While listening to the podcast, I’ve come to the conclusion that if I’m ever stuck in some freaky and confusing sci-fi situation, I want Brain to be there too. You need a calm person like Brain to naturally explain what’s happening so everyone doesn’t just break down and act like cavemen.

        Drunk Mike’s actions are an example of what happens when you don’t have a Brain around to keep everyone in check with the facts.

  4. Hey all….for some reason I haven’t made it over here ’til now….anyway….
    Dope little movie. To me it was kind of as if PRIMER and ANOTHER EARTH had a weird, little indie movie baby of science. PRIMER, for it’s low-budget, but still decent enough filming, acting and directing of it. ANOTHER EARTH, for it’s duplicitousness theme. Both for their nice take on scifi without having to include shiny robots.

    I watched it with all the lights off to reduce glare and it got tense and creepy at times. I followed the advice, too, and stopped the podcast and watched it last night. I’m juiced to hear the rest of the podcast now! :-)

    Oh, I like the minimalist poster the best…..the stuffed monkey one’s dope too, but I want the ones containing different houses’ special objects to also contain differently colored glow sticks.

  5. D’Oh….apologies for my terribad use of a contraction when I should’ve had possessiveness….re: it’s. :-)


    I’m sure we’ll get more great content over time, but these are the must-watch clips so far AFTER you have seen the finale! Such great stuff here. SPOILERS >>>

    VIDEO: Survivor Know it Alls on the Survivor: Cambodia finale red carpet:

    VIDEO: Malcolm Freberg (Philippines/Caramoan) interviews Kelley Wentworth for CBS:

    VIDEO: Keith Nale arrives at Ponderosa. You should be watching all of the Ponderosa videos (Sal!) but this is in the running for the best one of the season, along with Savage’s:

    PODCAST: Boston Mother F’n Rob talks about “Second Chances” at the Final 7 spot. This is a Masters Class in Survivor, but you shouldn’t listen to it until you’ve seen all of Rob’s seasons:

    PODCAST: Dom & Colin Podcast, “Strong Takes”:

    PODCAST: David Bloomberg’s Why So and So Lost (Joe):

    PODCAST: David Bloomberg’s Why So and So Lost (Abi-Maria):

  7. We’ll talk about this more in the show, but Cambodia definitely falls in my Survivor Top 10, bumping China out of the running, but I’m not sure how much higher it climbs. Maybe as high as 7 or 8. Have to think on this for a bit.

    1. Heroes vs Villains
    2. All-Stars
    3. Palau
    4. Blood vs Water
    5. Cagayan “Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty”
    6. World’s Apart “White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar”
    7. Philippines
    8. Cook Islands
    9. Redemption Island
    10. China

    *Cambodia “Second Chance”

  8. So, I just listened to the rest of the COHERENCE spoiler portion of the show…I know, Tardy McLateson over here. :-) Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has more theories about why there were seemingly two, or more, Em’s in the reality that we’re left in at the end. Is it that, in that reality, all the Ems that are there are now all there, and their original realities are left Em-less? Or is it something else? Could it be that the Em of that reality got shunted to another, not-her-own, reality, and that cell phone tech is really so awesome that she can still call her own reality for a crazy shocker ending?? :-) I do love how this movie can bring up many weird, awesome, creepy, thoughtful conversations.

    Anyway, can anyone point me to a review of PRIMER, from either this podcast, MPW or the SciFi Podcast? After hearing this review, I’d love to hear PRIMER with Brain or someone similar.

    Great show, fellas! :-)

    • The closest you will come to finding a review of Primer is on MPW #33 when Josh gave a mini review of it at the start of the show.

      Keep listening after the mini review because MPW #33 is the epic show where Josh and Solo’s review of The Great Gatsby caused Andy to fall asleep and snore loudly.


      Well, that’s certainly up to debate since we don’t get any official confirmation for any theory. First it’s good to remember that we don’t know if Kevin was actually talking to a different Em. All he said was that it was her phone that was calling his cell. It could have been anyone on the other end of the phone saying anything. If it was another Em, I would think it’d have to be one of two different ideas, either A) It’s another Em that is somehow able to reach this Kevin from another dimension. Perhaps the other Em was able to do so because that Em was from the same dimension as THAT Kevin? B) The Em on the other end of the phone is still in the same dimension as Kevin and THAT Em. For this, I think you can explain how it’s possible because phone Em wasn’t able to get back to a different house before the comet passed by. As a result, she was stuck in the same dimension that THAT Em. It’s very possible that different dimensions and houses will have multiple copies of the six. Take the dimension/house with the two Mike’s for example. Unless one got loose, there’s a chance that both remained there after the comet passed. If this is the case, then in theory, some dimensions/houses no longer have some members of the gang. Assuming the Em on the phone was in the same dimension as Kevin and THAT Em, that means Em no longer exists in at least one other dimension/house. I’m sure that would make that dimension’s Laurie pretty happy. Ha

  9. I just checked out Coherence the other night and was blown away. I love when someone makes a movie that’s basically just folks in a normal house and manages to create a gripping, mind bending narrative. Brilliant stuff. This episode pushed me over the edge but a lot of credit should go to Juan too as he’s the first guy i recall recommending the movie.

    Also; Merry Christmas to the Josh and Rachel family and to all the wonderful guest hosts and their families. You guys are all like the adult equivalent of a stocking full of Star Wars figures.

    • Nice! I’m so glad you liked it, David. And thank you for the shout out. If we don’t get snubbed by Jay, we get snubbed by Josh. Just straight up snubbing left and right haha. Just kidding guys. I hope everyone is ready for 2016. I’m welcoming it sick in bed, but watching more movies during this time because of it. Not a bad trade-off if you ask me. Anyway, I hope everyone had a great new year.

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  11. Happy New Year, Josh! I hope you had a great time with your loved ones.

    So since you couldn’t make it to the top ten episode over at MPW, do we still get a top ten list from you? I know you’re not as big on that as Jay, but I’m very curious to see what your top pics are. Have you thought of doing a top ten episode here?

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