Movie Stream Cast 65: Don Verdean (2015) and Surviving Survivor: Kaôh Rōng

MSC Don Verdean SurvivorMovie Stream Cast is back with another giant-sized episode as big as Goliath’s skull. William talks about American Horror Story, Josh talks about Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Rosanne and Dinner for Five, and the duo discuss “binge-watch burn-out” … later (at 33 minutes in), Josh welcomes Survivor expert Daniel Erenberg from the Surviving Survivor podcast as a possible new co-host. Daniel talks about his previous podcasting attempt, gives us his season rankings, and Josh reveals, for the very first time, his Survivor crushes before the two of them dissect what we’ve seen of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng “Brawn vs Brain vs Beauty 2” so far. For our feature review, Josh and William explore the career of Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess and his latest effort, Don Verdean, which is streaming for a subscription on Netflix and for a $3.99 digital rental on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube.

I.  [00:00:00] What We’ve Been Streaming

II. [00:14:25] Feature Review: Don Verdean (2104)

William: 6/10 (Queue It)
 6.5/10 (Queue It)

III. [00:33:32] Previously on Survivor

a. [00:33:32]
Welcoming Daniel, Surviving Survivor
b. [00:50:06 ]
Daniel’s Season Rankings
c. [01:04:19 ]
 Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Recap

IV. [01:26:49]
Wrap up

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55 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 65: Don Verdean (2015) and Surviving Survivor: Kaôh Rōng

  1. I can completely relate to being burned out on TV shows despite still liking them. I have a giant laundry list of TV shows I haven’t finished. The worst ones are the ones where enough time goes by so I attempt to just re-start the series, but I end up stopping before finishing yet again.

    I love the premise for American Horror Story due to never needing to worry about the series reaching the point of no return in terms of losing interest. If a season is disappointing, it doesn’t matter since the show has potential to become completely interesting again with the new season. That being said, they do rely too much on typical horror tropes. It seems a if they throw out every single horror idea that rather than just holding back on some ideas.

    For anyone else that has been going back and watching old seasons, Surviving Survivor is a really great podcast to listen to while you watch the older seasons. For me, I try to avoid going out of my way to find old Survivor podcasts because spoilers are so easily to find.

    The final episode of Surviving Survivor was awkward and heartbreaking. I believe Nathan mentioned in his farewell message that it was like listening to a couple break-up right next to you.

    My all-time Survivor crush remains Sugar. She’s someone I didn’t expect to care about during the introduction to Gabon, but with each episode that passed and we got to hear become familiar with her lovable personality made it so easy to be crushing on her. Bring her back for every season just to hang out at the Sugar Shack and finding ways to humiliate the jerks.

    Don Verdean didn’t do much for me. The initial premise seemed good, but I waned on my interest the longer it went. I agree that it seemed to struggle with whether it was going to be a drama or a comedy. On the plus side, this is the sort of movie that makes Netflix great. Back in the day, if you rented a dud at the video store on a Friday night, you wasted your rental for the weekend. With Netflix, it doesn’t really matter. So you could have found a better way to kill ninety minutes, but beyond that, you haven’t wasted anything important. I believe I gave Don Verdean a 5/10 (Maybe 5.5) on Twitter.

    • Not really a Sugar fan, as you may have guessed from my groan when Daniel mentioned her. Sugar was cute in Gabon and the Sugar Shack was fun, but I thought she was a bit of a brat as that season continued. I also found her to be super-annoying in Heroes vs Villains. I know that was mostly the edit, but I bought into it.

      One sad fact about Sugar is that she apparently tried to kill herself after her exit from HvV. She’s still around, though, and is working as an actress.

      She did several episodes of Gilmore Girls, a couple episodes of Weeds that “turned out to me nice” and one-offs on Law & Order and Angel. That’s maybe something to look forward to as I do my Buffy homework. Apparently, Sugar also “played herself” on several episodes of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. So, that’s too bad. Her actual name, that her screen credits are under, is Jessica Kiper.

      She was definitely the most memorable “alt” girl on Survivor and probably second most memorable alt person of either gender, after Lex. My alt girl crushes were Flika (another nicknamed Jessica) and Lindsey Ogle from Cagayan. Both of their Survivor games were big turn-offs, though.

      • I seem to recall you making your thoughts on Sugar known back when I gave my thoughts on Gabon. For someone who seemed so weak early on, she ended up being a great player until her absolutely dreadful performance at the final tribal council.

        Yeah, I read about her depression and suicide attempt. It seems like she’s in a good place now though. She also had a child in late 2015 or so. I didn’t realize it while watching Gabon, but I remember her character from Gilmore Girls.

        Lindsey Ogle was my crush of Cagayan. Off of the top of my head, there was also Brenda from Caramoan and Angie from Philippines.

  2. JeniferP actually took the time to tally up our current stands in the various leagues a few days ago. Here’s what she came up with (With the addition of Juan’s standings since he’s easy to forget about)

    Cody – 25
    Icarus – 25
    Dino – 24
    Sal Roma – 23
    Jenifer P – 22
    juan_the_one – 19

    The Tribe
    Icarus – 39
    Dino – 35
    Jenifer P – 29
    Sal Roma – 25
    juan_the_one – 25
    Cody – 24

    Purple Rock
    Icarus – 47
    Dino – 43
    Jenifer – 38
    Cody – 37

    • Thanks for doing this, Jenifer! And thanks for reposting, Sal.

      Cody went BIG on The Tribe’s fantasy league last week. I might need to make a big move to overtake him, but it’s so hard to guess what’s going to happen at a swap or merge.

        • Oh, man. Yeah. Laugh it up. I should just basically never bring up any numbers again for any reason. I was looking at the website rankings when I posted that, not at Jennifers much more concise list. I just noticed that Cody put 10 points on somebody last week. That’s a bold move in the middle of a short swap.

          • What happens in JSFL if there is a med-evac for an episode and no TC vote out?

            p.s. I have no idea how Purple Rock’s scoring works, either, and my picks there are turning out to be horrible – Anna, Liz, Peter, and Tai.

          • See, from where I stand, putting 10 points on Peter was a play-it-safe, gotta-get-back-in-this-thing hedge. I figured it would either be Peter or Julia, waffled for a while, and then put 10 on each. My default mode for The Tribe is typically Go Big or Go Home. I almost always swing for the fences.

            Also, not sure whether I like the new sidekick for “Previously on Survivor.” It was better back in the day when Cody Clark used to be on that segment. :-)

          • My Purple Rock team is toast, although I think I’ll still manage to beat Dino’s team. Tai is a baller, but I think Neil (my own Last Man Standing) is in a stronger position.

            • Oh man, them is fightin’ words!

              Honestly, I think you’ll be hard-pressed to catch me. As long as Tai’s flesh wounds don’t take him out of the game too prematurely, I don’t see Neal making it much farther than him. I anticipate the former Brains tribe getting picked off after the merge.

          • Too many people already know about Tai’s idol. Neal is the only one who knows about Neal’s idol. I’ll take a secret idol in the hands of a smart player over a widely known/suspected idol in the hands of a waffler every time. (I say that with love. Tai is a hugely enjoyable contestant and I think savvier than he lets on, but he’s definitely a waffler.)

            Tonight’s vote will go a long way to determining how things play out from here, but I think it will be the former Beauties who get picked off. I think the four remaining Brains are more likely to act in concert than the four remaining Beauties. Scot and KJ are already in Tai’s ear, but I think Nick is more likely to drift into the orbit of the Brains. Julia and Michelle don’t seem strategic and/or personally magnetic enough to hold the Beauties together, and Tai and Nick seem to think their best interests are elsewhere.

          • Right, so does that just mean the max points you can get for that sort of week is 4? (if your 4 “safe” picks stick around)

            I feel like I’d be doing much better in these fantasy leagues if I was more familiar with how they work. I feel a little bit like a blind dog, tbh. Frustrating at times… because I MUST WIN!!!

            ### SPOILERS FOR SEASON 32 EP. 7 ###

            I figured this week would be another med-evac based on the previews, which is why I asked the question. I just didn’t expect that med-evac to be Neal. I went all-in on Joe as this week’s med-evac because, well, he old… in the end, I don’t think he was even examined!

          • Btw, not to toot my own horn, but…

            ### SPOILERS FOR SEASON 32 EP. 7 ###

            My prediction of the former Brains tribe getting picked off after the merge seems to be spot on. Unless, of course, we should be reading into the episode 8 preview in any way… speaking of, I hate myself for breaking my “no previews” rule. The future was clearer before that…

  3. Just a reminder that you can hear my and Cody’s Survivor rankings on this 4-hour bonus episode:

    The podcast is out joint, mathematical lists, but our individual, subjective lists are in print in the show notes if you don’t want to hear any spoilers. I’m really embarrassed about the recency bias in my list. It would not stand today. But I’m going to wait until the end of 32 to do another list.

    • What’s there to be embarrassed about? I think Worlds Apart and Cagayan will both easily stand the test of time, and none of your other highly rated seasons are particularly recent. I’m curious to see how your re-ranking would mix things up.

      • I don’t know myself. It might not be all that different afterall. There’s just three brand new seasons right in the Top 5 (and Cambodia would’ve be there too). I’m just going to try and get a longview on these.

  4. Hello Josh,

    Great work on this podcast hearing you Daniel speak survivor has me really wanting to look into the show. I admit I have only watched a few seasons and if I don’t catch the first episode of the new season I find myself not watching the season at all. I had no clue that there were 32 seasons and im like where have I been all this time! In honor of your inspiration I am going to start watching Survivor Gabon season 17 and finish it. Please let me know if you recommend any other seasons I should look into.

    Also since I know you like documentary films I would like to recommend one I watched the other day on Netflix called the “Barkley Marathons” it is about a race in Tennessee and only 10 people have ever completed it. It was fascinating to watch and I would love to hear your review on it! I rated it a 8.5 and to stream it ASAP!

    Look forward to hearing your review of “CHEF” it is one of my all time top 10 movies to stream and I have watched it a few times with my honey! I rate it a 9 and to re-watch a few times as it gets better with each viewing!

    Thanks for a great podcast and can’t wait to hear your next weekk. Great work Josh!

    Mario (LOON) Leon

    • Thanks for the feedback, Mario.

      I’ll look into Barkley Marathons.

      I don’t know if I said it on this episode, but Gabon is literally my least favorite season of Survivor, so not one I would recommend to get you into the show. In fact, I think you could skip it altogether.

      All episodes of the currently airing season are streaming at for free. You can also buy it on Amazon Instant Video and they are available to stream the day after they air on television. Then, there’s the CBS All Access (paid subscription) app. So, plenty of ways to see the show if you miss an episode.

      Every season is available for the CBS All Access Subscription price. I think they are all on Hulu Plus as well. And about 15-20 episodes are free to stream if you have Amazon Prime.

      I’d recommend trying Palau or All Stars if you don’t mind SD or Heroes vs Villains, Philippines, Cagayan or Cambodia if you must have HD.

      • Thanks Josh,

        For letting me know all the places I can catch up on Survivor since I am so behind. I did remember watching Survivor Cagayan and yes that season was outstanding! I was rooting for Spencer on that one the entire time and I believe that is the last one I watched an entire season of.


        I almost done with Survivor Gabon and im sorry to hear that it is one of least favorite seasons. May I ask why? I have my favorites from Randy, Corriene, Bob, and Matty. The ones I could not stand Ace and GC (Quitter) and I was shocked to see how far Susie has come along in the game. It also had the best fake immunity idol. I will probably finish it today. Just would like to know your reasons for not liking it.


        For now im going to continue with watching them in order from Gabon so my next season will be season 18 and continue down the line. So hopefully by the end of May or June I will be all caught up and speak intelligently on the series.

        Thanks again Josh!

        Mario (loon) Leon

        • I might do a similar watch-through of the previous seasons; a guy needs to have something to do at work!… amiright, Juan? 😉

          I’m debating whether I should re-tread seasons 1-14 or not. I’m leaning towards yes because, well, why not. Survivor seems like the ideal programming to have on in the background while doing work.

          Josh, how is your Game of Thrones journey going? (yes, I’m going to keep asking every few days)

          • You guys! Don’t watch them in order!! I can give you some AWESOME arcs that will keep you entertained!!!

            I swear, watching the seasons in order esp the early stuff, is a recipe to burn out on the show.

            Dino, I am going to do the HBOGO trial, but it has been a crazy two weeks. Hopefully I’ll have time to start this week after the HMP recording.

            • I’m game for going the awesome arc route, so recommend away. I just want to stay away from spoilers, if possible.

              And good on you for trying (or planning on trying) the HBO Go trial. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Ishani and I are about halfway through season 2 on our re-watch marathon.

              The series can be pretty confusing early on with the number of characters/families and religion/mythology. Everything becomes clearer as the series progresses, but feel free to ask questions if you need help keeping things straight.

            • If I had one difficulty in my first viewing of the show, it’s keeping everyone straight. At the very beginning of any series, you’re just trying to remember who’s who and what they’re about. Game of Thrones makes that difficult since seemingly every episode they introduce a handful of new characters.

              As a result, it’s not the worst thing in the world to go back at various points and re-watch past seasons to fully grasp everything you see.

            • Josh, I watched survivor Samoa it was really really good and I’m looking forward to watching heroes and villains next. Unfortunately I can’tstart watching that one until my girlfriend comes home from work I made a promise and now she is hooked on it to! If you can please make a list of how you would want us to watch the seasons I think that would be a great way to see it !

          • People who are too weak-willed to watch the seasons in order and “stick with the plan,” as Keith might say, are not worthy of the gifts that watching “Survivor” will bestow.

            Also, the Number One benefit of watching the seasons from the beginning, in order of release, is that the production values, the game design, and the overall gameplay of the participants tend to all get better every season. There are times when the show backslides a bit, and seasons that don’t warrant watching more than once, but that’s true of most TV.

        • For what it counts, I seem to remember enjoying Gabon. There’s plenty of memorable personalities, a different location from the norm, and some fun tribal councils.

          I would say not to be afraid to shake things up and watch some seasons out of order. Personally, I prefer to going back and forth from early seasons, to mid seasons, and recent ones. Some of the early ones may not be that interesting, but they come across as a different game that is more about just surviving than strategy. The drawback to mixing things up is that the chances of being spoiled does increase.

          • Thanks Sal,
            I know I have seen seasons 1 and 2 for sure but not anything after that and if I did it was far and in between seasons.

            For now Im going to continue with season 18 Survivor Tocantins… Don’t hate me Josh I need my seasons in order LOL! After I am all caught up will go back starting with season 3 and go from there.

            Let the Journey begin, also so far I have no Survivor crushes yet it must be because all the women look so dirty when on the show!!!

            Mario (LOON) Leon

            • Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m a fan of Tocantins. I won’t get into it because my issues with the season involves spoilers, but it’s a toss-up between Tocantins and The Austrilian Outback for my least favorite season from the uh…16(?) seasons I’ve seen.

          • Well when Im done watching that season Sal we can discuss it. I will be starting it tonight wish me luck!!!

          • Seriously, Mario. Don’t watch them in order. For how effective I’ve been at getting you all into Survivor, I can’t believe how ineffective I have been at getting you all to take my season recommendations.

    • Haha. Well done. That was maybe the weirdest thing said this season. Debbie is a freak!

      Give Daniel some love on Twitter, you guys.

  5. If anyone has any thoughts they’d like to share on Survivor: Kaoh Rong Ep 7 or any questions for me (and maybe Daniel) leave them here and I’ll reference them on this weeks show.

        • Well, crap. That doesn’t leave much time…

          I guess I’ll ask a question I put up here a few weeks ago. It’s about the Caleb med-evac episode:

          If Peter is an ER doctor, why didn’t he help the fallen contestants during medicpocalypse? My only thought is that it’s forbidden by Survivor rules. Otherwise, that would have been a brilliant long-term strategy move on his part – help the injured contestants and then keep his mouth shut. That might have turned his game around.

    • I have a general question.

      Context: playing in my first Survivor leagues this season and I’m learning that I royally suck at predicting things.

      Is this season really that unpredictable or am I just terrible at this? Furthermore, what has been the most difficult seasons to predict for both of you two?

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