Movie Stream Cast 67: Here Comes the Devil (2013) and Survivor: Kaôh Rōng

MSC Here Comes the Devil 1Movie Stream Cast is back with another extra-long episode … we’re talking Scot Pollard long. Josh solo-casts Adrián García Bogliano’s Here Comes the Devil, which is streaming for a subscription on Netflix and for a $2.99 digital rental on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube. josh also talks briefly about IFC’s Bill Hader / Fred Armisen mockumentary series Documentary Now! as well as a National Park-inspired viewing of Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend  … later (at 11 minutes in), Josh welcomes Survivor expert Daniel Erenberg from the Surviving Survivor podcast for another recap episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng “Brawn vs Brain vs Beauty 2”.

I.  [00:00:00] What I’ve Been Streaming

II. [00:05:26] Feature Review: Here Comes the Devil (2013)

 7.5/10 (Queue It)

III. [00:11:18] Previously on Survivor: Kaoh Rong

IV. [00:41:10]
Wrap up

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161 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 67: Here Comes the Devil (2013) and Survivor: Kaôh Rōng

  1. Josh – If you’re open to streaming suggestions, I just watched an excellent indie film on Netflix: writer/director Riley Stearns’ first feature film, “Faults” (2014), starring Leland Orser and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who is exceptional in it).

    If you haven’t seen it yet, judging by what I know of your tastes, I suspect you’ll like it as much as I did; a great mixture of very dark humor and unsettling subject matter. A solid 8/10, and another impressive feature debut.

    • That’s so funny. Faults was almost this week’s review, but the co-host I was going to do it with bowed-out.

      Thanks for the recommendation, Mark. I’ll keep it on the list, now. I was a fan of Riley Stearn’s short film The Cub (not to be confused with the Belgian horror film, Cub). I’ve actually screened it at our local film society and was hoping to get the director out to host a screening of Faults, sometime.

      I’m absolutely open to recommendations. Thanks again.

      • That is a funny coincidence. I haven’t seen any of Stearns’ short films, although I’ve heard good things about The Cub before.

        Faults actually reminded me of another strong feature film debut (from 2011), Sean Durkin’s Martha Marcy May Marlene. Although the subject matter is similar in both films, Durkin’s film is deadly serious while Faults is darkly funny.

        BTW, if you saw and liked Durkin’s Martha Marcy May Marlene, his following (and last) directorial project is also streaming on Netflix, and very few Americans seem to be aware of it or have seen it. it’s a 4-part miniseries that he directed for Ch.4 in the UK called Southcliffe about a killing spree carried out one day in a small English market town. I found it absolutely chilling and gripping.

      • Was The Hallow ever covered on HMP? I remember it being mentioned, but can’t remember it ever really being reviewed. It’s now streaming on Netflix, so if it wasn’t already covered on HMP, I’d like to request it for this show.

  2. I actually have a little insight into why Tai voted for Jason in episode 8…

    According to Nick’s exit interview, Michele told him after the immunity challenge that he was the target. That’s what prompted him to tell Aubry they were going to vote a split between her and Debbie, to try and scare Aubry into voting Debbie. Of course, Nick didn’t realize Michele, Julia and Cydney were in an alliance with Aubry and Debbie, which is why that fell flat.

    However, Michele was having second thoughts on voting Nick out at this point, which I think was revealed in the show with a Michele confessional. So, she and Julia went to Tai to pitch a blindside on Jason. The four of them (Michele, Julia, Tai, and Nick) were on board, so the girls then went to the Brains so they could have the numbers. Unfortunately (for Nick), when that happened, Debbie said they couldn’t switch votes at that point because Joe was already locked in on Nick, and he would forget who to vote for if they switched so late. So, it had to be Nick. That sounds so odd to me – presumably it’s because Joe’s old and old people can’t remember stuff(?!), but it smells more like Debbie just wanted Nick out at that point (maybe because she could read Jason, but Nick is much more of a schemer and not trustworthy?).

    Anyway, at that point they were back on Nick for the vote, but Tai must not have gotten word before tribal. That’s why he (seemingly randomly) voted for Jason.

      • Nick’s take on the situation seems plausible, but I’m inclined to side with Tai’s comment that Nick lives in his own alternate reality.

        But, if that’s the case then we’re back at Tai’s vote probably just being a super dumb, emotionally charged move.

        Tai can’t be that bad a player, could he?

  3. Guys, I don’t seek ANY game spoilers WHATSOEVER, but I do enjoy this gossip about the possible players and themes of our upcoming seasons. This website does not contain ANY game spoilers. Just the above-mentioned rumors. Having said that, for those of you not caught up, these cast listings do reveal the returning-players previous rankings. Dino, you can still avoid them if you squint. 😉 Just look at the pictures.


    • Is that emoji supposed to be a picture of me squinting?

      Thanks for this. I’ve actually been having severe internal conflict lately between my aversion to spoilers and my newfound love of trying to piece together the Survivor puzzle with clues from Twitter, press photos and exit interviews. That, to me, is one of the real joys of Survivor.

      • Yes, that’s you squinting. Haha. I agree. One of the most fun things about Survivor are the “bonus materials” in form of podcasts and exit interviews.

    • Holy crap! There are a lot of Kaoh Rong players on this list. Does it show their final placement (how could it, other than Caleb???)? If so, BIG SPOILERS!

      • No, it does not list Kaoh Rong placement. They did that last season as well when four World’s Apart cast members were up for a Second Chances and we knew one of them must be the winner.

    • If all of these are true, it almost points to the idea that one tribe could be made up of all winners. Looking at the potential cast members, there’s already eight winners in the group and there’s certainly a possibility of a ninth winner if one of the Kaoh Rong potential cast members ends up winning this season.

      If we can’t get Russell Hantz back (Which I’m completely fine with since we know his strategy) bringing Malcolm back would be the next best thing in terms of creating entertaining tribal councils.

      Bringing Malcolm and/or Ozzy back would make for a happy Sal.

      • Ozzy is a douche, bro. He was amazing in the Cook Islands challenges and anytime he’s touched a fishing pole, but he’s mean-spiritedly cocky and doesn’t understand the game.

        I’m down to watch Malcolm, though I fear he’s in the Joey Amazing camp of biggest target.

        I’m excited to see how Tony and Mike would play again. Tony is the next best thing to Russell, in my opinion.

        • Sorry Sal, I’m with Josh on this one. Ozzy is like a reverse Coach. He starts out pretty promising and fairly endearing and as the seasons ware on his ego inflates and his self awareness diminishes until he’s just a tool. And unlike Coach, tool-Ozzy isn’t particularly entertaining. Definitely one of the most impressive physical players that the show has ever seen though.

          • Maybe the best!

            The individual immunity record holders are Terry, Mike Colby and Ozzy (right?) and he’s the most impressive of that group.

            Then, you have Boo for most overall wins, including tribal wins. Ozzy could take Boo.

            Laura Morett is probably in the conversation. I think Ozzy takes her out handily.

            Parvarti in anything balance or endurance-related. It’s been close between them on the two seasons they payed together. Parv shines most in HvV, if I’m not mistaken.

            Spencer is probably climbing the ranks. I don’t know his stats, but he’s good.

            Tyson is up there.

            And then, more recently, Joey Amazing. Although his record isn’t all that spectacular in this field of players, he probably dominates most regular seasons if he’s dropped in as a new player.

            Who am I forgetting?

      • There seem to be some pretty clear divisions amongst this cast for an All-Stars White Collar vs Blue Collar vs No Collar. Save Mike and Carolyn repeating, it would make a lot of sense.

    • Wow, Tai totally blew up Nick’s reasoning (detailed above) for why Tai voted for Jason in episode 8! Just when you think you’ve got something figured out, Survivor pulls that rug right from under your feet.

  4. ########## Spoilers for Season 32 Episode 9 ##########

    Wow! Last night’s episode was fantastic. I’m sure most people would say episode 4 was the best of the season, with three contestants falling after the reward challenge and a dramatic medevac, but I think this was the best of the season so far.

    Aubry definitely has my respect now. She showed her game strategy savvy with her plan to split the vote to flush out the idols (even before they were made known at TC) and take out Julia. And then her ruthlessness to take out Debbie when she wouldn’t follow and, instead, allowed her emotions to dictate her game play (i.e. voting for Scot). Of course, Julia blew up that plan by winning immunity, but it still showed Aubry’s game skills (and she made a good recovery with the change in game plan once Julia won immunity).

    I gotta say, I’m a bit surprised that Michele and Julia didn’t go into an alliance with Scot, Jason and Tai. None of them are a really serious threat to win – Tai would be a threat if he made FTC, but that won’t happen because his game is a mess – so I’d think they would want to get rid of Cydney and Aubry, who are probably their biggest remaining threats.

    On a personal note, I was all-in on Debbie for The Tribe most of the week and on JSFL, and then switched to Cydney in the final hours before the show. I ended up reading the situation perfectly, except for Michele and Julia. I really thought they would vote Cydney along with Scot and Jason. Such a bummer. #GoBigOrGoHome

    • ##### Spoilers for Season 32 Episode 9 #####

      *Regarding the Debbie vote out, of course, it was not just her emotions that got her voted off, but her lack of situational awareness in sharing their voting plan with Julia after the immunity challenge.

  5. Hello Josh,

    JUst saw “Here comes the Devil” based on your podcast, I must say it was not bad at all! The only thing to me that was a bit off was the police officer who was coming around asking them about the murder it seemed a little over acting to me.

    However when the babysitter was telling her story about what happened to her when she was watching the kids was awesome! The visuals were great and they way she was telling it was great also. I liked how the they showed the footprints on her chest. There is alot of nudity and sex scenes in this movie that I found unnecessary but it seemed that is how the director wanted it. Josh does this director do that in all his other films? The movie is like it came out of the 70’s but I do like this type of horror movie about being possessed are there other possession movies that you like besides the obvious like Exorcist.

    Overall I give the movie a 7 and to queue it. Have you had a chance to see the Barclay Marathons i’m curious to know what you think of it.

    As for Survivor I know your still mad at me for doing it in order but that is my OCD kicking in LOL! Survivor Nicagura was so bad but I pushed thru it and now I am currently watching Survivor season 22 redemption island and man I am so far very entertained especially seeing Boston Rob and Russell back in the game. My girlfriend has a crush on Boston Rob now and thinks he is the best!!! They make the game very entertaining and im sure they can give a great tutorial on how to play survivor 101! So don’t be mad at me but im continuing on my order until the end!!!

    Keep up the good work and look forward to the next podcast!

    Mario (LOON) Leon

    • As my mom used to always tell me in high school: “I’m not mad, just disappointed.” Haha. just kidding, man. Do what you want. I just hate to see a willing Survivor watcher crushed by what is considered the worst run of seasons by most fans: 21-24. Most people HATE those seasons.

      I personally enjoy Redemption Island and One World for the commanding gameplay of a couple of characters, but I am an outlier. South Pacific have some nice moments, but isn’t GREAT Survivor. You’re smack in the middle of the worst of “new school” Survivor. Whereas, 25, 27, 28, 30 and 31 are some of the best all-timers.

      Just be warned. Hope you have fun!

      I’m with your girlfriend. I have a man-crush on Boston Rob. He scares me, but in a good way.

      I’m with you on the babysitter portion of Here Comes the Devil being one of the best parts. It’s so effective. This director’s other films, like Late Phases, are not shot in this style. Listen to my “State of the Werewolf” episode of HMP for an in-depth review of that.

      Yes, I agree a lot of the sex felt gratuitous. The whole plot was sexually charged, though. I think all of the stuff with the parents and kids was okay, but the opening sex scene, for instance, seems irrelevant to the story … maybe. That whole portion of the plot is confusing in retrospect. How and why the killer shows up.

      Glad you enjoyed it. Adrián García Bogliano is one to watch.

  6. Another question for Josh and Daniel (or anyone else who might have some insight)…

    ########## Spoilers for Season 32 Episode 9 ##########

    What was the strategy play behind Jason, Scot and Tai revealing the idols and creating a super idol before the vote at TC? At this point in the game, they would have the numbers to ensure all three are safe at the next TC, whether or not the super idol is played (assuming Tai sticks with Scot and Jason). But, if they are forced to use the super idol at the next TC, they would again lose their numbers advantage (4 to 3) and be left idol-less for the TC after that.

    The only way it makes sense to me is if they thought they had already pulled Julia into their alliance (and possibly also Michele?), and were surprised to see that wasn’t the case when Debbie was voted off instead of Cydney. Still, if that’s the reason they were so brazen with the idol/super idol reveal… talk about making a huge assumption (i.e. alliance w/Julia), and Survivor doesn’t seem like a game conducive to assumptions.

    Anyway, I would have kept the super idol secret, but I’m wondering if their was a real strategy play behind their reveal. Thoughts?

    • Don’t hold me to this because I get very easily confused by tribal councils sometimes but I think the strategy of revealing both Tai and Jason’s idols before the vote and insinuating that Jason and Scott were basically going to let fate decide which of them got to use Jason’s idol was a rouse to leave the others with no choice other than to split their votes between Scott and Jason. That would ostensibly mean a 3/3/3 split. 3 votes for Scott, 3 for Jason and then the 3 votes of the guy’s alliance for Cydney. So after the votes they would play the super idol protecting either Jason or Scott (though the bluff they sold to the others was that the idol being played on either Jason or Scott was just going to be a regular idol, Tai being safe with his own). At that point it would be between either Jason/Scott and Cydney. I guess that would be a revote? Or drawing of straws? That I’m not sure of. Anyway, I’m guessing they were either hoping that a straight 3/3 split between Jason and Scott wouldn’t happen due to the general chaos of tribal council or dissension in the ranks of the majority alliance? Maybe they did feel confident about Julia being on their side?

      And I didn’t really read Jason passing his idol to Tai before the votes were read as being an actual revelation of the super idol and more just a “you weren’t expecting me to do this were you!” type moment. I’m not sure if the super idol rules dictate that if it’s to be played both regular idols must be in the possession of a single player before the votes are read out, or if the guy’s alliance was just being cocky.

      I’ve only seen the episode once though and stuff tends to fly over my head so I could have it all wrong. It seems that Jason, Scott and Tai’s strategy has a few loose ends no matter what.

      • Yeah, I’m not sure if the rules dictate that a super idol must be “formed” prior to a vote or not, either. That would explain doing it before the vote.

        But that still wouldn’t explain why they did it in front of everyone at TC. Even if it forced a 3/3/3 split in the vote, that would almost definitely have put one of Scot or Jason on the chopping block upon re-vote and they’d no long have the idols/super idol. Doesn’t seem like that would be the desired outcome.

        • They’re kind of dumb though. Anyone who pours water on the fire in front of the people who will make up the majority of the jury is totally lacking the self awareness required to win the game. It’s tantamount to an admission of defeat.

          • Dumb depends on how far Scot is truly striving to go. Even before the season began, Scot had to know that the chances of him winning if he made it to the final tribal council was extremely low. If all he’s doing is trying to go as far as he can, embracing his villainous ways is perfect. With how rich Scot and Jason’s great real story, Scot probably has a better chance of being taken to the final tribal council than Jason.

            Maybe it is playing with the mindset that you can’t win, but it can be seen as successful if all Scot wants to do is go as far as possible, regardless of if he lowers his odds of actually winning.

          • Sal, that’s an interesting way of looking at it that I hadn’t thought of. I guess if he’s got himself totally convinced that he has no chance of winning then the embracing of scorched earth tactics would make a lot of sense in his head.

            Personally though, until this episode I thought he did have a chance of winning. Certainly more so than the likes of Joe, Debbie and Jason, and maybe even better odds than Tai. The whole “you can’t win if you’re rich” thing seems like a bit of a myth to me. Let’s not forget that we’ve had a two-time winner before and a winner whose wife had previously taken home the sole survivor title and money. If Scott had come back from that tribal and worked really hard to save his own ass using a strategic or social game I truly believe he might have gone on to win. I think that’s very unlikely now.

            I think there’s definitely a precedent for players taking a “I don’t care if I win I just want to make the merge and cause chaos” type of attitude though.

          • Scot isn’t just rich though. He’s a celebrity. While he was injured when the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship, Pollard owns a NBA Championship ring. A famous rich person trumps a rich person.

            It’s not to say Scot had zero chance of winning, but before the season began, he had to have the smallest chance of winning out of everyone.

            Early on in my Survivor watching project, I made a point of asking Josh about how much the players make on the show and if you get more money if you make it to 4th compared to say 7th. If each position means you make a little bit more money, it makes a lot of sense for why you’d strive to make as much money as you can if you’re already under the impression that your chances of winning are so much less.

            Scot may end up regretting some of his behavior. When you’re stuck out there in that heat with little food, you’re not always thinking clearly. I can see why someone would lose their cool and do stupid things more easily than compared to normal real life.

            Scot being a dick may just deliver him a one way ticket to the final tribal council.

          • I tend to side with Sal on this one. I think Scot is the ultimate goat. That said, I’m not sure he’ll make FTC.

          • Excellent points. I always forget about the extra money the contestants get the further they get into the game. In a way though I feel like that makes the issue of the grand monetary prize a little more trivial when it comes to selecting a winner based on their previously accumulated wealth. If the final few players are all going to be walking away with significant amounts of cash then it’s not so much a case of giving the winner a million bucks while the runner(s) up get zilch. So in that regard I feel like Scott being a rich dude matters even less.

            But you might be onto something when it comes to his fame being a factor as well. I definitely agree that going into any season a player with any amount of celebrity is going to be more of a target from the offset but I also feel like the game has an equalising factor in that the longer folks are together on an island the less certain aspects of their outside lives/persona’s influence their opinions of each other. Either way, you could definitely be correct that Scott’s behaviour might get him to the final tribal. This season has been pretty unpredictable so far so who knows. Maybe he and Jason will somehow end up being a final two, in that scenario Scott may still have a shot at winning!

  7. Crazy episode! So many misfires. A bit of a mess, but highly entertaining. That tribal Council was gonzo! I was totally blindsided.

    Driving right now, but I will join in the comments tonight.

    • I’ll be interested to hear your take on Aubry. My first take was that she played it well, but now I’m wondering if they should have switched over to voting for Scot or Jason to flush out the super idol.

      • Of course, that would have exposed them to an elimination they had no control over, so at least voting Debbie kept the control in their hands. Right move.

        But, then there’s still that super idol out there…

        • Yes, I think they should have gone for it, but (according to the internet buzz) she was one of the major options (along with Cydney) to get votes cast her way. So if Cydney and Aubry can band together and get enough votes for a different target, they don’t have to worry about the idol … for now. And Cydney was right. It would have been her.

      • The boys played it really well with this inability of being able to know exactly what they were going to do.

        As long as the boys stay together, Julie winning immunity may be one of the biggest wins of the season due to Aubry and company now totally screwed.

        If I was Jason though, I would not feel too comfortable with Tai hanging onto the super idol. For a guy like Tai, who hasn’t done much by way of deserving a Survivor win, he could be responsible for a huge play. Work out a deal with the girls to vote out Scott or Jason next, do not give up the super idol to save them, and then Tai could just split the super idol up to ensure he survives two more tribal councils. That would take him all the way to the final five.

        The brains tribe has sucked in terms of actually sticking together. They’ve allowed themselves to implode strictly due to not being able to agree on a vote with Joe being the poster boy for that failure.

        • I wonder if Tai will begin running into the same problem that Julia seems to be mired with – being wishy-washy with your alliances. At the moment, he seems to be “solidly” with Scot and Jason, but the preview for next week seems to hint that might be challenged. On the whole, he doesn’t seem to have been solidly aligned with anyone yet this season. If he continues to waffle, then that could be problematic for him once those idols are gone. I wonder if that’ll hurt him if he somehow happens to make FTC, too.

          • As Jason made a point of publicly giving Tai the idol does that officially mean that Tai has ownership of both idols now? If that’s the case do you think he’ll just give it straight back to Jason? I can’t see his relationship with the guys lasting long if he doesn’t give it back but I imagine it’s quite within the rules of the game that he can keep both of them for himself if he wants.

            • Word on the beach is that it had to happen like that… not necessarily as publicly, but it had to be recorded that one player was offering their idol to another player and that player accepted the offer.

              Both idols are Tai’s now. I can’t wait to see how he screws this one up!

            • I still can’t figure out how it has to be played. In that situation, can Tai only play it for himself? Or can he NOT play it for himself and have to play it for Jason and Scot. It’s needlessly confusing.

          • Am I the only one who thinks the super-idol isn’t really that huge of an advantage. Sure it has the potential to be a game changer but I also feel like it’s only really useful in limited situations and that actually using two idols separately might in some cases be preferable.

            • From my perspective, it’s a huge game-changing advantage. If you can manage to carry it to the final 4 or 5, then it makes sense to break it up and use it at the last two TCs to ensure you make it to FTC. But the fact that you can play it after the votes have been tallied really is a game changer. Now, Tai can just hold onto it until he either needs to play it or makes sense to break into two.

              Above and beyond just the safety blanket aspect of it, the super idol can really influence game play and voting strategy. I think it’s huge.

            • It’s a huge advantage, just tricky to use.

              They should announce LIVE at every tribal who they are voting for and say, “this person is going home tonight so everyone just vote for them or you’re next!” And then not play it. You could get away with that once or twice. Nobody wants to go home. Also, just lie about the idol’s abilities. Say, “it allows us to change our target after the vote, so if you’re not with us, it’s you.” Or better yet, just keep it quiet until you need it.

              That was the worst part about the boys’ big production last week. It was totally unnecessary and simply exposed them.

              Makes me wonder if Julia is actually with them. If she was, why didn’t she tell them the target was Debbie?

          • I guess when it’s in the possession of a single player it’s pretty damn effective, But as combination of two different players idols it has it’s problems. Can’t wait to see if Tai stands up to Jason and keeps it all for himself.


              I think it has been 50-50% in terms of the super idol meaning success, but half of the “single” players to have wielded a super idol have won the game.

              How that will play out with the combined idol, I have no idea … but that’s what makes it so interesting! I’m suspecting that Scot will need the idol and Tai will say “nope”.

          • OMG you guys, I’m back with a vengeance! It probably means that I’ll bomb next week haha fuuuuuuu. I have to say that I never thought I’d ever join a fantasy league, but now that I have, it’s pretty fun. It’s definitely enhanced the Survivor experience for me.

    • Can’t play it at work, but it seems to be a map that allows you to explore the world of GoT freely. I’d buy that for a dollar.

        • I’ve actually been thinking of picking an upcoming movie that I want to see but am not crazy over, and then watch all the trailers and take part in the social conversation leading up to it. Then, when I see the movie I’ll determine if all the pre-movie materials sullied my experience. Any suggestions for a potential candidate? Off the top of my head, I’m thinking Doctor Strange.

          Not Game of Thrones, though. That one is sacred.

          • I’d say that’s a good candidate since it’s bound to be a popular movie. I also don’t think the trailer gave too much away. I’m familiar enough with the comic to know that much. Spoiler alert, the trailer got me super excited because it reminded me of another movie that shall remain unnamed until you watch the trailer. Go for it. Do it. DO IT!

            • I think I will. But, do you think that movie will drum up enough social conversation in the lead up? Something like Rogue One would be the perfect candidate, but I hold anything Star Wars to be in that Game of Thrones sacred territory.

            • You know where I stand with trailers. I love them and help me get hyped for movies. I’ve never been spoiled by one and it’s rare when a trailer affects my viewing experience. Having said that, I’d stay away from something you consider sacred until you give this a try first. I’m sure Doctor Strange will gather enough attention. I think it’ll be comparable to Guardians of the Galaxy in that both properties are more niche in the comic book world, but found a much wider audience than expected when translated to the big screen.

    • Btw, Josh, when did you say you were going to start GoT? With “we three Juavino” all being thoroughly hooked on Survivor now, it only seems fair that this happens soon.

      And don’t use Rachel as an excuse…

      • So, are youz guyz Ponderosa guys like me? It warms this cockles of my heart. All of those years of abuse over at MPW are finally worth it.

        • Yeah, I’m loving the Ponderosa videos and all the other extra content and secret scenes CBS puts out. I actually subscribed to the SurvivorCBS YouTube channel to get the notifications. I can’t get enough of this stuff. It’s absolute garbage, of course, but I need more.

          p.s. Glad I can warm your cockles… of your heart.

          • I don’t like this “it’s garbage” and “hate-watching” talk Dino. Just admit that it’s the best non-fiction show ever made and we can move along.

            • I will admit that the format is outstanding – there’s the social interaction, the strategy intrigue and a physical element. So, even though the quality of each season can vary dramatically based on the players involved, the show stands a good chance of hitting at least one of those three elements well enough to remain interesting. The cinematography, at times, is excellent. They have the advantage of shooting in beautiful locations, but it is still shot in an interesting way. And the addicting combination of its puzzle-like quality and real life personalities have helped make the show a cultural phenomenon, which at times is even more fun to be a part of than the show itself.

              Is it the best non-fiction show ever? Maybe. It certainly is my favorite, by a mile. But I still can’t kick that guilty pleasure feeling. Like a good craft beer or ice cream sundae, Survivor to me feels mostly like empty calories.

            • Wow, after re-reading my last comment, I feel like I ended on a really dour note. The fact is that, anyone who knows me well, knows that craft beer and ice cream sundaes are two of my favorite things in the world. So, yes, my “empty calories” comment may have seemed like a slight against Survivor, but in reality was pretty high praise.

            • Ha! Would be the most boring fight ever since we’re essentially in agreement. I’m just not at the same level of “guilty pleasure acceptance” as Josh… yet.

          • Yes, any game is really void of the most important things in life. You could say the same thing about watching any sport. Or any film that doesn’t carry an important socio-political message. But you like Nightmare on Elm Street. So, come on. There is as much meaning and real life drama in any given season of Survivor as any horror franchise. More. Truthfully, more. The social experiment is endlessly fascinating to me and has so many real-life implications and applications. Is it junk food. Yeah, but it’s at least, like organic junk food. So much better made and worthwhile than 90% of what is on television, IM (ever so) HO.

      • She also told people in most of her exit interviews that she knew about the idol, which DOES NOT line up with her reaction when she gets back to Ponderosa.

        ^ So stoked to see that you’re reading Wigler, BTW, Dino.^

        • A lot of what she’s saying now doesn’t line up with the show edit or Ponderosa. Didn’t she mention (probably in the Wigler interview) something about how they were supposed to vote 2/2/2 for Scot, Jason and Tai to flush out the idols? If that’s the case, then why in the show edit is she trying so hard to convince Aubry to vote Scot along with her and Joe?

          As for reading Wigler, I need to study up as much as possible to prepare for when I’m on Survivor. Because I will be on Survivor one day.

          • I’m so torn on my picks for next week ya’ll. Is it ok to be specific on what one thinks and who they believe could be next to go? Or is that a stupid move? :/

            • Yeah but it’s not like you have any effect on my game regardless of your knowledge. The only way to affect my game is to persuade me to think a different way… and how do you know that’s not what I’m doing or what I discuss on here is in fact what I really think? The possibilities are endless!

          • Awesome, Dino!

            I’m posting a mini-guide to helping you (anyone) get on Survivor in the next ep’s comments.

            Juan, I promise not to use knowledge of your strategy against you … or DO I?

          • “Didn’t she mention (probably in the Wigler interview) something about how they were supposed to vote 2/2/2 for Scot, Jason and Tai to flush out the idols?”

            So, I definitely remember reading somewhere in an exit interview that this was Debbie’s idea (or, at least, her revisionist’s history idea). The funny thing is, of course, this wouldn’t have done anything because the guys’ three votes against Cydney would have trumped all.

            That Debbie – quite the character.

          • Dino wrote: “I imagine getting selected for Survivor is probably not all that different from the odds of winning the lottery.”

            You are in the most competitive demographic as a white, 30-something male, but it’s still possible. As you’ll learn in my casting packet, the proliferation of reality TV shows since the first few seasons has made the application process much more attainable than it used to be. Why go starve yourself on an island when you can apply for any number of dating shows. It has weeded out the riff-raff.

          • African American Woman is probably your best shot.

            Any racial minority.

            A smart and tenacious woman. Especially older woman.

            They are trying for a (somewhat) diverse cast and most of the audience is made up of white males.

            Jonas got called back his first application. Troyzan applied 11 years in a row. Know what I mean?

            That’s one reason I’m bummed the new season is filming in Fiji. One of the main pitches on my casting tape was that I wanted to “redeem the good name of Fiji within the Survivor community” hahaha

      • And the glance exchanged by Nick and Neal when Debbie was marvelling at the Oreos.

        • Ha! Yeah, what was that about?

          I know this all happened already, but at this point, I’m actually feeling pretty bad for Nick because Neal doesn’t exactly seem to be all there, either.

  8. I caught all of the first season of Documentary Now! on Netflix. I was a bit concerned about whether or not I’d be able to appreciate the show without seeing the original sources beforehand. As it turns out, it’s a funny show whether you understand all of the references or not. While I enjoyed most about the show is that each episode represents a very different sort of documentary. So while it might be a series about parodies, each one feels like it’s unique. Some individual thoughts on each episode:

    Sandy Passage – I was very close to turning this off in the opening minutes due it not feeling like something I’d dig or understand. I’m glad I kept watching though because the laughs began and the twist near the end is naturally appealing for someone who enjoys the types of movies that I do. It’s a great introduction episode for anyone who is a listener to HMP.

    Kunuk Uncovered – It’s a very small thing, but I loved the grey color error on the left side of the screen during the episode. The creators of the show were careful to get the feel right for this series. This one was pretty over the top and saw a lot of twists and turns. In addition, it helps put you in the mindset where you remember that filming techniques only came about over time. It took a smart guy to come up with a clever idea that would change camera shots history.

    DRONEZ: The Hunt for El Chingon – The only episode I had to watch twice due to falling asleep the first time. I’ve only watched one Vice doc before, but I was able to quickly realize that this was a spoof on Vice. I’m glad I went back to watch it again though, even if it was still my least favorite episode. It’s a fairly repetitive episode.

    The Eye Doesn’t Lie – My favorite episode of the season. Not only did I laugh the most while watching it, but I even began watching A Thin Blue Line last night. Whether you get the references or not, all of the jokes are still funny.

    A Town, a Gangster, a Festival – Just an okay episode. My season least favorite of the season. There were a few laughs, but it didn’t stay with me like most of the episodes. The basic plot made for a fun joke at first, but then it was just more of the same.

    Gentle and Soft: The Story of the Blue Jean Committee – It’s an entertaining parody, but not one I felt needed to be two episodes. I would have been more interested in this being a single episode and then getting a seventh parody instead.

    If I had to rank them:

    6. DRONEZ: The Hunt for El Chingon
    5. A Town, a Gangster, a Festival
    4. Gentle and Soft: The Story of the Blue Jean Committee
    3. Kunuk Uncovered
    2. Sandy Passage
    1. The Eye Doesn’t Lie

    • It’s a super idol so he can’t really be voted off with an idol in his pocket.

      Unless the rules for the super idol are that the only one who can use it is someone not voted out.

  9. Not sure how many of you are familiar with the Inside Survivor power rankings game, but I really like how they run their game. Unfortunately, they don’t run an online fantasy pool – it’s purely just used as a weekly column for their site. But, if enough of us are interested in doing it next season, I would be happy to keep track of the score. We could all just post our weekly picks in the MSC comments and I would update the scores each week.

    Here are the rules:

    The Rules

    Each week the power rankers will create separate rankings based on least likely to most likely to be eliminated. The ranking of the player who is voted out of the next episode will determine the number of points the three rankers will earn. For example, if Joe was voted out in Episode 10, Martin would receive 4 points and Kelley would receive 7 points. At the end of the season, the person with the most points will be named the Survivor: Kaôh Rōng Power Rankings Champion.


    — If the player ranked in 1st place finds an idol you gain 10 points.
    — If the player ranked in last place isn’t eliminated but receives a vote(s) against them you gain 5 points.
    — If the player ranked in 1st place wins individual immunity you gain 10 points (post-merge).

    Any interest?

    • Just realized the example given in “the rules” makes no sense unless you see their rankings for this week. So, here is a link to their power rankings web page for episode 10:

      Of course, we could always make adjustments to the scoring and/or bonuses to make it our own game, but I really like the idea of having to rank each remaining survivor as a concept for the main rules (as opposed to just picking who will be eliminated). Could also be a way to potentially get more MSC listeners to visit the comments…

        • I don’t believe asshat is French.

          Feelings of Redmond aside, I’m not sure playing a variation of the Survivor Player Rankings game is necessarily supporting him, per se.

          • Yeah, the editing is tricky. On one hand, it’s my biggest complaint about the show. On the other, it’s an incredible feat of editing. Editing non-fiction is SOOO much harder than editing fiction. Many documentaries take years to edit. These guys run who knows how many cameras 24 hours a day for 39 days and then cut them down in less than a year?! It’s an amazing accomplishment. And the shows look flawless, technically. So, they fact that they make choices that don’t always allow for the most nuanced of stories, I am happy to forgive. They should win the editing Emmy every year.

          • Third time’s a charm?…

            This comment threw me off for awhile. I couldn’t figure out what you were responding to… I think you were responding to my Iñárritu comment(?). If so, that was a jab at Iñárritu superfan, aka Juan, for his “you lob them hard” comment, not against Survivor. But I totally agree with you – the show looks flawless. And, while it does telestrate some things from time to time, I generally think they do a good job of misdirection with the edit.

  10. Guys, if we spend a little less time talking about Survivor and instead go outside and plant a tree, this world could be that much better.


    No cream? Ok no cream.

    • Whaaa? A Super Troopers reference! Is that a MSC first? Maybe even an MPN first? I’ll be mentioning Club Dread on the horror-comedy taping tomorrow night. Get those voicemails in!

      • I’m a HUGE Super Troopers fan! In fact, I helped fund the sequel which should be coming out later this year. It’s been a while since I watched Club Dread and though I remember liking it, I also remember being disappointed by it, especially because it was the follow up to Super Troopers, only one of the best comedies of all time.

  11. This comment threw me off for awhile. I couldn’t figure out what you were responding to… I think you were responding to my Iñárritu comment(?). If so, that was a jab at Iñárritu superfan, aka Juan, for his “you lob them hard” comment, not against Survivor. But I totally agree with you – the show looks flawless. And, while it does telestrate some things from time to time, I generally think they do a good job of misdirection with the edit.

  12. Let’s try this again…

    This comment threw me off for awhile. I couldn’t figure out what you were responding to… I think you were responding to my Iñárritu comment(?). If so, that was a jab at Iñárritu superfan, aka Juan, for his “you lob them hard” comment, not against Survivor. But I totally agree with you – the show looks flawless. And, while it does telestrate some things from time to time, I generally think they do a good job of misdirection with the edit.

  13. Dino; Though this whole conversation has gone off the rails – I have no idea WHAT’S going on, I will play if you make a game. I will lose, but I will play.

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