Movie Stream Cast 72: Teen Wolf (1985) and Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X

msc-teen-wolfThe Halloween season is upon us at Movie Stream Cast and we’re celebrating with a month of spooky movie selections. In this episode, Josh is joined by a little buddy to review a Halloween childhood favorite: Teen Wolf. The movie is streaming for a subscription on Hulu and for a $2.99 digital rental on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube. Little Buddy also sticks around for some Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X conversation.


We’d like to thank Sharon Rowan for our podcast artwork and John Lewis Parker for the use of his 80s Teen Wolf cartoon theme music. Additional thanks to Eugene Mirman for not suing us for the unauthorized use of his clip “Teen Wolf, Gay Marriage, Gay Rights.” If you enjoyed the podcast, please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @MovieStreamCast and subscribe on iTunes. You can also reach us by email at

52 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 72: Teen Wolf (1985) and Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X


    The Tribe: A Survivor Podcast (Fun Office Pools)
    23 – jeffprobstshairpeice
    21 – Dino-Machino
    16 – IcarusArts
    13 – juan_the_one
    10 – Soccer10
    03 – Sal Roma
    00 – JeniferP

    Survivor Fans Podcast (JSFL)
    14 – IcarusArts
    13 – Dino
    13 – juan_the_one
    12 – Bean
    12 – Cody
    12 – Sal Roma
    08 – JeniferP

    • Sal gets on the board on The Tribe! Big swings from Dino, Juan, and especially Cody. Cody’s 20 vote out points and 3 bonus points take him from last to first! You guys all lied to me about taking a shotgun approach … but I’m doing it again this week. Jenifer still not on the board in The Tribe. :(

      But, Jenifer has been on the board in JSFL and with consistently high numbers for the past two weeks. Too bad you missed getting to enter your picks the first week! If you get four or more points this week, we should give you an honorary 4+

      Not a lot of movement in JSFL. Everyone doing pretty well. Full points for Dino are almost enough to get him there, but full points from me this week help me hold onto the top spot. Sal and Juan with perfect scores this week as well.

      Looks like everyone was pretty sure that Paul was going. I was just the only idiot that didn’t stack my deck on The Tribe.

      Really bummed on both of my winner picks at the moment. Adam in The Tribe (on my second try and fewer points) and Chris in JSFL. Fingers crossed.

      At least it looks like it allowed you to make an overall pick late in JSFL, Jenifer. That would be rough.

    • I’m pretty sure that I didn’t lie to you, Wolfman. I almost never take a shotgun approach on The Tribe after Week 1, unless I’m feeling especially conservative. We now have identical winner picks in JSFL/Tribe, incidentally. I’m not thrilled about either of them, but I think that both are still in the mix, particularly if they don’t get too rattled by the early shifting/sorting/shaking out of alliances. Adam demonstrated a pretty level head in that regard last week; this week we’ll find out whether Chris is cut from a similar cloth.

    • If I was going to answer that question on a Survivor application, I’d say I have the hyperactive mind of Tony, but the calming cool of Cirie, the mouth and wit of Penner, and the strength and endurance of Rupert. Also aiming to add the cooking and outdoor skills of Jonas by the time I would fill out an application. That may all be wishful thinking. You guys are probably know better having listened to me talk for so many hours. What about you?

      • That’s a severely nerdy response. Nice… BUT, if you had to pick just one person to best embody “you” who would it be?

        I’m not sure about myself. I’ve been thinking about it a lot over the last several months during my watch-through. I want to say Tyson, but I’m starting to lean towards Aras.

        But I don’t know.

        • I’ve said this before but it’s easily Cochran for me. maybe with a little bit of Fishbach and Penner in there and probably some old man Bob too.

          • David, I would have guessed Fishbach before Cochran, because you’re not as afraid to state your opinions openly as Cochran was. Maybe even a hint of Spencer. In a good way.

        • And Dino from what I know of you I see a bit of Yul in there. Josh kind of gives me Jeremy crossed with Penner vibes.

          • Jeremy surprises me only bc I don’t relate to him much, except for his focus on his family. If I was picking someone in the Jeremy archetype, I relate more to Mike Holloway.

            If I had to pick one, it would probably be Penner bc I think I have the storyteller qualities, but also bc I would have the issues of flaming out on an emotional decision, despite understanding the game, intellectually. I feel like I’d also be loyal to a fault and make moves a bit too late.

            I relate to Marty a lot, as well, in the mind and even someone like Bobby Jon in the heart. Basically, idiots who are guided by their emotions.

        • Dino, I get the sense that you’re a little more shrewd and cutthroat than any of the people you mentioned. Like a streak of Sash.

          I could see Aras’ personality with Vytas’ killer instinct.

          I can definitely see a hint of Tyson in your humor, but are you that big a class clown?

          If I had guessed before hearing your input, Id have said Fishbach meets Boston Rob.

          • Yeah, I have class clown upside, but am probably a little too serious to be Tyson straight up. Not that I’m very serious.

            On a somewhat related note, I was asking Roshan about school and his friends yesterday, and I asked him who the class clown was. He immediately (and very seriously) said he was… which didn’t really surprise me all that much.

            • I have a hard time thinking of you as the class clown type, Dino. Then again, I only got to know you for about two days. My impression of you is that you love humor, but you yourself aren’t that humorous. And please, forgive my presuming comment if I’m wrong, which more than likely, I am.

              Joshie, why Billy Garcia? Is it because… metal? That’s racist, bro. But seriously, I am nothing like your typical metalhead. Yes, black is my favorite color and the color of my soul, but I’ve never been able to relate to the typical metalhead that you find at concerts. I love the music and imagery, but dassit.

            • Juan said: “My impression of you is that you love humor, but you yourself aren’t that humorous.”

              Wow, sick burn! Thanks for calling me not funny… friend.

              Yeah, I wasn’t saying I’m the class clown. My class clown “upside” was mostly a reference to RHAP-style character assessments, although I definitely do have a goofy side. I think, from a sense of humor perspective, a better characterization of me would be that of wry sarcasm. I would also consider myself the “ice breaker,” as being the one who tries to break tension.

              Incidentally, I asked my wife last night what she thought I was like in high school (we met in college). Her response was that I was probably a little shit, pompous and arrogant, because that’s how I was in college. I asked her if I was still like that and… after a rather lengthy pause… she said no, not really.

              So, that was fun. To be honest, though, she was right.

            • Haha sorry, bro. I honestly didn’t mean that as a burn at all. I was just being honest with my assessment of your personality. I think you’re funny, just not class clown funny. I do agree with your wife’s thoughts of you in high school so 😉

        • Well, Boo was a challenge beast, but not in an Ozzy or Gorgeous Joe way. He has more of a solid physique. That’s what I meant, though I would love to see Juan crash out on a hammock.

          • Who is this Boo? I’ve heard his name come up a few times before. I don’t think I’ve seen that season.

            • He’s from Survivor: Fiji. Which is a season you might actually enjoy more than it’s reputation would suggest. I can see you loving Yau Man, laughing at the slapstick hijinks and it also has a very deserving winner in my opinion. Most people hate it though.

            • Juan, if you do eventually watch Fiji, then be prepared for a rough pre-merge. While I agree with most of what David said, I think Fiji is possibly the season with the widest margin of quality between pre- and post-merge. The early going is ROUGH, but it definitely picks up later on.

      • Well, who do you think you’d be most like, Juan?

        Obviously, the Hispanic Panic tribe was a racist move, but I just thought it was funny. I DO think you have that latin sensibility with certain things, like just calling people out without any malice (like you did with unfunny Dino above). And the metal head thing didn’t hurt either, but I get what you’re saying.

        Also, I really like Billy, but mostly from his RHAP appearances post-Survivor. I think you radiate both that quiet confidence / cockiness of Ozzy and that sweetness of Billy, although you seem to have a lot of friends, so you must be good at getting people to like you … although I heard from a couple of people that you started out a bit shy at the meet-up.

        So, who do you think?

        • I don’t give these type of Survivor topics nearly as much thought as you guys, but I have to admit that this is a fun one. I don’t think you’re too far off with your assessment of my personality. I do think I’m confident but mostly in physically demanding situations. When it comes to the social game, my confidence levels take some time to build up. I am very shy at first, but I warm up to people very fast and I’m great at opening up and letting people in very far into who I am. I am a bit awkward and I don’t like being the center of attention. This is why I tend to lay low in large groups, however, the more confidence I build up, the more loud and talkative I get. I’ve always described myself as an introvert with slight extrovert qualities. Having said all of this, I think I’m most like Tony from Cagayan. I’m a hard worker and I’d work my ass off every step of the way even if I looked like a bumbling fool. It wouldn’t be a pretty win, but it’d be an earned win.

    • Haha. When Hannah was at tribal – completely confused – trying (without success) to count on her fingers and figure out what was going on as Jeff Probst peeks around the corner? I’m afraid that might be me!!

      Seriously. I just can’t imagine being that hungry and sleep deprived and having to perform physically and mentally while still being nice to people. Can’t. Do. It.

      • Hahaha. That’s hilarious. I definitely find myself relating to the people who are flaming out. Whether it’s David in theis season or Shamar and Brandon Hatz on Caramoan, I can imagine myself flaming out spectacularly. But you have outdoor skills and you’re an attorney, Jenifer, so I have to think you’d have a leg up on most Survivor contestants.

      • Jenifer, from the one time I met you, from following you on Instagram and from what Andy has said about you, I imagine you playing physically like Amanda (with all of your outdoor activities and skills), socially like Kim meets Dawn, and mentally like … well, you say Hannah … I’d have guessed more like Chelsea.

        • Wow! I respect all those players! I get what you mean about seeing yourself flaming out… I can imagine that too.

          One thing; I’m not an attorney.

          • Wait, what?! You think you know somebody. That’s what I get for assuming, but I still blame Andy. I could have sworn that he told me you were an attorney. Don’t tell me you are the woman in Andy’s office who lost 100lbs on the donut diet.

    • When I think about this, I like to picture myself as approaching the game like Mike Holloway: Always competing, always alert, always keeping tabs on people, always watching for an advantage, never afraid to shake things up or try something different, never ending up too rattled by a swing and a miss.

      I worry that I’d end up like Rancher Rick from South Pacific. Present and engaged, but never compelling enough on whatever front is the flavor of the moment for my confessionals to be seen, and never quite close enough to the levers of power to pull things in my direction. Involved enough to finish fifth; not involved enough to get further than that.

      I’m not super gregarious, but I’m pretty good at reading/getting along with people. I probably have average actual survival skills and average physical strength, but above average endurance/stamina and a very high comfort level with living/sleeping outside.

      The player I’d probably actually be most like is either Brian Heidik or Earl Cole: Calm, not particularly flashy/memorable, but able to build trust with others, identify and stick to the right alliances, manage my own emotions flawlessly, and maybe win a challenge or two against diminished competition. Plus they both won their seasons, and I’d win mine, too, because I’m awesome. :-)

      • Cody, I imagine you playing physically like Erik Reichenbach or Spencer, mentally like Lex 1.0, and socially like Fishbach 1.0.

        And you remind me of Jonas in a lot of ways too. So does Juan, actually.

        • I for sure don’t have Jonas’ cooking or fishing skills, although I had a brief lakeshore fishing interlude in my youth.

          I don’t particularly remember Reichenbach’s physicality, although as long I’m not being ascribed R-1.0’s social obliviousness or his hairstyling acumen then I suppose I can’t complain.

          • Your personality reminds me of Jonas. Erik was thin and wirey, but great at the challenges (he beat Ozzy in a swimming race), but his background was in long-distance running, so that’s why I thought of you. And I like his hairstyle. I wish I could still grow it like that!

    • And I do want to know why you think Sal is Cirie.

      I’d have guessed Malcolm meets Vytas for Sal’s social and mental. I don’t know anything about Sal physically.

  2. Personally I thought Little Buddy was great in the Survivor segment. I’m amazed at how much of the game he comprehends given his age. There’s no way I was anywhere near that smart, articulate or witty when I was 5.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t ripping on him. I guess I was too hard on him bc that’s come up a few times. He does comprehend it, but you have to keep editing in mind. The actual conversation took three times as long in real life to get to those insights with a lot of “uuuuuhhhhhh” and he’s five, so that’s fine, but it’s not the best for my schedule trying to get the show released.

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