Movie Stream Cast 74: The Haunted Mansion (2003) and Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X

msc-disney-haunted-mansion-bannerIt’s Halloween! And we here at Movie Stream Cast are celebrating with a month of spooky movie selections. In this episode, Josh is joined by his little buddy—as well as a little miss!—for another review of a family-friendly Halloween film: Disney’s The Haunted Mansion (2003). The movie is streaming for a subscription on HBOGo and for a $2.99 digital rental on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and YouTube. And after the spooky scares, stick around for a childlike chat about Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X.

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35 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 74: The Haunted Mansion (2003) and Survivor: Millennials vs Gex-X

  1. WOAH! Cody Clark (aka jeffprobstshairpiece) comes in FIRST PLACE among all players tis week on The Tribe’s Survivor fantasy league!!! Holy Hannah! 20 points on Figgy! 6 bonus points! Killing it, Mr. Clark.

    Not to be outdone, Dino gets 16 points this week, making him tied for 4th place OVERALL in The Tribe. Amazing, guys.

    And Jenifer has a strong showing this week with 9 points, getting herself out of that bottom position for the first time! It’s anybody’s game at this point. Sorry, Sal.


    The Tribe: A Survivor Podcast (Fun Office Pools):

    61 – Dino-Machino (16 this week)
    55 – jeffprobstshairpiece (26 this week)
    53 – juan_the_one (13 this week)
    48 – icarusarts (13 this week)
    31 – Soccer10 (8 this week)
    20 – JeniferP (9 this week)
    19 – Sal Roma (8 this week)

    Survivor Fans Podcast (JSFL):

    27 – Dino (full 5 points this week!)
    27 – IcarusArts (4 this week – I had Taylor)
    27 – juan_the_one (full 5 points this week!)
    24 – Cody (4 points this week – hedging bets with a Sunday pick)
    23 – Sal Roma (3 points this week – with Figgy safe and a Will pick)
    20 – JeniferP (4 points this week – with a Bret pick)

    Cody, did Bean disappear from JFSL or am I just not seeing her?

    • I’m very pleased about my performance this time around. Last time I bombed hardcore. Sal, I feel you, bro.

    • Second week in a row I wanted to go all-in on someone, didn’t… and then regretted not doing it. It might be time for Dino-Machino to grow a pair.

    • That’s odd, I don’t see Bean in the JSFL standings either. I know she forgot to enter picks a few weeks in a row. Maybe if you’re on autopilot too much, the system ejects you from the game?

  2. ********SPOILERS********

    David, what are your predictions for next week’s episode? I have a feeling that Chris is next to go based on the preview. With Zeke and David aligning, I don’t see them keeping Chris around. Michelle is more dangerous than Chris right now, but with Figgy gone, she has no real allegiance to anyone, so they can use her to their advantage. Now, Ikabula still has a lot of numbers and their winning streak is bound to end soon. If they do go to TC next week, my guess is it’ll be either Sunday or Hannah. Provided the millenials stick together, they’ll probably want to get rid of a millenial and if Michaela has something to say about it, it’ll be the weaker members like Sunday. Now, if Michaela chooses to align with GenX and she’s able to pull one millenial, they could blindside a millenial again. Seeing how Michaela tends to want to excel at challenges, my guess is that she’ll want to get rid of Hannah. Then again, there was some weird sort of bonding over that challenge. Anyway, thots?

    • *************SPOILERS*************

      I can actually see Michaela being in trouble if Ikabula goes to tribal for two reasons. First, I could see Jay wanting to get rid of her as a potential snitch on his idol find. Plus, the two of them were never really huge fans of each other from back on the Millennial tribe. The second reason is that, while her attitude makes for great TV, she does seem to be a rather negative, cantankerous person around camp. Definitely not winner material, and I could see that wearing on people sooner rather than later. Sunday and Bret seem to like her, but they’ll go with whatever vote that doesn’t include them. Also, I’m sure that the looming merge will be on all their minds’, and Michaela definitely poses a huge challenge threat.

      But, I would be surprised if Ikabula loses a challenge. The only way I see them losing is if there’s a big puzzle element, because all of the biggest puzzle players this season are on the other two tribes.

      As an aside, the stupidity of these players this season is running rampant. Figgy was a horrible player in the end, between her obviousness with Taylor and her outburst of emotion when she saw Michelle was still in the game. And what the hell was Michaela thinking during the immunity challenge when she made it clear that the Millennials wanted to keep their numbers?! Whether or not that seems obvious, you certainly don’t want to erase all doubt and say it! Now, every Gen X will 155,000% be aware and paranoid about a potential post-merge Pagonging at the hands of the Millennials.

      Apart from Michaela, I think Michelle and Taylor are in trouble this week. On Takali, the teased alliance between David and Zeke is something many fans wanted during the pre-season. Chris is a post-merge challenge threat, but I don’t think Zeke will want to turn on his Oklahoma boy, Chris, and now David will likely want to keep around his fellow Gen Xer. Also, Michelle has many more Millennial ties than Zeke, so she is a bigger strategic threat than Chris. Meanwhile, on Vanua, I think Taylor will be the obvious target.

      That’s how I see the tribes breaking down at the moment. I haven’t listened to the live Know It Alls yet, so I’ll be interested to hear what they have to say.

  3. Great episode, Josh. I haven’t seen the movie, but it certainly made me think of my favorite Disneyland ride (which makes me happy). Also, Little Miss sounds like quite the sharp girl. Good job by them both!

    • Thanks. It’s not a great movie, but defintely worthwhile during family time. They are supposedly already remaking this movie with Ryan Gosling. I’m hoping it’s just a new take on the ride rather than a remake of this movie. This is very Eddie Murphy.

  4. Oh yeah! Those kids are adorable. I love how they interact with each other; “As little buddy here said….” I like listening to them.

    Dino; great analysis of Survivor (above) you have quickly caught on to the subtler elements of the game. Respect.


    And Cody killin’ it last week in the pools. How does he do that?

    • Haha… thanks Jenifer. Watching 32+ seasons of Survivor in a 6-month span will do that.

      However, Josh and I seem to disagree on most-things-Survivor, so he might agree with you!

    • Thanks, Jenifer. I’m glad the kid schtick isn’t getting too old. Honestly, it’s just the easiest way to get the episodes recorded. But we have fun. And I think Halloween is a good time to do it to offset the movies that Jay makes me watch each October for Horror Movie podcast.

      You can change your picks even after you make them, so I’ve started just entering my first-impression picks right after I finish watching an episode so that I don’t forget. If I come to different picks during the week, great. If I forget later in the week, at least I have something.


    The Tribe: A Survivor Podcast (Fun Office Pools):

    64 – Dino-Machino (3 this week)
    59 – juan_the_one (6 this week)
    55 – jeffprobstshairpiece (0 this week)
    54 – icarusarts (6 this week)
    31 – Soccer10 (0 this week)
    22 – Sal Roma (3 this week)
    20 – JeniferP (0 this week)

    Survivor Fans Podcast (JSFL):

    31 – Dino (4 – had Sunday)
    31 – IcarusArts (4 – had Michelle)
    31 – juan_the_one (4 – had Hannah)
    27 – Cody (3 – had Michaela safe and Taylor going)
    26 – Sal Roma (3 – had Michaela safe and Taylor going)
    20 – JeniferP (4 – had Bret)

    • I called it 😉

      Cody tanking, not the vote out :/
      Sorry Cody, you know you’re my boy, but this is the nature of the game 😉

      Man, Dino gave me a case of the winks!

    • Kicking myself for not following my own intuition above and going with Michaela. Instead, I was a big chicken and went the safe route.

      GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!

        • I didn’t have Michaela in any combination, but I was kicking myself after that challenge for not at least having someone on each tribe and going so heavy on Taylor and Michelle. Previously I had points on Bret and Sunday as well, so it wouldn’t have helped, but at least the strategy was more (safe and) sound.

  6. Assuming we get a merge next episode, does anyone have any hot takes on the potential merge boot?

    After displaying my brilliance in sniffing out the Michaela boot last episode, I will abstain from tipping my hand (aka quitting while I’m ahead).

  7. Was hoping to post a new ep this week, but got busy. Probably won’t post until Monday. So …

    Dino is destroying The Tribe. #2 this week and overall! Yeah! Actually, as a group we are doing really well. Dino did incredibly well, but strong showings from Jenifer and myself as well. Three of us in the overall Top 10 for The Tribe. And that’s with Juan forgetting to enter his picks this week and Sal randomly guessing. Two weeks with no points on the board has dropped Cody down after his big get two episodes ago.


    The Tribe: A Survivor Podcast (Fun Office Pools):

    82 – Dino-Machino (18 this week)
    66 – juan_the_one (7 this week)
    65 – icarusarts (11 this week)
    55 – jeffprobstshairpiece (0 this week)
    38 – Soccer10 (7 this week)
    30 – JeniferP (10 this week)
    30 – Sal Roma (8 this week)

    And if that wasn’t enough, Dino takes the top spot in JSFL with a 6 point week! How in the hell do you get 6?! If I had remember to update these picks after last Thursday, I’d have had 5. And then if didn’t didn’t get his phantom bonus point, we’d be tied. Just saying. 😉 If! if! if! Juan lucks out without remembering to change his picks.

    Survivor Fans Podcast (JSFL):

    37 – Dino (6 points this week?!)
    35 – IcarusArts (4 this week – I had Taylor)
    35 – juan_the_one (4 points this week)
    31 – Cody (4 points this week – with a Sunday pick)
    30 – JeniferP (with the magical 6 points this week!)
    30 – Sal Roma (4 points this week – with a Will pick)

    Cody, did Bean disappear from JFSL or am I just not seeing her?

    • That phantom bonus point is the “first juror” bonus point, similar to the “first vote out” bonus point you earned after episode 1.

    • The Bean hasn’t entered her picks for a while, so JSFL may indeed have booted her. I can’t find her there either. She’s crushing her father on The Tribe with the default settings, which should maybe tell me something about all of my own literally pointless scheming. [BIG SIGH]

      On a semi-related note, if Michelle is the first juror, and there are still 12 players left, then we’re looking at a jury of 10 if the recent trend of Final Threes holds true. I need Josh’s Giant Survivor Brain here: Has there ever been a 10-person jury before? Last season (Kaoh-Rong) was 8 (counting pre-elimination Neal), which seems like a pretty standard number. I can’t recall a past season that had a 10-person jury, but maybe that’s because recent seasons have had a lot of med-evacs, reducing the number of potential jurors available by season’s end. It’s certainly possible, of course, there are still med-evacs to come this season. Just seems like we’ve gotten started on appointing jurors awfully soon.

      • Off the top of my head, I know Survivor Cambodia had a 10-person jury for sure. This is probably the first (potential) 10-person jury in a new player season, though.

  8. woo-hoo! Josh, I took your advice and entered my picks right after watching; first impressions, and sure enough, never made it back to revise. This just might be my best MO!

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