Movie Stream Cast 77: Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life and Top 10 Streaming Christmas Movies and Survivor: Millennials vs Gen-X

msc-gilmoregirls‘Tis the season to hate Rory and we here at Movie Stream Cast are joining in the fun! On this episode, Rachel and Cody join Josh for an episode as big as a painting of Richard Gilmore. Josh brings you his picks for the Top 10 Streaming Christmas Movies online right now, Josh and Cody give you some Survivor: Millennials vs Gen-X coverage, and Cody and Rachel dive into a full-on spoiler discussion of the Netflix Original mini-series Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

[00:01:00] Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
[00:14:09] Top 10 Streaming Christmas Movies
[00:22:54] Survivor: Millennials vs Gen-X
[00:41:54] Gilmore Girls (spoiler-filled discussion)

Fireplace for Your Home
Christmas Horror 2014 (Gremlins and more)
Christmas Horror 2015 (Krampus, A Christmas Horror Story and more)

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75 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 77: Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life and Top 10 Streaming Christmas Movies and Survivor: Millennials vs Gen-X

    • Cody. From Zeke’s Survivor Fans Podcast exit interview: “None of us knew that Adam’s mom was dying and if we had he wouldn’t have needed the advantage to spend time with his brother.”

      • Yeah

        *******SPOILERS for Ep. 13*********

        There’s a tear-jerking conversation in last night’s episode where Adam tells Jay about his mother, and they have an eye wee on the hammock as they realize they’re both in a similar situation with their mothers. Adam prefaced his telling Jay with “I’m going to tell you something I haven’t told anyone else on this island…”

        • Almost nothing makes me cry. Ever. I’m just not wired that way. I’ve leaked a tear or two perhaps three total times in my adult life. But the hammock moment was almost kind of close to maybe going down as a bit of a near-miss. When Jay pulled his buff down over his face, my heart went out to both of them. Two sweethearts who love their moms.* Awwwww. (I really, really hope that Adam at least got to talk to his mother long-distance before she passed.)

          *Also, total winner’s edit moment for both. Huge swing for either guy. I’d say that moment all by itself has them on equal footing with David and Ken now.

  1. One more thing on Rory (spoiler warning): It’s not that I am opposed to unsympathetic characters–love House of Cards, for example. I don’t have to like a show’s protagonist to really like the show. But here’s the thing about Rory: not only is she a boring/stagnant unlikable character, her turning out this way really undermines so much of Lorelai’s grit in the original seasons. Lorelai works so hard to care for Rory in practical ways–by working her way up to a good job, making a cozy home, and sacrificing her pride so that Rory can go to the best schools. And she also closely guards Rory emotionally, sticking to very strict rules for herself when it comes to dating (she even references these after the wookie incident in the revival). And after all that, what do we get? A well educated Rory, sure, but that’s about it. She doesn’t seem to have a ton of work ethic, can’t support herself, has no moral compass . . . maybe it’s the mother in me that finds this supremely depressing and such a disheartening way to end a show that on some level was always about the gifts a mother is capable of finding in herself to give her child. In the end it’s true that kids turn out in all kinds of crappy ways despite (or in some cases even because) of these gifts, but it feels like an overly pessimistic way to end what could be described as a dramatic comedy in a charming setting. This show was comfort food, not The Wire. I wanted the outcome of all Lorelai’s work to be at least as satisfying as a chocolate chip cookie.

  2. ********SURVIVOR S33 EP12 LIVE POST********
    Just starting tonight’s Survivor. Bret is already proving me right. He’s such a flexible social player and great at playing from the bottom.

    • ****1ST CHALLENGE****
      Wow! That went fast. Jay is stoked! He’s got a real shot at a Mike Holloway run. I can’t imagine it being anyone other than Will tonight. David and Adam certainly haven’t had enough heat. Not even Bret. It’s got to be Will.

      • ****TRIBAL COUNCIL 1****
        Okay, that was obvious. Bret’s probably in trouble now. Unless Adam really screws this up for himself. Get looking for an idol, brother! Really liking Jay and Adam as much as ever, but Bret is creeping in there. I wish the edit didn’t give away that he has no chance to win. It’s lame bc he really is a power bottom. But I think Jay’s the power bottom that will last.

            • I really enjoyed that second challenge. As a purely puzzle challenge, the pinball element actually made it pretty exciting to watch on TV. I also loved how they edited it at the end, waiting for everyone’s ball to slowly make its way through the ramps.

              ******2nd CHALLENGE SPOILER******

              I also loved how Adam started helping Ken when he realized he was close to solving the puzzle, and then Jay called him on it. The relationship between Jay and Adam is possibly one of the more interesting we’ve seen ever in Survivor. They seem to really love each other on a personal level and want to work with each other, but just can’t because that’s not how their respective games have played out.

          • ********
            Oh, snap. Ken just made it to his mystery advantage. I guess we’ll see what this damn thing is. I’m guessing a spot in the first final four! Or, he gets to pick someone from the pre-jury to join the jury. Haha. It better be significant, whatever it is.

            • Interesting guesses, especially the picking a pre-jury boot for the jury one (given its name as the Legacy advantage). I’ll add three guesses, in descending order of probability:

              1. Immunity at the Day 36 tribal council
              2. An advantage at the next immunity challenge
              3. A Tyler Perry type idol that he can use up to the final five tribal council (so, good for the next two tribal councils)

              I was going to guess a jury boot, but would seem odd to have that come into effect on Day 36 when he’s still not guaranteed to make FTC. Your guess of bringing in a pre-jury boot then could make sense, though, because then that person would have a few days in Ponderosa and a few tribal councils to get up to speed on what’s been going on in the game. If that’s what it is, who do you think Ken would bring back? There’s no obvious pick… maybe CeCe? She was sort of aligned with Ken in the game, and doesn’t have any allegiance with any of the other players left in the game.

              Another possibility is that he could pull someone from the jury back into the game, but that would REALLY screw up the numbers. As it is now, they’ll need to have 3 tribal councils PLUS FTC just to get the numbers down to the “typical” final 3… that’s 4 tribal councils! That’s going to be a crazy finale.

          • ********
            Oh, shoes. Is Adam playing himself out of this thing? Dino – I’m really at a loss as to how Ishani was moved to tears. Nothing seems to be going on here. Unless Adam’s name comes up and has a mental breakdown about his mom at TC.

          • ********
            Okay, this is getting tense. It’s getting dusty in here. I wish Adam and Jay would stick together and do this thing. I hope it gets even more emotional. I love these guys.

            • And this was post-hammock discussion?

              It was the Adam-Jay talk on the hammock about their mothers that got her all verklempt.

            • How did Sunday vote for Jay, yet Jay and Bret voted for David. Were they testing them to see if they’d vote the way they said? Interesting.

              You wouldn’t change ANYTHING Sunday? Come on. I really liked what little we saw of Sunday and I hope her kids WERE proud of her and she felt represented on the show. I was impressed with how she was able to pull in Jay and Hannah as much as she did.

              Not really looking forward to these Ponderosa videos or exit interviews–it’s a pretty boring jury–but what a STELLAR Final 6! Really strong group. This should be exciting. I wish they hadn’t buried Bret for so long early on or I’d think we had a real game here. Ken and Jay basically went invisible for 3 episodes after the merge as well. David seems like the clear winner–and I like him–but I’m really rooting for Adam and Jay. I don’t think either of them will win based on the edit, however. Very curious how it will play out. Glad I changed my fantasy picks to David, though.

        • Power bottom = baby got back?

          I think I get what you’re saying, but I’ve never heard that term before. It makes me chuckle.

          ****TRIBAL COUNCIL 1****

          I loved how the show just blew right through that tribal. Even when Jeff was reading the votes, he was sort of just like ripping them off quickly, as if to say “we could have just done this at the challenge.” So obvious.

          • I believe “power-bottom” comes from the bear community. I heard it from Kevin Smith and Malcolm Ingram. I’m probably the first to use it in a Survivor context, but I like using it here in a similar fashion, a strong player who excels when on the bottom.

  3. Going back to my previous comment regarding the 2nd challenge (above^), I’m really into this relationship between Adam and Jay. It’s very complicated, to a level I don’t think we’ve ever seen before on Survivor. Can anyone think of a similar relationship between two castaways who seemed to love each other like best buds or siblings, but were continually butting heads in the game? It doesn’t seem to matter how many times they go up against each other, they always end up back with each other trying to find a way to work together (even though they both know they can’t).

    There have always been compelling rivals or fun allies in the game, but those are straight-forward relationships – fun to follow, but not nearly as complex as the relationships between Adam and Jay. Can anyone else think of a similar relationship from the past that I’m forgetting?


    These last few weeks of Survivor have been crazy and completely flipped how I saw this game playing out. Now, I think Jay and Adam – players who I thought were essentially drawing dead just two weeks ago – are the front-runners to win, with David, Bret, Ken and Hannah each having an outside shot. For now, this is how I rank each castaway’s probability of winning:

    1. Jay – 38%
    2. Adam – 35%
    3. David – 15%
    4. Ken – 7%
    5/6. Bret and Hannah – 5% (combined)

    If Jay can somehow manage to make FTC, then I think he’ll win in a landslide. He already has Michele, Taylor and Will as “definite” votes, and I could easily see him earning respect votes from Sunday and Zeke, depending on who else makes FTC. However, it’ll be a tough road to toe for him to get there. He essentially has to win individual immunity from here on out in order to make FTC – not only is he “on the bottom” in the numbers, but Adam has correctly identified him as one of the two biggest threats in the game. He won’t survive another vote without protection.

    Adam has really recovered well from some spotty, over-eager gameplay early in the season to have put himself in arguably the strongest position in the game. I think he has the clearest path to FTC out of the “top three” strong players (Jay, Adam, David). My only hesitation in putting him as the most probable winner is that I’m still not sure he’ll get the jury votes in the end. As the jury stands now, I don’t think he gets any votes. Even someone like Zeke, who worked with him for large portions of the game, didn’t seem to really like working with Adam (which is probably why they split up before Zeke’s end). Of course, Adam has his mother’s story… as Cody mentioned on this MSC episode, I hate to mention a personal tragedy story as an advantage in the game, but it really could swing the entire jury into a sympathy vote. That’s the wild card that Adam holds right now, along with his strong position in the game, which is why I slot him in just behind Jay.

    David has been given a great edit, but I’m not entirely convinced he’s played the “best” game so far. He’s had moments when he’s been in control, masterfully navigating his way through this complex game. But he’s also had moments of vulnerability where he’s had no control at all. And while he correctly played his idol to save Jessica early in the game, he incorrectly played his idol on Ken later on leading to Jessica’s rock-draw elimination. Conversely, Adam correctly played his idol on Hannah at the very next tribal. I think the only chance David has of winning is if he makes FTC and neither Jay nor Adam are sitting next to him. Even then, I don’t think it’s a slam dunk win, but he at least has a chance of beating any combination of Ken, Bret and Hannah.

    Ken is a castaway I’ve enjoyed as a character (even if his edit has been a little uneven), but he’s definitely not a good player. I’m still giving Ken an outside shot at winning, though, for two reasons. First, his charm. He is handsome, of course, and as much as we may hate to admit it, that gives him an advantage in the game. In addition to his looks, he seems to have an ability to connect with certain people (but certainly not all people) in a deep way. He seems to have this affect on people that makes them feel better about themselves and makes them want to be around him. I’m thinking of David and Hannah, for example. Second, he has the Legacy advantage. Of course, we don’t know what that is yet – it could be something big or it could be something insignificant, but it’s an advantage in the game that needs to be considered. Perhaps Ken’s biggest downfall, though, is that he seems to really want to go to the end with David, and I’m not sure he can beat him in FTC. However, depending on the jury’s mindset, that display of loyalty could actually work to his advantage.

    Bret and Hannah both have very little chance of winning, imo, but I’m not ready to say they’re drawing dead at this point. Again, depending on the mindset of the jury, I could see a few different paths to victory for both of them.

    Speaking of the jury’s mindset, I’m starting to get a bitter vibe from them. The edit showed a quick line from Taylor to Michele during tribal last night: just after it started raining, he jokingly said to her that this will be the dryest they are tonight. She turned to him and laughed. Now, that could have just been a silly little comment from a goofball person, but it came off to me as a bit mean-spirited. Also, several jury members – specifically, Chris, Jessica and Zeke – have all seemed super pissed when entering the tribal council area.

    Now, I’ve only watched three Ponderosa videos (Michele, Chris and Jessica), so maybe I’m way off on this. But I am getting a very clear bitter vibe. I’m hopeful that won’t be the case, especially with a cast full of solid strategic players and big fans of the game, but it wouldn’t be the first time we see a bitter jury of strong players/ and fans of the game – I mean, it’s something we even see on returning player seasons.

    I think a bitter jury helps Jay and Bret most, and possibly Hannah to an extent. Conversely, I think it would hurt Adam and David the most, and possibly Ken to an extent.

    How does everyone else see the finale playing out, and who are your front-runners to win?

    • Well, this is a surprise. :-) Jay and Adam have a solid shot to win? A better shot than anyone else? I can only think of one guy on these here message boards who was even leaning in that direction 10 or so days ago.

      Adam’s best skill has been his almost magical ability to make the “vote out” conversation about everyone else but him. That power was on full display in this week’s episode. He went through two straight votes with zero protection and, at least as far as we were shown, no one even said to anyone else, “Should we get Adam out while we can?” I don’t even think that’s because they all think he can’t win. I think they’re legitimately overlooking him because he works so hard to keep the focus on other players. He has links with everyone except maybe Ken (albeit much stronger with some than others), and he’s been doing an awesome job of making everyone else seem to be more threatening than him.

      And when Hannah told Adam that she was worried about Sunday (who, I’m convinced, had *zero* chance of winning a three-person finale that wasn’t her, Jessica, and Lucy), Adam realized she wasn’t going to back down and rolled with it.

      I was rooting with the fire of a thousand suns for Jay to keep the idol in his pocket. Damn, damn, damn. And burning Jay’s idol was another big win for Adam. Also: Whether it was cold calculation or not (it didn’t seem like it was, and I really hope that it wasn’t), Adam sharing his personal tragedy with Jay was a BRILLIANT move. Because now the story is out there well in advance of Final Tribal. And if Jay ends up on the jury (which he will, thanks to Adam, unless he goes on an immunity tear), then Adam doesn’t even have to tell anyone else. Jay will take up the standard for him. The story is out there now, and Adam might not even have to mention his mother for their relationship to lock up the win for him.

      It’s also brilliant (and again, possibly more instinctual than calculated) that he’s kept close to Jay despite wanting him out, because it ensures that Jay will respect Adam’s game even if Adam puts him on the jury. Their tortured bromance is definitely one of the most interesting relationships to develop on the show in many moons. I agree 100 percent. I can’t think of anything else directly analogous right now, though my spider sense is tingling that there have been some other similar things to happen.

      I agree that IF Jay gets to final three, he wins in a landslide. But it feels like a pretty damn big IF at this point. His only possible trump card is the reward steal. If there IS another reward challenge, and if the reward IS an advantage in the next immunity challenge, then Jay could be golden.

      I think Adam’s “Survivor” superpower of invisibility makes him a somewhat stronger possibility than Jay, but I agree that, pending the right breaks, they’re both the likeliest winners at this point.

      I think what will trip Ken up, ultimately, is that we’ve already seen several times that his situational charm is strongly outweighed by the number of other people in the game who think he’s a pompous jackass. I think the legacy advantage would be way too powerful if it essentially lets the holder skip past an immunity challenge, so I going to bet that’s what it actually is/does. (Because the producers always seem to hate me about stuff like that.) Free pass to either the Final 5 or Final 4. The game could really break Ken’s way if, say, the legacy advantage is a free pass to the Final 5, and then Ken wins the next immunity. Then he could give the immunity necklace to David and get both of them through to the Final 5. Which seems like it’s exactly what he would do, too.

      David is a strong possible winner, but I think that everyone senses that a little too well at this point to let him through to the Final Three if they can help it. David’s worst nightmare is that Jay wins the next immunity challenge, because I think if Jay is safe (and possibly Ken as well), then Adam, Hannah, and Bret (along with Jay) would immediately pounce on David. David needs to hope like hell that Jay a) doesn’t get a chance to use his reward steal on an immunity challenge advantage, and b) doesn’t just go win another immunity challenge outright.

      I agree with Wolfman that we’ve got an awesome Final Six players. I’m totally pumped for the finale. (Until, that is, Jay and Adam stumble into being the first two vote-outs, Ken wins the last immunity, and Bret and Hannah force pig-headedly force a tie that ends badly for David, giving us a final three of Ken, Hannah and Bret, with Hannah somehow pulling out the win. Blah.)

  5. Natalie from San Juan Del Sur is one of the least satisfying winners ever? You’re crazy Cody! She’s not one of the greatest winners but she was likeable, played a good game and made some big moves.

    • Yeah, I was sort of surprised by that comment, too. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Josh also thinks Natalie Anderson is a less than stellar winner.

      I don’t quite agree.

      • No, I really like Natalie. A lot. I don’t think her late-breaking story is enough to overcome a mostly-disappointing season and the final 5 are so poorly handled by the editors, I think it’s a shame. The best-edited players go out at the merge. Half of the cast doesn’t know the game. We have a quit. A known racist. It’s pretty bad. Natalie is great, though.

    • I’m not saying that Natalie is Fabio-level unsatisfying. But I mostly feel about that season what Josh says below. Except for the part about liking Natalie. She always felt like a bully/blowhard, which rubbed me the wrong way. And her victory felt less to me like a well-planned and executed personal strategy than a late-dawning, if admittedly savvy series of opportunistic snap decisions. “Wait, no one else is going to go for it, here? Fine, then I’ll do it.” I typically applaud savvy opportunism on “Survivor,” but I’m less thrilled when it feel like the savvy opportunist is taking advantage of lucky breaks more than sensing possibilities and bending those into outcomes. Plus I had taken an early shine to Jeremy and was totes bummed when he and Josh took each other out so soon.

        • I like the Fabio win, unapologetically, in a Woo, Keith, Ozzy 1.0, Jay mold. I think it validates the social and physical over strategic, so it challenges my beliefs in a good way.

          I suppose the same could be said for Tina, Ethan, Vecepia, Jenna, Natalie B, and Michele, but I like Fabio better than Tina, Vecepia, Jenna, Amber, Natalie B, and Michele and about the same as Ethan. I’d say Ethan is more likeable, but Fabio is better TV. So, Fabio as the unsatisfying winner example doesn’t work for me. There are at least 6 worse…

          26. Sophie
          28. Ethan
          29. Michele
          30. Tina
          31. Amber
          32. Vacepia
          33. Jenna

          And Natalie A is way up there.


    Any special plans?

    I can’t watch tonight due to a mega-HMP recording. Going to do an afternoon luau tomorrow with the kids, I guess.

    OH, MAN! I was 100% locked on David last night when I entered my picks. Then, I started listening to the Wiggle Room just now on my drive and they pointed out that David is getting the Kathy, Cirie 1.0, Holly, Fishbach 1&2, Aubry edit. That really worries me bc none of them win. Yikes! That’s a legit read. He has to get from Cochran 1.0 to Cochran 2.0 in just one season.

    Jay wins if he gets there, but that will be very difficult. Adam is not getting a typical winner edit and he’s #4 in his alliance. They are my two favorite players, but it’s going to be TOUGH for both to get to the end.

    I’m freaking out here!

    Bret, Hannah, and Ken cannot win.

    I think my winner rankings are still:

    1. David ( because he has the easiest path to the end and can beat everyone but Jay)
    2. Jay (because he wins if he gets there, bthe because he wins if he gets there, but he probably doesn’t gets there, but he probably doesn’t)
    3. Adam (because he has nearly as tough road to the end is Jay, but he can’t be Jay or David)

    And my finisher rankings are still:

    1. David
    2. Hannah
    3. Ken

    Having said that, everybody* thought Aubry and Tai could be Michele at the end last year … so anything can happen.

    *Yes, I know the edit readers were calling it for Michele all season, but nobody thought she was going to win against Aubry**

    **Nobody but Juan

    • I’m not a jerk, so I’ll reply to your post, bro. After you guys confused the crap out of me yesterday, I decided to stop thinking about it and go with David as my pick. My original pick for the finale was Jay, but you and Dino sounded so sure about yourselves that there is absolutely no freaking way that he’ll win, that I switched to my previous original pick from the start of the season, which is David. This is how I’m calling it for points:

      1. David
      2. Adam
      3. Ken
      4. Hannah
      5. Brett

      I went all in on David, because I have nothing to lose. I’m at 30th on The Tribe and 17th on JSFL (technically I’m tied for 4th), so if I win itt’ll propel me a few more spots, but not enough to overtake The Machine. And if I lose, I’m still in a pretty good spot. With my luck though, Jay will probably take it.


    OMG Jay what are you doing?! Even I could tell a fake idol from a real one and I’m not even a super fan.

    Wow Jay, Adam, and David together! That’s a super team right there.

    Jay! Yes! That’s exactly what you needed. Man, I love Jay so much. I don’t want him gone :/

  8. Ok first TC. I’m so glad David’s safe.

    Hannah has come a long way. She seems so much cool-headed now, even cold in her decisions. Good for her.

    The legacy advantage is cool, but it wasn’t any help. I hate it when something like that gets build up but doesn’t have a payoff.

    “Go ahead Jeffrey” hahaha Jay is so damn likable. I think he’s top five for me. Why can’t everybody be like him? Don’t take it personally. Have fun, play hard, but don’t get butt hurt.

          • Wow! Adam found an idol! Jay should’ve found that idol!

            Hannah is so manipulative in this episode’s edit. I called it. I knew she was playing Keyser Söze all along. If she’s able to pull a win… I’ll have to give it to her.

            At TC. What’s going to happen? I need moral support. Where’s everyone?!

            • Yass! I think I called Brett at 5th. Hannah better be next. She has to be next. She was exposed, right?

            • That’s true. There’s no one else to flip with. Hmm. She only goes if Adam takes this challenge.

            • Oh man! Is Ken going to stick with David? I mean, does he even see him as a bigger threat than Adam? The suspense is killing me! I need to go for a run. I’ll be back :/

    • Hi Jenifer. I have not. I just got back into it and my heart is broken. But I shall persevere. Now heading to FTC. I’m pretty sure I know who’s going to take it. I should’ve gone for that person.


  9. It was a fun ride and a fun season, and I’m super excited for the returning players that will be on next season’s show!!

  10. Here’s a little teaser from Probst for season 34… I’m watching a Facebook Live video (below) he did a month or so ago where he answers fans’ questions. One of the questions is what was his favorite blindside ever. His response was that there are moments in both this season and next season that will go down as some of the biggest in Survivor history. Now, of course he would say that, but it still gets me really excited for season 34… especially after seeing some of the players they introduced during Wednesday’s reunion show.

    The favorite blindside question comes around the 18:25 mark in the video:

    • So you did watch the preview. Nice. I thought you usually skip those. Did you see that there was a bit of an uproar on twitter about the apparent exclusion of a certain someone? 😉

      • Oh, no, I always watch next season’s teaser during the reunion show. I did not see anything on Twitter about possible exclusions, though. Hmmmm.

        *********CASTING SPOILER FOR SEASON 34***********

        I don’t see any way that Sandra isn’t the first person voted off.

        *********END SPOILERS********

        • I think I only saw the twitter posts because I happen to follow said person.

          *********CASTING SPOILER FOR SEASON 34***********

          I totally agree. If these people are as smart and seasoned as they should be, then that should be their first vote off, no questions asked. Easy 6 points on JSFL 😉

          *********END SPOILERS********

        • *** SPOILERS ***

          Come on, you two. Sandra is only the first person to go IF her tribe loses the first tribal immunity. She could just as easily wind up on a tribe that wins two or three in a row. Luck of the draw.

          I don’t think she’s necessarily a guaranteed vote out even if her tribe loses first. A lot depends on who else is on her tribe (I could see people arguing that, say, Tony should maybe go before Sandra does [recency bias]), and how quickly she can form some bonds.

          *** END SPOILERS ***

          Nice work winning The Tribe fantasy league, Mr. Machino. :-) I gave it my best shot.

  11. I know I say this a lot, but the best exit interviews from the final five come from Survivor Fans Podcast, in my opinion. They’re so good and much better than the live ones that Rob did at the finale. Except when Ken confronted Rob about his impression. That was priceless.

    • I guess I shouldn’t say better, but because the questions are so different, they make a really nice supplement to all the other interviews, which tend to be very similar.

  12. Ok guys, this is coming from a very new fan of the show and not your typical super fan, so keep that in mind and be gentle.

    Episodes like the finale of this latest season make me question how much scripted stuff there is in the show. I mean, what are the chances that the guy with the most heartbreaking and interesting story had such a crazy turnaround to take it all in the end? I’m not necessarily doubting Adam’s skills as a player, but I am putting into question all the little things that had to fall into place in order for him to win. Take the idol that he found last minute for instance. Jay was looking for an idol too and he just happened to find the fake one that David set up. It was just all too good to be true and I suppose that makes me a non-believer of not just Survivor, but of the reality tv format. Anyway, that’s something that I’m not sure it’s even worth tackling in a show where I know nothing compared to the likes of the hosts and/or the mighty Machino.

      • Bro, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll make it to the show one day. Perhaps you’ll be the next Joe (from Kao Rong) in a few years. 😉

          • Juuuuust kidding. When you make it to the show, I’m putting all my points on you from day one. Are you thinking of sending in your tape soon? How about you, Josh? You both should send it in at the same time and try to be in the same season together. Or would that be near impossible? This brings up a question that you may have answered before: are the contestants of any given season chosen from the same “batch” of tapes sent in during a certain time window or do they get picked and back catalogued? Isn’t that how Joe got to be on the show? 😉

  13. Question for finale wrap up episode: Any hot takes on where MvX lands in your overall Survivor season rankings? I know we’re still fresh off the island and rankings will likely change when going through your upcoming complete rankings redo, but just curious to see where you’re at right now.

    • Honestly, I dreaded the show before it even started, but it grew on me very quickly and it has become a favorite of mine. I maybe a little soon to say top five, but definitely top ten.

      • Yeah, I hate to rank it so soon because I’m still in the afterglow phase, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to end up as one of my favorite new player seasons… possibly a top 5 new player season.

  14. Another question for your season wrap up discussion: Where does David’s fake idol rank among fake idols in Survivor history? Off the top of my head, I’d say it’s up there with Bob’s from Gabon. I feel like there were some other impressive ones in recent seasons, too, but David’s looked pretty legit.

  15. Because I am running out of Christmas movies and shows to watch, I did a deep dive with Seinfeld (I say it was a deep dive because it is a show primarily about Jewish people). The Christmas connections are pretty slight, but the laughs are great, so it’s worth it. Just FYI, the episode numbers I’m finding online don’t always correspond with the numbers I’m seeing on the DVD set, but I haven’t cross-checked all of them. The episode titles are correct, however.

    Here are my findings:

    The Red Dot: Season 3, Episode 11
    (George buys Elaine a cashmere sweater with a red dot and sleeps with the cleaning lady)

    The Pick: Season 4, Episode 13
    (Elaine exposes her nipple in her Christmas card)

    The Race: Season 6, Episode 10
    (Kramer works at a department store Santa and Elaine dates a commie)

    The Strike: Season 9, Episode 10
    (Festivus for the rest of us!)

    And these aren’t actually Christmas, but since the others are so light on the Christmas anyway, these still the vibe and are worth fitting in as well…

    The Mom & Pop Store: Season 6, Episode 8
    (Tim Whatley, Jon Voight, and the Thanksgiving parade)

    The Dinner Party: Season 5, Episode 14
    (Babka, black & white cookie, and George’s Gortex jacket)

    The Rye: Season 7, Episode 11
    (Marbled Rye and Kramer drives a Central Park horse coach)

    The Little Kicks: Season 8, Episode 4
    (Elaine dances badly at her company party)

  16. So did anybody ever do a final tally for the season for our little group here? Seems like Josh mentioned that Dino won, but that was almost more in passing.

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