Movie Stream Cast 78: Game Changers Preview

MSC Game Changers BannerMovie Stream Cast is back from Winter break! This time it’s Josh is joined by film critic Cody Clark for a preview of Survivor season 34, coming from the beautiful Mamanuca Islands of Fiji, Survivor: Game Changers.


We’d like to thank Sharon Rowan for our podcast artwork and Chris Ohran for our music. This episode also contains music from the great Russ Landau. If you enjoyed the podcast, please don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @MovieStreamCast and subscribe on iTunes. You can also reach us by email at

45 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 78: Game Changers Preview

  1. Josh! I’m so excited for tonight! I’ve got my picks and I’m ready to go! Glad to see you back, bro!

    • Yay! Glad to hear it and glad to be back!

      You really should listen to Horror Movie Podcast, occasionally. It’s not all blood and guts. I bet youd enjoy our discussion of Get Out, for example.

      Who is your winner pick?! I went with Malcolm in both leagues.

      • I picked Malcolm in The Tribe and feel confident. Went with Aubry on JSFL for variety’s sake, and feel a little less confident. My Pick 4 roster for Purple Rock is Andrea, Aubry, Malcolm and Ozzy.

        Tough season to figure. I’m very intrigued to see how the Four Horsemen (Sandra, Tony, J.T., and Ozzy) deal with being obvious targets. I think Cirie will wind up being a slightly less obvious target, mostly because she never won and throws off a less Larger Than Life vibe than Ozzy.

        • I think you’re sleeping on Cirie. She’s the second most dangerous person in this game after Tony. And I don’t think JT is on anyone’s hit list except for Cirie.

  2. I think the most likely first boots are Tony, Sandra, Cirie, someone from Koah Rong, Varner and then Ciera. In that order. I think Cirie would be higher, being on a tribe with JT and Ozzy who both want her gone, but I’m betting they are slightly more likely to win the first challenge.

    • Varner and Ciera bc both are sneaky and suck at challenges. But I feel like people are going to want to punish Sandra and be terrified of Cirie and Tony. I think Aubry is strong possibility if people are targeting Koah Rong as a group because she’s more threatening than all the others.

    • I’m going out on a limb to say that Tony and Sandra both make it to the Merge, whether because of the fairly typical One Tribe Goes on a Winning Streak luck factor, or through their own brilliant machinations. Especially if their tribe can avoid TC for an episode or two, then I think they’ll be entrenched enough to not be easy pickings. After the Merge, it will be open season, but by then they’ll probably both have some tricks up their sleeves.

      Russell’s tribe pounced on him on Red-I, but I think Russell had a more obnoxious rep going into that season than either Sandra or Tony will be saddled with here. Also, I don’t think the players here will be as terrified of Sandra and Tony as the first-timers on Red-I were of Russell. Everyone here is going to be at least a little bit sold on his or her own bona fides as a Master of Survivor. That confidence seems bound to make at least some of them wonder whether they can advance their own games by dancing with the devil, and I think they’ll look to ally with Sandra and Tony more readily (which is to say: at all) than first-time players would.

      It wouldn’t surprise me to see Tony and Sandra team up with each other, actually, to turn the tables on the first person or two to come after them. They’re both bound to be shunned, to a degree, and both smart enough to sense the potential benefits of aligning (in a sneaky, low key, Dawn-and-Cochran sort of way) with each other.

      I think the Kaoh Rong Quatro are slightly more susceptible to being voted out early, a) because there are four of them, which will scare people; and b) because Debbie, who seems likely to annoy the heck out of everyone. (Though I will grant that she seemed more capable of containing/channeling the crazy than the likes of Coach and Phillip Sheppard.) Varner and Troyzan are vulnerable (as is Debbie) because they’re practically senior citizens compared to a lot of the other players, and “old” people often get picked on. I think Sierra is likely to be targeted faster than Ciera, just because she seems to be the generally less savvy player of the two of them.

    • Question for the Room: Who will be the first person to attack Sandra, Tony, or J.T., either in confessional, in a private conversation, or at tribal, for being past winners? As in: “We can’t let that person stick around. [Name of person] already won. It’s someone else’s turn!”

      I’m guessing it will be either Ciera or Troyzan on the Sandra/Tony tribe, and either Culpepper or Zeke on the J.T. tribe.

      • I think it will be Aubry and/or Caleb to call out Sandra. Caleb and/or Ciera to call out Tony. Malcolm to call out Cirie. Cirie to call out J.T. and Sandra.

  3. Holy cow! What an episode! First; some malfunction happened with my DVR. Still can’t figure it out. We usually set it to tape and then we start watching about 1/2 hour in, and that gives us some room to skip commercials. But that 20 minutes just wasn’t there. So bummed about that.

    My purple rock four had Tony in it, so that’s too bad. I liked him so much. But Hey! Don’t you just love ’em all? Star-Studded! I truly didn’t want to see anyone go.

    I’ve got J.T. as my overall in JSFL and Zeke for The Tribe.

    And last; how can Sandra get away with shooting off her mouth at Tony at tribal like that? I mean; did any of you think that was uncalled for and kind of stupid of her?

    • Tribal was crazy, but I kind of loved it. I guess I want to see all of the people do what they are best known for and Sandra is known for “getting loud” sometimes.

      Just FYI, the episode is availble on if you want to see that part of the show. It’s free.

      • Oh yeah! I’ll definitely watch it!

        Josh!! Is that surf I hear in the background?!?!
        Winner for Coolest Podcaster Ever.

    • ****34.1 INTRODUCTION SPOILERS****

      Decent start. Not as good as the Cambodia marooning, IMO.

      I’m a little worried about Tony. I do want to see that “Spy Bunker” in action, though. Ooof, he cannot play the same games with this group of people.

      Tony and Cirie are looking like they are on track to be the first boots.

      Or Ciera.

      And Malcolm is looking good as my winner pick.

      Interesting that Caleb is already Tony’s right hand man and that Malcolm doesn’t want Tony out.

      Some changes to the Legacy advantage. Just not an interesting twist, IMO. Hopefully it will play out a little best this time. Sierra is not the most interesting person to have it. Zeke is the only person who knows what this is!

      By the way, this beach is INSANE! Fiji represent.


      And there’s the twist. Aubry is as confused as me. Andrea makes a great point, but doesn’t that just take a tiny bit of pre-planning to decide who the vote goes to?

      Aubry and Michaela showing their challenge beast.

      They just had to try to kill Caleb, out the gate.

      Varner is not loving Jeff’s commentary.

      Sandra & Ciera vs Zeke and Cirie.

      Oh, sh**. Varner, Tony or Ciera could be in trouble. I’m hoping Ciera.

    • ****34.1 SCRAMBLE / 1ST TRIBAL SPOILERS****

      I thought Michaela was a simple decoy boot, but they actually seem freaked out by her reaction when speaking to each other. It’s not just in confessional.

      I’m loving Sandra in this tribal. Loving Varner. Liking Michaela. Liking Troyzan. We’re seeing a LOT of Aubry in this edit. I can see her at the end with Malcolm.

    • ****34.1 POST-TRIBAL SPOILERS****

      OMGoodness. I would love to see Tony, Aubry, Sandra, and Malcolm as a group. I really wish Caleb wasn’t in that group, though.

      Loving Sandra and Tony. This is a fantasy for me.

      I love that Tai is taking on ALL of the chickens this time. And naming them after people’s wives and girlfriends. Haha. JT’s not loving it, though. I wonder if there actually is a strategic danger, there.

      This late night convo with Troyzan and Sandra is exactly what Jonas described his late nights with Troyzan.

      Oh! Sandra!! No!!! I was already completely emotionally invested in these two. Haha. Dang it.

      Cirie could be in serious trouble. Just what I thought with JT and Ozzy. It’s the natural anti-curie alliance. I love Zeke and Cirie together. That’s as much fun as Sandra and Tony. Too good to last.

      Oh, man. Cirie is in trouble. What is she doing with Debbie? And Debbie was one of the few people trash-talking Cirie as a game changer in the pre-game. Cirie is WAY over-playing, but I like that she’s playing hard.

      Oh, man. Sandra. I can’t tell if she is over-playing too. I hate that this is the timeline we’re going down, but I anticipate major fireworks.


      Varner is SO nervous. I wish this guy would get a chance to relax.

      Cirie going to sit out. Nothing worse than sitting out the challenge that sends you to your last tribal council. I hope that’s not the case for Cirie. I think we saw enough Tony vs Sandra that Cirie’s safe.

      Man, Probst is just throwing Varner under the bus at every opportunity. Varner’s strategy of putting all of your weight on it seems like a good idea until 400lbs falls on your head and you drown.

      Hali screwing-up with that snake twice, yet I don’t think there’s any chance that will come back to bite her.

      It seems like Malcolm was pretty good at the carnival games in Caramoan. This could happen for Mana!

      Dang, Michaela has got to chill out. That is going to get her in trouble.

    • ****34.1 SECOND SCRAMBLE****

      This is so intense. How does Tony get himself out of this? This is all Troyzan’s fault. I love that he’s not slowing down. We haven’t seen him actually look for the idol, though. Or anyone, really.

      Ooooh, this is where that Michaela’s edit is going. I love this. Great editing.

      Wait, why is Varner in this discussion? I’m glad he is, but why do they even need Michaela if they have Varner? He doesn’t seem a natural fit for the challenge beast team. In fact, he seems like next on the block after Sandra if they are sticking with strength.

      Crazy. I think it’s Sandra.

    • ****34.1 SECOND TRIBAL SPOILERS****

      I really wish it wasn’t coming to this, but OMGoodness.

      I don’t know why I’m rooting for Tony over Sandra. I think bc Sandra kind flipped on Tony. I actually like Sandra more.


      Wow! Awesome post-vote fight.

    • One thing I love on this show, that we never really discuss, is that moment when Jeff says “Getting your first look at …” the other tribe after tribal council. It’s so much fun to watch, sometimes. It feels like going to a surprise party. I am SO EXCITED to see what the reaction will be to seeing Tony voted off. Often, they keep a poker face, like they did with part one and Ciera’s vote-out, but I have to imagine that Tony will get a huge reaction, being that he was the number one target for most people in the game. I am more excited about that moment than anything else. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


    THE TRIBE (Fun Office Pools) STANDINGS
    David_Cassette – 8
    IcarusArts – 8
    juan_the_one – 5
    Soccer10 – 0
    gbensch – 0
    JeniferP – 0
    Dino-Machino – 0
    jeffprobstshairpiece – 0
    (Didn’t find Sal)

    IcarusArts – 5
    Bean – 4
    Cody – 4
    Dino – 4
    Greg – 3
    JeniferP – 3
    juan_the_one – 3
    sal_roma – 0
    (Didn’t find David)

    • I’m only doing The Tribe. But we’re both doing well straight out of the gate, Josh!

      • The swap next week basically throws out everything we’ve learned this week about the tribe dynamics. Back to educated guesses so soon. I really wanted to read that edit!

        • I think Sandra and Cirie are still likely targets. At first i thought Caleb might be next for being so close to Tony in the instance that Mana goes to Tribal again but I feel like he poses too little of a strategic threat and is too much of a physical advantage to that tribe for them to go down that road.

          I think I’ll throw some points at Michaela too, just because she’s kind of a loose cannon and tends to put people on edge.

          As well as the aforementioned Cirie I feel like Debbie and Ozzy could be in trouble if Nuku go to Tribal so I might consider throwing a point or two their way as well.

          • Keep in mind that there is going to be a tribe swap. I think you’re right that Cirie is still a major target. I don’t get why you think Debbie is particularly a target – except that she’s one of the Koah Rong four. That’s something to consider. And Debbie brings the least to those challenges of those four people. But … we don’t even know what tribes the majority of these people are going to end up on. So, with the very little that we know, I’m think the candidates to go home this week (in order) are:

            1. Sandra
            2. Aubry
            3. JT
            4. Cirie
            5. Debbie
            6. Beast Mode Cowboy
            7. Ozzy

            And this is why I lose the fantasy leagues: I can’t narrow down my picks enough.

            • I’m throwing points to Michaela because of her attitude problem, to Sandra because she’s the #1 threat and if everyone’s smart, they’ll get rid of her as of right meow, and Cirie because she’s Cirie.

            • Well I was mostly just thinking out loud in that comment and now I can’t even remember why I had Debbie as a target. I think it might be due to her tendency to try and dominate any alliance that she’s in. That can rub people the wrong way though in retrospect it seems extreme to think she might go home so soon because of that. But as you say, the Koah Rong 4 might end up being in the crosshairs.

              And I wasn’t aware of the tribe swap at the time but I don’t think that negates the likelihood of Sandra or Cirie being targeted. Nor Michaela because I’m putting points on her just because she’s already putting people on edge with her less-than-filtered approach. I see that being an issue no matter how the tribe swap turns out.

              And I think you’re right to have Aubry on the list though she’s my winner pick so I’m reluctant to show so little faith in her longevity. I think Caleb is pretty unlikely as a vote out now though.

              I guess JT is likely solely because of his winner status but after his second season showing I feel like he might be considered less of a threat.

              I’m almost in the same mindset as Juan, planning to throw most of my points at Cirie and Sandra, a few at Michaela and maybe 1 or 2 on Ozzy.

    • This from Dalton Ross (my homeboy) of Entertainment Weekly:

      “The preview already pretty clearly shows that JT, Aubry, Sandra, Varner, Michaela, and Malcolm will all be on a tribe together, putting JT in an instant minority alliance of one if they stick to original tribe lines(.)”

      If that’s accurate, then J.T. could be in big trouble.

      • I haven’t even seen the preview so this is inside info to me! I’m tempted to throw some points at J.T. now but I think I’ll stick to my original picks. If that is one of the tribe dynamics we end up with a J.T. would almost seem too straightforward. Especially in a game where so many people are already playing so hard.

        I’ll likely live to regret this though.

        • Yeah, I think JT will be the most obvious target. He’s got a double bulls-eye due to his winner status and as the lone person from his starting tribe. He also didn’t’ have great visibility in the premiere and the preview looks bad for him. But it’s a Survivor preview, so it’s probably a decoy.

          Aubry could also remain a target from her old tribe mates if Malcolm, Varner or Sandra think they can work with JT (Sandra should be trying to work with him, but who knows after Tony).

          We don’t know anything about where Cirie or Ozzy end up. I think Ozzy is too vital a resource at challenges to vote out this early.

          Cirie could be in big trouble, especially if she lands with Ozzy.

    • On that front: The ones marked “Reconnecting With…” are just extensions of the very first interviews they did when they landed and not that great, but the ones marked “Interview” if you scroll down a bit, are totally new content. And the “Day After” and “Secret Scenes” are pretty good too.

  5. Dang it! I forgot to enter my JSFL picks and go back to update my Tribe picks.

    Hopefully my initial Tribe picks were strong. I think they were good.

    I already had Tony from last week, so I’m screwed on JSFL unless Sandra goes home. Luckily, Sandra was high on my list, but I was considering going for Aubry in case JT finds an idol and the old Mana decide it’s easier to put their votes on Aubry (who was against them) rather than chance it on JT having an idol.

    Or it’s Cirie and we just haven’t seen that tribe. Uuugh.

  6. *****SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 2*****

    That was kind of a dumb move from JT. Too obvious.

    I’m really liking Culpepper right now. He seems a lot more calm and controlled. Plus he’s decorating!

    Tai is terrible. He’s getting his feelings for Caleb get in the way. I know he’s going to do something stupid that’s going to end up backfiring on Caleb.

    WOW!!!! They caught a fucking goat! Of course Sandra don’t give a shit about the goat. Ugh, I hate her. Either Aubry is being extremely quiet to downplay her game or she’s getting a shitty edit. There weren’t any words coming from her, not even about the goat, which everyone was very vocal about.

    Ozzy vs Caleb vs Malcom. Yass! Well, that wasn’t as exciting as I was hoping haha. Troyzan you sneaky bastard haha I love it.

    Well, there go my points. I really hope it’s not Caleb. Hali doesn’t do much for me, plus Caleb is too valuable to let go. Tai, don’t say “Caleb because we’re friends”! Goddamnit, I knew it! It’s Caleb for sure. Ah Culpepper is playing the Aubry game and grooming Tai. Good for him. Damn, poor Caleb. I actually like him and would’ve loved to have seen what else he had to offer besides his physicality. Culpepper is moving up on my list fast.

    Ozzy still hasn’t shown me anything that makes me feel confident about him as my pick. Maybe I should change it to Malcom or even Culpepper at this point. Hmm…

    • *****SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 2*****

      Ok, just finished the episode.

      Juan, I also thought JT’s idol search move was kind of dumb in how transparent it was at first but keep in mind that he’s in a 5 vs 1 position on that tribe and what he did was ultimately more about getting the others out of the way so he was free to search without being observed than truly hoodwinking them. Now they have more reason to suspect that he might have an idol which puts him in a stronger position considering there’s no one they can split the vote between. If they’re paranoid enough that he does have an idol they might start eyeing up each other as potential eliminations. Not sure if that’s giving JT too much credit though.

      And I came out of this episode with a way higher opinion of Culpepper and not just because of his passion for “antiquing”. He’s playing a great strategic social game so far.

      And yeah it looks like Tai is still as impressionable and strategically clumsy as ever. I was sad to see Caleb go solely because he does seem like a genuinely nice guy and the fact that he seems to hold no grudge against Tai is testament to that.

      And I have to admit, that whole goat situation really did make me dislike Sandra a bit. I get that they’re hungry and it’s a game about survival but her attitude was just cold blooded. It was a little baby and it’s mum for christs sake! And they already have chickens anyway. I was extremely relived that Malcolm, JT, Varner etc showed some heart and compassion for life. Demanding the death of a baby animal on live TV because “the only reason they exist is for us to eat them” is not a good look in my book.

      And man, I was loving Troyzan in this episode. I always enjoy these idols-hidden-at-the-challenge moments. They never fail to up the tension and get me on the edge of my seat and I was happy Troy pulled it off so deftly. I hope he goes a lot further into the game.

      Dino was right and I don’t feel like the playing was quite as intensive and hard this episode as the last one and the tribal council was a little predictable and low-key but the episode was full of memorable moments and great character expansion on some of the players I was originally not too excited about.

      I sure sucked when it came to The Tribe this week though. I got a couple points for one of the bonus questions but as soon as the immunity challenge was over I knew I was out of luck.

      Did you see the preview for the next episode?


    THE TRIBE (Fun Office Pools)

    5 points – Soccer10 (105 overall)
    4 points – gbensch (138 overall)
    3 points – jeffprobsthairpiece (146 overall)
    2 points – IcarusArts (50 overall)
    2 points – David_Cassette (50 overall)
    0 points – Dino-Machino (135 overall)
    0 points – JeniferP (167 overall)
    0 points – juan_the_one (105 overall)


    9 points – Cody
    9 points – Icarus Arts
    8 points – Dino
    7 points – Bean
    7 points – Greg
    7 points – juan_the_one
    6 points – JeniferP
    0 points – sal_roma

      • OVERALL TOTALS FOR THE TRIBE (Fun Office Pools)

        10 – David_Cassette – 50th overall
        10 – IcarusArts – 50th overall
        5 – juan_the_one -105th overall
        5 – Soccer10 – 105th overall
        4 – gbensch – 138th overall
        3 – jeffprobsthairpiece – 146th overall
        0 – Dino-Machino – 167th overall
        0 – points – JeniferP – 167th overall

    • Hahaha #burn

      I wouldn’t be surprised if his all-in strategy starts paying dividends soon though, so watch out, Jenifer!


    Welp, that’s about as fast as I’ve ever gone from “What a fantastic new twist!” to “Aw, HELL no!”

    It’s been many moons since I felt this sick to my stomach about a beloved player getting sacked so early in the season. I think I felt almost as bad about it as (PERSON VOTED OUT) did. Ouch.

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