Movie Stream Cast Bonus: The Final Word on Survivor Kaôh Rōng

MSC Kaoh Rong Finale
Movie Stream Cast is back! This time, for a special bonus episode where Josh is joined by MSC’s resident Survivor experts Cody Clark and Daniel Erenberg for their final thoughts on Survivor: Kaoh Rong “Brawn vs Brain vs Beauty 2”., a recap of the finale, their placement of Kaoh Rong in their season rankings and a preview of Survivor seasons 33 and 34.

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28 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast Bonus: The Final Word on Survivor Kaôh Rōng

    all the info you need to know to get on the show

    though created to predict a winner, this is maybe the most helpful single podcast i’ve ever heard for understanding how to get cast and why you have been cast and how you can win once cast

    Predicting Who Will Win Survivor Based on Casting Type with Angie Caunce

    players talk about gaming the system to get on the show, most to least helpful

    Brian Corridan on Dom & Colin ( from about 0:01:20 )

    Spencer Bledsoe on Dom & Colin ( from about 00:14:20 )

    Nick Maiorano on RHAP ( from about 00:05:50 )

    Chaos Kass on RHAP ( 00:0?:?? )

    Troyzan on SurvivorOz ( from about 00:02:35 )

    Dan Foley on Survivor Fans Podcast ( from about 00:00:00 )

    Dan Foley on Survivor Talk with D&D ( from about 00:17:18 )

    Sophie Clarke on Dom & Colin ( from about 0:01:20 )

    John Cochran on Dom & Colin ( from about 0:09:30 )

    less helpful than you might think, but some important insights, most to least helpful

    Survivor Casting Director Lynne Spillman on SurvivorOz

    Survivor Casting Director Lynne Spillman with Parvati

    Former Survivor Casting Agent Ken Raskoff on RHAP

    these are the casting videos that are referred to over and over again

    Troyzan’s casting tape

    Baylor’s casting tape

    Shane’s casting tape

    Tyson’s casting tape

    not sure how helpful these actually are

    How To Audition For ‘Survivor’ In 2016 (it’s the article, not the video)

    Survivor Audition Techniques and Strategies (forum)

    probably the most generic, but it can’t hurt your prep

    Survivor Executive Producer Mark Burnett on SurvivorOz

    Jeff Probst on RHAP

    Jeff Probst quick casting tips with Reality Wanted


    • Do you think casting preferences have changed much over the course of the show? For example, is there a type of player that you don’t think they’re interested in casting anymore? Or vice versa with a type of player that would have a better chance of being cast today as compared to the early seasons?

      • There are a lot of casting types that don’t appear anymore and new ones crop up occasionally. If you listen to the first link at the top you’ll hear them. But there are certain casting types that come back almost every season.

    • Josh, this is an awesome collection of references. Thanks for taking the time to put this all together.

    • I’ve always been bugged by Tyson’s audition tape because it flies in the face of everything that the producers always say that they want on the show. That audition tape is NOT a genuine human being hanging out with his bros. It’s a completely calculated put-on. It’s a guy pretending to be a “wacky” asshat because he thinks that will get him on the show. And Tyson’s entire first season is just a continuation of that audition tape. Everything he does in “Tocantins” is practically screaming “Put me on the show again!” I don’t think winning the million even crossed his mind that season: He just wanted to make a career for himself as a reality television star.

      I’ve always thought that Tyson must have been secretly PISSED OFF that he wound up on the same season as Coach, who was just being Coach. Coach’s genuine eccentricity blew Tyson’s “everybody look at me!” con job off the screen. Tyson seemed a little lost on “Heroes vs. Villains,” because everybody there was a showboat, and I think he finally dropped the act completely and just played the game on “Blood vs. Water.”

      • Tell us what you REALLY think, Cody!

        I agree that he was just screwing around his first game, was lost his second game and finally gave a crap in Tocantins, but I don’t think it was necessarily this calculated TV whore thing. I think that’s just his personality as a glib, class clown, center-of-attention type of guy.

        • :-)

          I’d probably be more forgiving of the antics if he hadn’t cut the crap so completely (and effectively) in “Blood vs. Water.” (It’s possible there was more of “wacky” Tyson in that season than I’m remembering. I don’t think so, though. His confessionals that season are very telling: He just straight up analyzes things, like the difficulty of managing Monica Culpepper, without clowning for the camera.)

          I don’t know what he’s like in person, so I don’t have any actual opinion of the real Tyson. And he’s perfectly fine as a straight-up player in “Blood vs. Water.” The audition tape is just so heavily edited to showcase zany “bits” (like licking the girl and then saying, “Mmm, chocolate”) that it doesn’t seem possible any of it could have happened organically. Every moment feels coy and rehearsed.

    • Yes, the title is pretty awful, but I don’t hate the concept. And I’m excited after reading that EW article. Can’t wait to see what this “Survivor first” twist early in the game is.

      • Compared to the seasons you’ve been watching as of late, I’d be excited about any concept too. “Just give me a concept! Anything!”

  2. Fellas, this episode was a lot of fun. I’ll admit that I skipped through a lot of it, especially nearer the end, for fear of spoilers, but what I did hear was very thoughtful and interesting discussion. I also think it’s great having Daniel on because Josh and Cody seem to share similar thoughts on Survivor, whereas Daniel’s thoughts and opinions often seem to be a little different… provides a great foil in discussion.

  3. So, has anyone actually listened to our season rankings? I know Dino hasn’t. I feel like Sal and David maybe scanned it. If anyone (like Dino) is interested in hearing our brief thought on just one season or another, let me know and I’ll find you the time codes. I just listened to a bunch of it the other day while working in the garden and I liked it A LOT! If I can say that. We covered a lot of fun topics. We’ll be giving our revised rankings (with Daniel) before season 33, but it won’t have all of this fun discussion, so make sure to check it out.

    • I’ve scanned the rankings in the show notes, but I plan on going back to this once my watch-through is completed (hopefully sometime this winter).

    • I believe you specifically told me to hold off from listening to it until I watched a bunch of seasons. I’m fairly sure it’s the only episode on this site that I haven’t listened to yet.

      I do often look back at that page to see the rankings that you, Cody, and Rachel did though.

    • I’ll let you say it. :-) I listened to the whole thing (got me through a couple of long runs) right after it posted and also enjoyed it.

  4. Survivor Geek Question: I’m listening to Ancient Voices from All-Stars (as one does), and have been able to pick up elements of every prior season’s version… except Thailand. Am I missing it, or is it just not there?

  5. General Survivor question: Do you tend to prefer seasons that begin with two tribes or three? Part of me likes the smaller numbered tribes that three tribe seasons have, but I also find it harder to follow the different storylines of three tribes compared to two. So, I think I prefer two tribe seasons.

    I think about this stuff way too much.

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