Movie Stream Cast Bonus: Millennials vs Gen X Preview

survivor-milennials-vs-gen-xMovie Stream Cast is back from Summer break! This time it’s another special bonus episode where Josh is joined by film Cody Clark for a preview of Survivor seasons 33.

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      • Chacos. Highly recommended. I’ve been wearing that particular pair for 6 or 7 years now. They used to be my everyday footwear, but I can’t be quite so casual at my current day job. Alas.

        • Alas is right. I’ve def seen people wearing Chacos on Survivor lately, too. The producers were only recommending those Keen sandals for the longest time. Which may or may not be why I bought some. Haha. But I love them. They have a hard toe that has saved me multiple times in the wild. Those finger-toe barefoot shoes had a little run there, too. Woo had them, at least. And then I think I saw them on the next season too.

          • A lot of people wore the Vibram FiveFingers – you mentioned Woo, and I know Ozzy and Kelley Wentworth wore them, too. I’m sure I’ve seen them on a few others, but can’t recall specific castaways. I’ve been thinking of getting a pair myself, actually.

            • Me and Rachel actually each recently grabbed a pair on clearance when she was getting shoes at a running store for her Ragnar. They’re a’ight. I can’t imagine wearing them in Survivor. Rachel has also been test-driving some Chacos and really likes hiking with them due to how light they are, but I don’t see much support. The Keen Newport-style sandals are probably the most common Survivor shoe. The producers recommend them. Jonas had a pair of Keen sandals AND a pair of Keen shoes on the show and loves them. I’ve worn mine outdoors all over Utah, Hawaii and Alaska and they’ve always been dependable. But they ugly.

            • And they’re pretty heavy too. Esp for sandals. If you were doing an 11 mile jungle hike, like on Guatemala, I’m not sure if you’d rather have the lighter option or the protective option.

  1. Hey, I remember this place.

    I never thought the day would come, but I’m officially jealous of a young girl’s birthday party. ha Cody’s daughter’s birthday party sounded like so much fun.

    I signed up for both The Tribe and JSFL. I believe my name on both is still just Sal Roma. Let’s see if I can do any better than my awful showing last season.

    Cody Clark already forgetting the name of last season’s winner really sums up how forgettable Dino’s girl really was.

    Stated this in the Twitter chats several times, but I hate the theme for this season. It would already be annoying enough on it’s own, but the theme doesn’t even make much sense. Since when did Gen X and Millennials have this issue against each other? I sincerely hope they give up all of that “Kids today don’t know the meaning of work ethic!” and “Pfft, those old farts need help finding the start button on their computers, lolz” trash as quickly as possible.

    Some cast members that stood out to me:

    David – I have zero faith that he’ll have a chance at being at the final tribal council, but I’m sure he’ll provide some laughs.

    Jay/Justin – Probst compared him to Ozzy and Malcolm. I think by law that means he has to be my favorite this season?

    Michelle – Any interest I had in her due to her looks were killed once I watched her dull CBS profile on Youtube. The endless religion talk was bad enough, but to make matters worse, she sounded so dull.

    Jessica/Fizzy – She can take the place of Michelle as my crush of the season. She seems like she’ll be fun.

    Zeke – Seems like a total character. I can dig it.

    Taylor – I can see him having a good chance at winning if he can take things seriously enough.

    • Yeah, the theme is brutal, but that first 8 minutes wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’m hoping it doesn’t last more than a couple eps.

      I’m surprised you like Taylor and Jay so much. They both seem so dumb.

    • Sal: The birthday party was a blast. I don’t think we’ve ever made one of our kids happier with a party of any kind. Tween girls are weird: One of their favorite parts of the party was eating rice at their camps and doing confessionals. Daddy’s Little Girl been watching for three or four seasons now, and she’s totally hooked. She’s in both the fantasy leagues, The Tribe and JSFL. I think she calls herself Soccer10 (her current favorite pastime that isn’t “Survivor,” “Merlin,” board games, or reading) in the former and Bean (her lifelong nickname) in the latter. I sent Josh a photo of myself in “costume” (not much too it) a couple of months before we did this episode. I’d post it here if the comment tool allowed photos. (Maybe it does and I’m just not savvy enough to know how to do it.)

      • I found Soccer10 on The Tribe, but not on JSFL.

        You should be able to post the image link in here. It won’t show up (We’ll have to click on the link to see the image) since I believe only Josh has the mod powers to make his images show up properly.

  2. Also, what’s up with that noise at 28:54 of the podcast? It was right before Cody posted his winner picks. It sounded as if Gollum came in to say “Darn”, a lengthy pause happened and then Cody said his picks.

    • So that was my six-year-old daughter. My kids generally steer clear when dad is in the basement talking to the laptop, but she really wanted me to get or do something that I am not remembering at the moment. I do remember her making that sound, sort of a frustrated sigh, as she conceded that I wasn’t going to interrupt myself and flopped down next to me on the couch to wait her turn. (She’s currently missing her two top middle teeth as a result of running into a bar on the school playground at recess last year in kindergarten, so a lot of the noises she makes have sort of a raspy lisp to them. Very Gollum-like, indeed.) When I heard it on the podcast this morning, it was both amusing and a little spooky. Kind of a “Stranger Things” moment.

    • By the way, I haven’t seen the premiere yet, which is why I’m carefully avoiding all of the comments below this one. We have to watch at odd times to accommodate my daughter and we also just brought a 17-year-old foster child into our home, so this week has been a little crazy. I probably won’t get to watch until later tonight.

  3. ******SURVIVOR 33 EP 1******
    Halfway though episode one and David is flaming out like Fishbach x10. Zeke and Mari are looking strong, though. That makes me happy. Cannot stand the Tails, Figs, Jay-bro, Namaste group. They are dumber than the “cool kids table” from Caramoan.

  4. —SPOILERS FOR SURVIVOR Millennials vs Gen X EPISODE 1—

    Some random thoughts on the first episode:

    – I hate the theme. Seriously, the theme sucks so much. I can’t think of a past theme that I’ve disliked more than this.

    – All of the talk of the cyclone looked to greatly improve an otherwise so-so season premiere. Instead, both tribes were evacuated, we didn’t see what happened there and other then seeing a bit of a mess once they got back, it was all ignored. Had Mother Nature been smarter, it would have waited until later on in the season to cause some real damage like in the Australian Outback.

    – Love David. He’s my favorite player thus far. If he can get his shit under control, I think he can actually fly under the radar due to what an utter non-threat he is. It worked for Cochran. Truthfully, he’s the only member of Gen X that left much of an impression on me. I hope David can stick around for awhile because otherwise, I’d be concerned with my enjoyment of the season.

    – I feel torn on the tribal council. Normally, I find it a tad annoying that it tends to be obvious who’s going to be in trouble due to which players receive air time, but CeCe was nearly voted out and I can’t remember a single thing about her. I’m now wondering if David is possibly receiving a Winner’s Edit when he wasn’t a factor at tribal council. Then again, maybe CeCe is just another Purple Kelly and far too boring to devote any screen time to.

    – With her name being apparently Figgy and not Fizzy, I’m completely cool with making her my crush of the season. I loved her in the episode.

    – Jay/Justin didn’t show me anything in the episode. Now I’m annoyed that Probst would dare to compare him to the greatness that was Malcolm and Ozzy.

    – It was only one episode long, but Zeke had a great redemption story of sorts. By the end of the episode, I was feeling as if this guy can be more than just someone to provide everyone with a few laughs.

    – Overall, I felt it was a rather underwhelming first episode. It seemed as if nothing really happened and with the cyclone being all hype without delivering anything nasty.

    • ******33 EP 1*******
      Regarding CeeCee, I think that was just a vote split in case Rachel had an idol. Still, if she’s going to get that many votes, it would be a good idea to give us some screen time with her. Maybe she’s just a dud or maybe David’s potential redemption arc is more compelling. It’s eerily similar to Fishy in Cambodia.

    • Speaking to the theme… as much as I want to be on Survivor, I’d be pissed if my first season was called Millenials vs. Gen X because that shit would be displayed next to my name on returning player seasons.

      • Hahaha. Love it. Already calling returning player status!

        I think I’d be bummed with most of these dumb themes too. You’re living the dream … and then Jeff tells you that you’re a “No Collar”?! No, thank you.

        I was actually watching the superfans (Adam, David, Zeke, etc) during the name reveal and they all seemed to dig it. So, maybe they just found people who fit into the tension of the theme so nicely that it wasn’t an issue.

        Def would have been for me and I couldn’t have hidden the look of disappointment on my face.

        • Maybe it’s just a matter of dropping the news at the height of their enthusiasm. If you don’t have time to think about it and still amped up by finally experiencing the Survivor fun, Probst could probably call your momma ugly and you’d still have a big goofy smile on your face.

        • If David ends up being as popular as I imagine he’ll end up being, I could see him getting the offer to return for another season. The only hang up is his career and whether or not he’d have time to do this again.

        • Of course! What are you doing on Survivor if you don’t want to be good or interesting enough to be a returning player?

  5. I signed up for The Tribe and JSFL as Dino-Machino on both. I also went ahead and did the Purple Rock Podcast Pick 4, taking Adam, Bret, Mari, Zeke. I’m feeling pretty good about those four after episode 1.

    I went with Mari as my winner pick on both The Tribe and JSFL.

    • Your picks are looking SOLID! And aside from Brett, who I dislike, those are also my favorite characters on the show.

      I went with my picks from this episode. Mari on The Tribe and Chris on JSFL. I think. Could be reversed.

      I’m under IcarusArts. I think I saw Jenifer on there as well. Hopefully we’ll hear from her soon!

      • I hear you on Bret. My thinking on him, though, was that he and Chris would pair up and make a pretty strong duo, and Chris’ more “in your face” personality would make him the bigger target. So, essentially, Bret could fly under the radar to a degree.

        And that’s sort of what seems to have happened… in ep. 1, at least.

          • Really? Hmmm, I didn’t get that vibe. I guess I can see where you’re coming from, but Bret seems like a nice guy to me. Same with Chris, who gave me a complete opposite vibe in his pre-show video. So, pleasant surprise there.

            • Wow okay. We are always so far off when it comes to personality.

              I mean, I like Scot, so that wasn’t a put-down. In fact I like Scot more than Bret so far. I just don’t see longevity. He seems too cocky and immovable to fair well in a standoff. He is perceptive, though.

              And I liked Chris less than I expected.

  6. David said in Twitter “I hope they drop this narrative fairly soon, or at least revert from pandering to generalisations,” which is, I think, how most of us feel. But David’s comment got me thinking about some of the specific scenes in the show last night and I wondered if there’s a potential growth narrative for the theme itself. That the arc will be overcoming generational differences and stereotypes. I feel like we’re seeing that a bit already. I’m still not particularly interested in that conversation, but it’s better than the “us versus them” ridiculousness we’ve seen so far in “May the Best Generation Win.”

  7. Who are some of the castaways who surprised you one way or the other?

    On the positive side, I’ll say that Ken really surprised me. Based on his pre-show bio and video, I really expected him to be a major douche. However, his showing in episode 1 actually impressed me. He seems like a cool dude who is resourceful and able to get along with lots of different types of people. Bonus: He also has a little bit of a Zoolander thing going.

    On the negative side, I’ll say that David really surprised me by how much he sucked. It sounds like I’ll be in the minority on this one here, but I really disliked everything about David. Maybe Sal is right in that they’re setting up a huge redemption arc for him… if that happens, then maybe it could be cool. But he’s already facing a huge mountain to climb for redemption in my eyes.

    I’ll be posting initial impressions of more castaways and ep. 1 in general later today, but wanted to get these two big surprises out there now.

    • ******33 EP 1******

      I REALLY disliked Ken, but I agree that he seemed to do well and was much more capable than I’d imagined. Still, he was outside the main Gen-X voting block, so we maybe aren’t seeing the full story.

      I was REALLY disappointed in David. I can’t believe how badly he just dug himself a hole through paranoia and overplay.

      I’d say I’m much more impressed with Figgy than I was pre-season. That group may be in trouble, but she’s got her head on and I think she could manuver out of it if their alliance is targeted.

      I already loved Zeke and had high hopes, but I was surprised how serious he was and how he really played better than I’d expected.

      Mari as well. I already liked her, but she’s even better than I thought she’d be.

      Hannah was flat and remained more annoying to me than impressive.

      CeeCee was another that underperformed for me. I had agreed with Juan that she seemed solid in the pre-season, but she blew it in episode one.

      I like Chris less than I’d hoped, but I think he’s a decent player and is in a good spot.

      • Interesting perspective on a few castaways. Some follow-up questions/comments:

        – What is it about Ken that you didn’t like?

        – I agree that Figgy seems to have her head in the game, but I almost feel like she’s too ingrained in the Triforce that it’ll be hard for her to get out. Once the Millenials lose an immunity challenge, I feel like she’ll be the first to be targeted.

        – I’m still surprised by your dislike for Hannah. I agree that she wasn’t necessarily “impressive,” but I thought she was interesting as an alt character. Of course, this is all subjective.

        – What is it about Chris that made you like him less than pre-show? Is it a character/interest thing or his gameplay? Because I thought he showed himself to be a pretty good player, as you said.

        • I agree with Dino about David and Ken. My view of them took a 180 after the first episode. I was expecting David to be a lot funnier than he is, but so far he’s kind of blah and his paranoia is too much. I can’t stand it.

          I agree with Josh about Hannah, Mari, and Zeke. Hannah didn’t annoy me as much, but I just don’t care for her. Zeke and Mari really impressed me. I still haven’t seen enough of them to get attached to them, but I can see them being favorites of mine them by the end of the show.

          • KEN: Just seemed like a dumb California frat boy. He was more capable that I thought he’d be, but I just didn’t like his vibe so far. I’m not coming out strong against him or anyting.

            FIGGY: I think she’s got way more ability than the others in the Tri-Force, so I think she can last.

            HANNAH: She just feels like Rachel’s little brother’s friends to me. And you all know how I feel about them (wink). I wanted to like her from her bio, but I just can’t stand the way she talks. So far. Compare her even to Aubry and she’s not the same caliber casting. Imagine her vs someone like Parvati. Again, not coming out strong against her, just wanted to like her more than I did.

            CHRIS: Chris was fine. He is playing okay. Just a less interesting personality than came across pre-season. He had talked a little more like a villain and I was hoping for that.

  8. Just a heads up, the “Getting to Know” videos are much better than the “Meet the Castaways” videos, imo. They’re longer, so not as easily digestible, but they eliminate all the cheese and allow the castaways to dive down deeper into who they are and what their motivations are.

    As an example, here’s Adam’s…

  9. Ok guys. I’m signed up on all 3 fantasy leagues! I spent so much time on Survivor last season trying to beat you all… I took notes, listened to blogs and commentary watched previews.. to no avail. I still sucked. I’m not going to do that this time. I’m going with my gut. I might be an easy player for you guys to beat, but I promise to play.

    My overall pick for The Tribe is Chris
    My Purple Rock 4 are Chris, Jessica, Hanna and Michelle.
    Did I already miss the window for a USB pick on JSFL? It won’t let me choose one.

    • Mari and Zeke, for sure. David, if he doesn’t flame out. Nobody else is really popping for me, yet, but I can imagine that the tri-force guys could be fan favorites if they truly are as good as they think they are in challenges. Possibly Hannah is she ups her game, the show is so starved for female All-Stars.

  10. Best Survivor editor joke in Season 33, Episode 1:

    Tails is talking about all of the cool things he’s done in his life and he says, “I’ve been to North Dakota” which was clearly not the end of that sentence. If I had to guess, he probably worked in the oil fields there. Which is pretty crazy (covered well in the documentary The Overnighters) and worth noting. But whatever he said, it was clear to me that there wasn’t a period after North Dakota. Still, funny joke, even at Taylor’s expense.

    • I caught that, too, but I didn’t think it was an editor joke. I just thought it was an odd thing to mention as a “cool thing” he’s done in his life, which would fit with Tails’ goofy character.


    6 – IcarusArts
    4 – Cody
    4 – Dino
    4 – juan_the_one
    3 – Sal Roma
    0 – jeniferp

    David? Did you not sign up? Cody, what are your wife and daughter signed up as? Is that everyone doing it this season? I need to check with Aaron.

        • Trying really hard to not be so competitive, but I don’t like not winning.

          I won’t be getting so deep into Edgic and spoilers (i.e. analyzing press photos, watching preview videos, discussing fan theories on reddit, stuff like that). That’s more what I meant about not being as competitive this season.

    • My daughter is Soccer10 in The Tribe and Bean in JSFL. My wife elected not to participate. She’s never really caught the fantasy bug.


    8 – IcarusArts
    5 – Dino-Machino
    0 – jeniferp
    0 – jeffprobstshairpiece
    0 – Sal Roma
    0 – juan_the_one

    • Technically, they are saying I’m in 4th place overall because it is a three-way tie for 1st place. But, practically, I’m in 2nd place. I’m not getting cocky. I don’t expect that to hold. I’m just enjoying this moment on top.

    • Cody’s daughter’s username at The Tribe is Soccer10.

      So it would be:

      8 – IcarusArts
      5 – Dino-Machino
      4 – Soccer10
      0 – jeniferp
      0 – jeffprobstshairpiece
      0 – Sal Roma
      0 – juan_the_one

      • Cody has forced me to cyber-stalk his daughter to get this info. He said her name in the ep and then I cross-referenced that with JSFL users living in Utah and … nothing. And David has been radio-silent on this, but I’m guessing he’s not in it.

  13. Guys, I’m having a major crisis with The Tribe. Trying to decide how much I should spread my points around. I have two strong picks and two decent backups, but I’m afraid someone will do something crazy and go all-in. Anyone else here willing to discuss the strategy they are taking with the fantasy leagues? Shotgun approach versus laser?

    • Go big or go home, Josh.

      My plan is to spread across 3 or 4 people these first few weeks until I feel I have a better handle on what’s going on. So, my handle on what’s going on will dictate my strategy.

  14. Man, these opening titles are really cool (other than the shots of my dad, which are weird). So beautiful.

    Have you guys ever seen the mini-doc on Scott Duncan, the guy who shoots the opening titles? I couldn’t find it online. Going to check my DVDs. I think it is one China. That’s the one with all of the great Survivor behind-the-scenes.

  15. So now that everyone has moved on from this thread, here’s what I think after one episode: [MANY SPOILERS BELOW]

    You know that cyclone must have been pretty bad if they actually evacuated the players. They’ve left them to rot in some pretty lousy conditions before.

    Bad decision (obviously) by the Gen X team on the challenge. Why are people so freaked out by balance beams? This one wasn’t even a hard balance beam. And I really doubt that opening the gates on the rope crawl save them *that* much time. I love challenges that force heat-of-the-moment decisions, however, and that have advantages and disadvantages in play, so I enjoyed this one quite a bit.

    I’m also a sucker for anyone who can make fire (even if they’re a superfan who has seen other players do it a few dozen times), so mad props to Zeke, especially since he seems to have not been 100 percent confident it would work. Also, I think this is roughly the 12,450th time on “Survivor” where the tribe that already has fire wins the firemaking equipment. It (almost) never fails.

    Boring decision by the Gen X gang to vote off someone who “failed” at the challenge. It also always makes cringe a little when everyone look around, picks the most “other” person in the tribe, and votes them out. Seems to happen a lot on “Survivor.” Sure, Rachel had a couple of strikes against her already, and Lucy didn’t seem to attract any negative attention for her own “other”-ness, but still. Also probably not by accident that Ciandre was the obvious “in case Rachel has an idol” fallback.

    Since Ciandre is on the outs, and since there are only four women now anyway, there’s a Team Gen X power dudes alliance there for the taking if Ken, Chris, Bret and Paul can keep David calm. For that reason, I think David will probably be safe for a while if he can keep himself even 50 percent level (which clearly might be asking a lot). Of the women, I’d guess that Jessica and Sunday are ahead of Lucy in the pecking order. Poor Ciandre. Her best bet at the moment is seemingly to hope for a few tribal immunity wins and try to get in good with a couple of the dudes.

    Across the island, Taylor and Figgy (and probably to a slightly lesser extent Michelle and Justin) would appear to be the latest candidates for Survivor Remedial Math tutoring. I tend to give people who think they are “controlling” the game in Week One with a three- or four-person alliance the benefit of the doubt in that they probably look around and figure everyone else is either involved in smaller alliances or drifting around on a free agent/up-for-grabs wavelength. Taylor, however, might actually be the occasional airhead who can’t count to six (or sometimes five). Bro, you’re not in control if there’s even a chance that at least 50 percent of the votes are against you.

    After one week, I’d group the tribes as follows:

    Potentially in charge: Ken, Chris, Bret
    Secure: Paul, Sunday, Jessica
    Shaky: Lucy, David
    Danger, Will Robinson!: Ciandre

    Potentially in charge: Adam, Mari
    Secure: Zeke, Will, Michaela
    Shaky: Hannah, Michelle, Justin
    Danger, Will Robinson!: Taylor, Figgy

    • Love your comments until the bottom, but then I have a few questions about those rankings:

      1. I don’t think Ken is in charge. We didn’t see him in the conversations about who to vote off and in her exit interviews, Rachel said that she was close to Ken, but he flipped when he realized he wasn’t in the numbers. Exit interviews are not canon, but we haven’t really seen Ken in charge at all. Unless I’m missing something.

      2. What makes you think Lucy is shaky? We haven’t seen much (if anything?) of her.

      3. What makes you think Adam is in charge? We didn’t see him in any of those Freaks & Geeks talks or the Tri-Force talks.

      • Have to agree with Josh, regarding Ken. I like the guy after one episode, but I would move him down to shaky based on him not being part of the majority alliance. I would also move Lucy up to secure for the same (but opposite) reason. If Ken can make it to the first tribe swap, though, I think he’ll at least make it to the merge.

        I’m with Cody regarding Adam, though. Hannah and Mari were the first two who we saw talking about getting all the misfits together, but afterwards we saw Mari and Adam discussing more specific “alliance” strategy. I think Mari is ultimately driving that ship, but it seemed to me like Adam was her first mate.

        • Part of why I think Ken might be potentially on the “in charge” tier is that I think Bret and Chris both trust/accept him (and Paul, to a slightly lesser extent). I think the three of them are a couple of degrees more likely to come together, ultimately, than Bret/Chris/Paul are. Also, I think everyone is kind of looking at Ken as a natural bridge to the Millennials, so I think that gives him an edge over Paul, Jessica and Sunday. Although if the history of “Survivor” has shown anything, it’s that original tribal alignments tend to be the most durable. So Ken’s potentially being able to relate to the Millennials is maybe just as likely to be viewed as being a liability as an asset.

          • I feel like Ken’s potential relatability with the Millenials will be seen as a liability, especially if their numbers continue to decline over the next few episodes. Also, there’s a difference between seeing yourself as a decision-maker and having others see you as a decision-maker. Ken was definitely one of the leads in building the shelter, but that’s not the same as running the camp. I fear that Ken might be in trouble despite his appearance (or his belief) of being in charge.

            I hope I’m wrong. I like Ken.

    • Well, I did say “potentially” in charge regarding both tribes. Part of it is that I get the sense from Adam that he *wants* to be in charge. It’s rare for that mantle to fall on someone who’s not seeking it. That’s also why I don’t view Zeke as being in that role, or at least not yet. I think he’s trying to stay one step below the top of the pyramid, for now. I also get the vibe from Adam, however, that he has a sense of how to take charge without appearing to take charge, which is equally vital. Same thing with Mari in both respects: I think she wants to be at the top, and I think she socially adept enough to get there without making a fuss about it.

      It’s a little clearer on the Gen X side. I think they’re all trying to hang back a bit (there’s more Zeke-esque caution just generally speaking), but Chris, Ken and Bret each seem to see themselves as being a decision maker / pacesetter. Paul, Sunday and Jessica, for example, each seem (to me at least) to view themselves in the role of loyal soldier, at least for now. Lucy is in trouble for the same reason that Rachel is gone and Ciandre is at the bottom. She’s an easy target. One of the most predictable and consistent social dynamics that comes up on “Survivor” is the whole idea of “Who is most like me.” It isn’t always about race or ethnicity, though there’s often an element of that in play, and it isn’t always conscious. Lucy seems to be on the reclusive side, which also isn’t helping her cause, but mostly I just think it’s that the other players are overlooking/discounting her because she’s easy to single out.

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