Movie Stream Cast Bonus: Survivor Second Chance

survivorSecondChanceVote_600x600On this special bonus episode of Movie Stream Cast, Josh and Cody discuss the upcoming Survivor: Second Chance season contestants and welcome four of the returning Survivors to the show: Peih-Gee Law, Andrew Savage, Kelley Wentworth, and Jeff Varner.

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Vote here: Survivor Second Chance!

Josh and Cody discuss the upcoming season of Survivor.

[00:04:42] SURVIVOR 32
Josh teases location and twist spoilers for season 32.

Josh and Cody agree to disagree about their season 31 favorites.

Josh interviews some of those on which he and Cody can agree.

[00:21:52] PEIH-GEE
Josh’s interview with Survivor 31 endorsement Peih-Gee Law

[00:29:33] ANDREW SAVAGE
Josh’s interview with Survivor 31 endorsement Andrew Savage

Josh’s interview with Survivor 31 endorsement Kelley Wentworth

[00:51:26] JEFF VARNER
Josh’s interview with Survivor 31 endorsement Jeff Varner

All of Josh and Cody’s official joint endorsements:

1. Peih-Gee Law
2. Kelley Wentworth
3. “Chaos” Kass McQuillen

1. Andrew Savage
2. Jeff Varner
3. Terry Deitz
4. Stephen Fishbach

Fill out your ballots with Josh and Cody’s other favorites:

1. Shane Powers
2. Stephen Fischbach
3. Terry Deitz
4. Jeff Varner
5. Andrew Savage

Jeremy, Jim, Max, Troyzan, Vytas, Woo


*I’m not wasting a vote on Mike because he has to win season 30.
*I’m not wasting a vote for Spencer or Joe because they’ll get on no matter what.JOSH’S LOCKED WOMEN VOTES
1. Chaos Kass
2. Peih-Gee
3. Kelley Wentworth

T-Bird, Wiglesworth, Ciera, Tasha, Sabrina, Shirin, Stephanie, Mikayla

Monica, Natalie, Abi, Kimmi

1. Terry Deitz
2. Stephen Fishbach
3. Joe Anglim
4. Mike Holloway
5. Andrew Savage
6. Jeff Varner
7. Jim Rice
8. Woo Hwang
9. Jeremy Collins
10. Spencer Bledsoe

Keith, Shane


1. Kelly Wiglesworth
2. Tasha Fox
3. Ciera Eastin
4. Peih-Gee Law
5. Kelley Wentworth
6. Chaos Kass
7. T-Bird
8. Shirin Oskooi
9. Sabrina
10. Mama C
Mikayla, Abi-Maria
Natalie, Monica, Stephanie, Kimmi

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43 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast Bonus: Survivor Second Chance

  1. Dammit! I was hoping the next reality TV themed bonus episode would cover “Vanilla Ice Goes Amish”. Back to MPW I go.

      • There’s no hating here, Josh. Just another of my slipshod attempts at obscurely referential humour. Cody will understand.

        I won’t pretend that I’m in any way a fan of “Survivor” but I’ll still listen to this, right now in fact.

          • I listened not out of obligation but because even when you guys are talking about stuff totally outside my tiny sphere of knowledge it’s still entertaining to hear. If people talk passionately about almost any subject then it can be interesting. Except sports and fashion.

        • And I got your joke, brother. Under normal circumstances, it would have been hilarious, but this vote is inexplicably important to me. You need to get Juan and Dino over here and voting! I’ve passed the point of no return as a Survivor nerd, I guess.

          • I actually just went over to with the full intention of voting (out of what little goodness is left in the shrivelled husk of my heart) but unfortunately it only seems to be open to folks in the US, Canada and Australia. Sorry Josh :-[

            I’ll try and cajole Juan and Dino into helping out though.

        • We need to have a group Survivor watch. I guarantee we can find a season that appeals to everyone and we’ll have a blast discussing it. You just have to commit to a full season to get the full effect. Matt and Liz over at The Sci-Fi Podcast are going to watch two full seasons if I will commit to watching a season of Buffy and a season of Firefly. What deal can I strike with you guys? Want me to watch Daredevil, Juan?

          • This is like being given a blank cheque! Just like in that movie from the 90’s about the little kid who becomes a millionaire. I think it was called “Dunston Cheques In”.

            I’m tempted to reiterate my horror movie recommendations of stuff like “Xtro” and “Matango” but I’m hoping you already have those on your list so my deal is this: I’ll watch a full season of “Survivor” if you watch the first season of the British comedy “Peep Show”. It’s basically a modern interpretation of “the odd couple” paradigm but presented in a really interesting way. Almost entirely POV shots and lots of characters thoughts represented in the form of internal monologues often in hilarious contrast to the things they actually say out loud. A similar brand of humour to the original series of “The Office” with an emphasis on awkward social interactions and organic character driven comedy. The first season is only 6 episodes and though the pilot is a little shaky it soon picks up.

            If you watch “Peep Show” series 1 then I’ll watch a season of “Survivor” though I’d like you to recommend me a specific season you think I might enjoy. The thing that has put me off the show in the past is simply the fact that I generally dislike manipulative, obnoxious people who are only out for number one. I guess a part of that is intrinsic to the nature of the concept but I’d like a season where at least a few of the contestants have likeable personalities rather than them all being muscle-bound/bikini clad narcissists. On teh flip-side though; the more Lord of the Flies-esque the better.

  2. Long time listener first time commenter. I loved this episode and Im looking forward to your other Survivor episode. Andrew Savage is a dreamboat. I have been voting for him daily. Good job with his interview. Your questions were so funny. I like all of the older players but I really didnt know anything about Kelley. I remember her dad but forgot about her. Im glad you reminded me because she is a really exciting option.

    • Always love hearing from new people. It makes this all feel real. So glad you are appreciating the coverage and glad we could sway you on Kelley’s vote. Come back here more often!

  3. Hi Josh and Cody! I voted for both Kelly and Kelley because, why not? -Kelli

  4. I love the podcast, BTW, I just never normally never come to podcast websites because I listen while I jog. I had to come for this one, though.

    • Thanks for joining us. We love Peih-Gee too. I would have argued for Stephanie if I hadn’t spent so much time on Troyzan. People have no patience for those players. We all rip on the “casuals” so much, but the “die hards” can be every bit as closed-minded. Hope they both did well. I had to work tonight, so I’m anxiously waiting for the show to post on

  5. Excellent episode. I love it when you guys talk about Survivor. None of my friends are into it. I especially enjoyed hearing from Jeff Varner and Andrew Savage.

    You actually swayed my vote away from Kelly Wiglesworth. She is the only old schooler I didn’t vote for. I generally think that the people who have waited the longest deserve to come back most.

    Here is my ballot for the women.

    1) Tasha
    2) Sabrina
    3) T Bird
    4) Peih Gee
    5) Kass
    6) Kimmi
    7) Ciera
    8) Mikayla
    9) Stephanie
    10) Abbi Maria

    Here is my ballot for the men.

    1) Terry
    2. Jeff
    3. Savage
    4. Shane
    5. Stephen
    6. Jim
    7. Troyzan
    8. Vytas
    9. Brad
    10. Spencer

    • Nice lists. I actually still voted for Wiglesworth, myself. Just wasn’t totally happy about it. Wish I’d argued against Kimmi too. Waste of a spot. Abi doesn’t have any more game in my opinion, but she would be fine on the show. Natalie, Monica, and Kimmi occupy my bottom spots.

      • The field of women was a little weak to be honest. I won’t spoil the outcome since you haven’t seen it. You shouldn’t even be online right now. You are going to get spoiled.

        That’s really cool that you broke the Season 32 news. I wasn’t sure if you were joking at first until you repeated it. How did you find that out?

        If you and Cody do a Survivor podcast, I will listen to it.

        • I have to be online! I’m just sitting here refreshing, waiting for the finale to post. It’s tough. I keep resisting the urge to log into Twitter.

          I’d like to do a Survivor podcast, but I’d want to see if this episode gets any traction in the Survivor online community first. We’ve had a few nice responses. One from another Survivor podcast that I really like. Truthfully, I don’t have time for it, though.

          • I would rather see you post this podcast on time more often and also go back to Movie Podcast Weekly before starting a new show. I’m just letting you know that I enjoy your coverage and it is clear that you guys have very informed opinions on Survivor.

  6. I HATE Survivor. I can’t believe that you guys are fans. But I’ve got nothing but love for you guys, so I voted for your guys and gals.

    May the higher powers have mercy on your souls.

  7. I already voted a million times but I liked hearing your podcast anyway. You have really different kinds of interview questions and really different opinions from the other superfan podcasts.

  8. Great! Are you happy now, Cody?! Shane Powers didn’t get on despite polling at 94% in the online polls. I blame you and your keen argumentative skills on this podcast! I’m so sad. I love Shane. It won’t be the same without him. He just did an interview on Rob Has a Podcast and said he’s done with Survivor forever. How can you sleep at night.

    BTW, I absolutely destroyed you on the Survivor Fans Podcast JSFL, 84 to 55. Of course, the winner was at 122, so … I have some room for improvement.

    What was your screen name on The Tribe Podcast fantasy league? Was it Jeff Probst’s Hair Piece? We ended really close in the overall if that’s you. I was only ahead by a couple of point and it looked like you forgot to enter picks a couple of times. Is that right? I placed 18th last week, but 35th overall with 146 points.

    I never really figured out how the Purple Rock Podcast fantasy league worked, but I’m pretty sure I lost because I had Will. Couldn’t have started the game with a worse pick. I really thought he’d be a charmer based on his “YouTube sensation” video that was on Leno. Boy, was I wrong.

    • You never can tell with returning players. Maybe Shane would have been a boon to Season 31. Maybe it would have been fun to watch him. Nobody is a bigger fan of Russell Hantz 1.0 than me, but I enjoyed watching him about 25 percent less on “Heroes vs. Villains,” and about 25 percent less than that in his brief stint on “Redemption Island.” Same curve of diminishing returns with Rupert, even though he actually peaked, at least in terms of outlasting, on his second go-round. Same thing with Ozzy, though he bounced back a little on “South Pacific” from his “Fans vs. Favorites” washout. So maybe voting for players I enjoyed a lot the first time will come back to haunt me.

      Hats off to your Fantasy “Survivor” dominance. We probably did about the same in the Purple Rock league, which hasn’t posted final standings yet. I had two weeks where I surged up the standings in the Tribe league, but I stalled out before coming on strong again in the final week. (And yes, Jeff P’s Hairpiece is my entry.) For some reason, I suck at that JSFL league. I’m sure I’ll play all three leagues again next season. I am usually pretty intense about making picks, but one week got away from me near the end. Alas.

  9. Ohmygosh, Ohmygosh, Ohmygosh!! I am so excited about your Survivor episode!!! HOW did you get those cool interviews??? I am geeking out so bad right now!! Please do more – Please do more!! I’ve never done a fantasy league, but I want to. I’m also not a “voter”. (sorry) I’ve watched Survivor from the very beginning, but I don’t really consider myself a Superfan. I gave up on watching just one time and what happened? Russell Hantz! I’ll never quit again!! I will follow every Survivor commentary you do. If you ever need a host for a meet-up, I’m your guy!!

  10. I already voted, but the pod cast is always so much fun to listen! You guys are awesome 😀

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