Movie Stream Cast Bonus: Wet Hot American Summer (2001) and First Day of Camp (2015)

Wet Hot American Summer BannerOn this special bonus episode of Movie Stream Cast, Andy is back and we are joined by special guest Geek Cast Ry, to discuss all things Wet and Hot! That’s right, we are reviewing the new Netflix Original Series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp as well as the original 2001 cult-classic Wet Hot American Summer which is streaming for a subscription on Netflix, and a $2.99 digital rental on Amazon, Google Play, and YouTube. And you’ll get another random list of recommendations when Josh gives you his Top 5 Camp Movies list.


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38 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast Bonus: Wet Hot American Summer (2001) and First Day of Camp (2015)

  1. A couple of camp videos for you.

    It turns out there were more Camp Chippewa scenes than I remembered in The Addams Family Values, but this is the one that I was referring to, the Thanksgiving Day play: here

    Man, I want to watch that whole movie again.

    And here is a random slideshow video that I found on YouTube of the Scout Camp I attended for years, Camp Little Lemhi: here

    The video is only a minute forty, but I can imagine you all not making it through. Stick it out to around forty seconds and you’ll see some of the more magical locations, like the amazing waterfall.

    Now, I want to find out which camp Andy was a counselor at.

  2. I mentioned this over on MPW #150, but I gave WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER TV series another chance after Ryan’s stern advice of watching the movie first. The first episode of the TV series didn’t make me laugh at all. I didn’t understand the humor and it just seemed pretty stupid to have these old farts playing teens. Once I went back and watched the movie, which I loved upon one viewing, I went back and re-watched the first episode everything made far more sense. The comedy makes far more sense as the natural progression from what the parody of the first film began. Seeing the movie before the series also characters and events in the series feel more memorable and extra laughs were had.

    I’m only halfway through the series, but I’m now loving it. Watching the movie in 2015, the amount of star power in it is pretty astounding.

    I don’t have many thoughts on your top five summer camp movies since I haven’t seen all of them, but I’m surprised you listed FRIDAY THE 13TH instead of JASON LIVES. Even though you are at the lake, the original FRIDAY doesn’t feel like a summer camp movie to me. JASON LIVES, on the other hand, finally does something that I had been waiting for the FRIDAY series to do since the first movie – introduce the campers.

    I think you sold me on watching JESUS CAMP. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too many horror movies, but the extremists Christians really creep me out. Added JESUS CAMP to my Netflix queue.

    Looking up other summer camp movies on Netflix, I am absolutely heartbroken that they don’t have ERNEST GOES TO CAMP. My misery and despair is only heightened by the fact that they only have a single Ernest movie – ERNEST SAVES CHRISTMAS currently streaming on Netflix. What does a guy have to do in order to watch some Ernest f’n P. Worrell?!

    • Sal, thanks for the comments here and especially those on the past couple of episodes. I’ve really enjoyed and appreciated them and I will respond. I’ve just been traveling and working on the sci-fi podcast posts in my little spare time.

      I totally back everything you are saying about Wet Hot. Makes perfect sense.

      Re: Friday the 13th, I considered Part 6 for the reasons you mention (and Part 2 as well), but ultimately felt that although those camper scenes were refreshing and a long time coming the movie wasn’t really about camp as much as all of this ancillary (to my camp list) stuff with Tommy and the resurrected Jason and this legend, etc. The first Friday, on the other hand, really feels rooted at Camp Crystal Lake. Not sure if you have heard our F13th Franchise coverage on Horror Movie Podcadt yet, but I’m totally sold on the virtues of Part 6. Just happy to give credit to the more grounded original in this case.

      Absolutely watch Jesus Camp. I haven’t really experienced this conservative American Christianity first-hand, and I have no judgement about the culture or belief in general, to each their own, but the wrong-headed indoctrination shown in this film is terrifying. Just FYI, while the liberal talk radio framing device is pretty clunky, the raw footage of these kids is powerful and heartbreaking. Definitely stick it out if it feels dull or didactic up front.

      • I’m actually with you on Ernest Goes to Camp as well. It’s probably better than all of my honorable mentions. Totally spaced that. Such good childhood memories of that goofy movie.

      • In regards to HMP’s coverage of FRIDAY THE 13TH, I believe I listened to the entire franchise reviews back in June before I even posted my first comment on HMP’s board. At this point, I believe I’m fully caught up with HMP, which caused me to begin listening to The Sci-FI Podcast. I’ve listened to the first three episodes. I can’t say I have a lot to say since I’m not as into sci-fi as I am with horror, but the podcast did make me want to watch CHAPPIE while recommending JUPITER ASCENDING to my nemesis*.

        For me though, while the first FRIDAY does play heavily into summer camp, we don’t actually get there yet. So until we get campers, the camp feels like a regular workplace. Change the location and the feel doesn’t get changed much. For JASON LIVES, it is a lot about Tommy vs Jason, but you can’t have a fight between them without Crystal Lake. It’s like trying to watch Godzilla vs Mothra battling in the streets of Porvo, Utah. While they’re fighting, you have kids trying to enjoy summer camp and counselors trying to go about their run of the mill tasks at the camp.

        To each their own though. For summer camp horror movies, I think of JASON LIVES, THE BURNING and SLEEPAWAY CAMP before FRIDAY THE 13TH.

        I’ll give you some thoughts on JESUS CAMP after I see it. That or SCREAM 2 is next for me.

        *Need to find an official nemesis in life.

        • Also just watched Chappie with my four year old son (minus a few of the most intense scenes, of course). He loved and I still love it. Curious if you’ll side with me or Jay. He was pretty harsh on the film when he reviewed it for MPW.

          • Jay was waaaaay to harsh on Chappie for no apparent reason. I kind of hated him a little for that.

          • Well, I enjoyed CHAPPIE. I wasn’t blown away by it like you were, but I at least didn’t hate it like Jay. I found I lost interest near the end due to not really caring about the action portion. For me, the points of interest came with the interaction with Chappie (Whoa…literally as I typed the name “Chappie” Solo randomly mentioned the movie title on the Sci-Fi Podcast episode 4…okay, back to the regular post) and the humans. Chappie is a pretty lovable mofo, who took me on a rollercoaster of feels. The most heartbreaking scene for me is when Ninja and America took Chappie to the streets to experience how bad the real world truly was. Chappie begging for the gang to leave him alone and not understanding what’s going on was a shockingly emotional moment.

            The movie eventually made me debate at what point does AI’s “Life” become as important as a human’s. Religious people may not enjoy this opinion, but is there really much of a difference between creating an AI robot and creating human life through the whole babymaking process? The longer the film went, the more they blurred the lines between there being a clear difference of the value of both of their lives.

            As long as one is open to entertaining the question of the worth of AI and it’s value compared to human life, CHAPPIE leaves the viewer with a lot to ponder. Overall, I’d just rate it as a rental/stream it, but it does make me want to check out some other similar movies including Spielberg’s A.I.

  3. Not gonna lie, I’m not a big fan of Wet Hot American Summer. It had its moments, but there was something about it that was very off-putting. I guess I’m going to have to give it another try now that there’s a show to go along with it.

    I’m super excited about The Guest. It was one of my favorite movies last year and the soundtrack was a favorite of mine as well. I have no idea how you feel about it (please, no spoilers), but if you decided to review it, my guess (hope) is that you at least consider it worth streaming. If not, I will fight you my friend. I will take the fight to twitter if need be!

    • Juan, I feel you. I was the same as you. I tried, but I couldn’t get into it. I forgot to mention it on the show, but it was really the Netflix series that finally brought out my Wet Hot love.

      We mentioned that seeing the movie first will increase your appreciation for the show, but I also absolutely feel like the show increased my appreciation for the movie. I REALLY like the show despite being very lukewarm on the movie when I tried it out and I think it may help you eventually like the movie. It did me.

      For fans of the movie, I think the series definitely does it justice. For non-fans, I actually think the series is better. That may be unpopular or sacrilege, but I think it’s true.

      • Yeah, I’ll have to check out the show. I mean, I love the cast. I really should have loved the movie a lot more than I did. I was a bit frustrated by the end of the movie because I was not having a great time and I really wanted to haha. What a bummer.

        • One of the best things about the show is that that stellar supporting cast has way more to do over the course of the series than they did in minor supporting roles in the original 90 minute film. Each of them has a character and story arc and the show is really fulfilling narratively in a way that the movie wasn’t for me. And I really enjoyed the ending.

  4. I’m curious if you guys have this nostalgia for the Summer camp you never attended, the way Ry does. Especially our non-North American listeners like David. I can’t figure out why I have this insane nostalgic pull toward the All-American Summer camp experience.

    • That’s so funny that you mentioned that. I never attended summer camp and I was never part of the boy scouts, so this whole adventure-in-the-woods/summer-vacation-at-the-lake business seems extremely appealing to me because I always yearned for the experience. It’s sad to think that I’ll never be able to experience that and the only way to “get my fix” is through movies. It’s a big reason why the Friday the 13th franchise is so appealing to me. It’s amusing to think that I grew up watching summer camp movies and those are the memories that I have when the topic is brought up. All of my memories and nostalgia are fake, but it’s all I have and I treasure them as if they were real.

      • Even though I had the Scout Camp experiences, I kind of feel the same way as you about a traditional Summer Camp experience. One reason to look forward to that eventual HMP meet-up at Camp No-Be Bosco. And another reason I like Survivor. Seriously watch Indian Summer if you haven’t seen it. It brings out the imagined nostalgia like nothing else. It’s on Amazon, GooglePlay, and YouTube for $2.99 and totally worth it, especially if you have to watch a movie with your dad or something (warning: mom’s may no appreciate the boner-themed flashback scene).

    • I never had a full summer camp experience, but I had some mini experiences with my school in either 4th or 5th grade and again when my cub scouts went on a summer trip for a weekend.

      I think part of the appeal of the nostalgia for summer camp you never actually experienced is directed for nostalgia for your childhood. Summer camp was a different experience than nearly anything else from your childhood. You were doing something away from your parents, so you felt freedom even if you still had plenty of chaperones, and unlike memories of school, it’s just about having fun.

      How many other childhood memories does a person have when they’re away from their family, they’re in a different location from the norm, and it’s just about fun without any childhood responsibilities like homework?

    • I think I’ve mentioned in the past that I adore the all-american summer camp as a setting. That’s a big part of why I enjoy the “Friday the 13th” franchise and also why “The Burning” and “Sleepaway Camp” are two of my very favourite slasher movies. I think a part of my nostalgic appreciation for this slightly alien setting comes from just how ubiquitous and iconic it seems in the culture of the US. I watched a lot of American TV shows, cartoons and movies when I was a kid so my awareness of the summer camp experience goes back to an early age. For a while it seemed like every show from the US had it’s own summer camp episode; from “The Simpsons” to “Are you Afraid of the Dark?”. However I think the true root of my love for the “summer camp” experience, as represented in media at least, comes from just how universally appealing the fundamental elements are. What kid doesn’t love going on hikes and sleeping in bunk beds and telling ghost stories and going on boats and toasting marshmallows? It’s the stuff that shapes your childhood ideal of “a good time”, before sex and booze and drugs are introduced with all their associated baggage. There’s a beautiful innocence to it that most adults must sometimes yearn to recall, if not rekindle. And of course that innocence is often offset by the decidedly more adult shenanigans of the camp counsellors but that just adds another tier to the nostalgia. It’s a uniquely structured setting that has the potential to remind us of both of early youths fleeting innocence and later youths confusing yet exciting new territory.

  5. So, I was just looking up a few of my favorite clips from The State (because I wasn’t sure if anybody out there had actually seen it) and I came across this joke in the skit “Doug and Dad” that I think Scream may have actually lifted. Maybe it is generic enough a joke, but Dewey definitely makes the same joke that Dad does there at the end. Anyway, for those who haven’t seen The State, it’s an interesting look at the early beginnings of the people who went on to make stuff like Stella, Reno 911 and Wet Hot American Summer.

    Check out the links below, but only if you want to laugh:

    Mind Match “Orphans”

    Light Coma

    $7,000 Pyramid “Sid & Nancy”

    Doug and Dad

    The Barry Lutz Show “Monkey Torture”

    Captain Monterey Jack “Shoes”

    The Laupin Variety Program

    Gang Fight

    Hot Dogs

    Now, I’m in the mood to watch Hell Baby.

        • Well, considering I was seven at the time of the first episode hitting the air, I was probably far more into watching Power Rangers, WWF, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? I seem to remember my mom trying to steer me away from MTV at that age.

          So yeah, I blame my mom for not knowing about The State.

          Also, Joe Lo Truglio looked just like the kid from Malcolm in the Middle in that Doug and Dad short.

  6. Finished up watching JESUS CAMP. While watching it, it reminded me of something Spacewolf Josh said over on the Sci-Fi Podcast about how it hurts to see parents and adult figures lead their children in the wrong direction and generally just messing up the poor kids lives due to some poor upbringing. There’s a lot of instances I can bring up from JESUS CAMP, but the one that stands out the most for me was all of the condemning of HARRY POTTER. If you look past the whole witches and magic aspect of the books, there’s a lot of great life lessons in those stories. Standing up against evil, the power of love and friendship, being brave enough to not just side with evil or peer pressure, the belief that everyone matters regardless of if they’re pure blood or not, controlling your own fate and character regardless of where you came from, ect. Yet, all of that is condemned solely because there’s witches and warlocks. To such a degree too that whoa…don’t even joke around and mention that one of your friends look like Harry Potter.

    What are they really teaching these kids? If you don’t act a certain way and be loud enough, God isn’t even going to be at your church? There’s evil all around, but luckily you’re just so so so special? Worship George W. Bush (But they totally don’t have a political agenda!)?

    These kids were so passionate about their faith, but any time any of the adults talk, they were only acting like generals with the children being their front line and pawns. By the end, it didn’t feel as if it had anything to do with religion, but rather one giant control system with children being their favorite weapons.

    I felt bad for the rat tail kid. He met a hero in Pastor Haggard and Haggard didn’t take him seriously. “Say kid, keep using that cute face of yours to con people until you’re old enough to have something decent to say instead!”

    All of the war, enemy and dying for Jesus talk drew a lot of similarities to me to the Islamic Extremists.

    On the plus side, JESUS CAMP did teach me that if I’m having problems with technology, it’s because of the devil.

    • Sounds like Jesus Camp hit all the right buttons for you. It’s a fascinating doc. I know that it is pretty harrowing, but hopefully you enjoyed the watch.

  7. My top 5 camp movies…
    1. Meatballs
    2. Little Darlings
    3. Wet Hot American Summer
    4.Friday the 13th
    5. Race For Your Life Charlie Brown

    • Holy crap, Shannon. Interesting list, as always. A few thoughts: I totally forgot Little Darlings even existed. I need to rewatch that. I love Peanuts but have never seen this Charlie Brown movie. Funnily enough, I just bought a commemorative comic book from Boom Studios called “It’s summer camp Charlie Brown” but have yet to give it a read. I can’t believe that anyone actually likes Meatballs.

  8. I need to get around to watching WET HOT. I feel like this kind of humor would speak to me.

    Really looking forward to THE GUEST discussion. But, then, you have a bunch of interesting movies on the queue.

    • Yeah, this episode has convinced me that I need to check out “Wet Hot American Summer”. It sounds like a blast.

      • It’s goofy as all hell and, again, I had trouble with the movie for quite awhile, but the TV series makes it all worthwhile, in my opinion.

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