Movie Stream Cast 16: God Bless America (2011)

This week Jason Pyles reviews Bobcat Goldthwait’s God Bless America. He enters into an interesting discussion about freedom of speech (or art) vs. responsibility of filmmakers to their possibly impressionable audiences. Perhaps the film itself is a part of the horrible fall of society which its anti-hero strives to thwart.

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4 thoughts on “Movie Stream Cast 16: God Bless America (2011)

  1. So Jay, are you saying you actually identified with this guy? I kind of hated him. I like the idea of the film, but this guy is nuts. Aside from the people picketing at military funerals and the bratty reality show stars I can’t get on board. People on American Idol do have talent. I like Ridiculousness. This guy hates everything and everybody. Even the neighbors have a point when they say nobody knows that Michael Jackson was guilty of anything. I expected to love this film because I do hate that Idol and reality shows put so much emphasis on making fun of people. But at the same time if we try to stand up for them we are assuming (as he does) that they are weak and lack a sense of reality. For instance this year Idol had a young man on there named Charlie, and everyone loved him but then when he had a bad performance and the judges told him so, he got teary-eyed and the buzz online became “they should never have let him on the show, he wasn’t mentally stable enough for it”. They acted as though they could tell just by seeing him on the show that he was unstable and could wind up murdering people over an Idol appearance or something. I know they were trying to stand up for the kid but at the same time they were putting the kid down more than Idol was. But I do think reality shows are sometimes the last ditched efforts for people and research shows that around 20 people or more have committed suicide after appearing on reality shows. Should we blame them? Maybe. Maybe not.

  2. I’m a Bobcat fan, so I have to check this one out, despite Hammer’s misgivings. This sounds interesting and I’d agree that World’s Greatest Dad is an under appreciated gem. But, I also like Hot to Trot.

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