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Thanks for taking an interest in some of our other movie podcasts. If you are a fan of Movie Stream Cast, you may enjoy some of our longer, more in-depth discussions.

HMP LogoHORROR MOVIE PODCAST aspires to be a “thinking man’s” horror podcast with extended discussion on filmmaking craft, film theory, film history, and more.  The show is produced and hosted by Jason Pyles, former host of Movie Stream Cast, and features current MSC host Joshua Ligairi as a full-time co-host, along with Dave Becker of, and literal zombie Phd Kyle Bishop. Their epic themed episodes can sometimes run up to 4 hours as the hosts dig deep into the gory details of a myriad of horror sub-genres and out-of-thebox topics such as The Siege Narrative, Feral Vampires, Proto-Slashers, and The Horrors of Consumerism. Friend of MSC Matt Daniels can frequently be heard on HMP and MSC co-host William Rowan Jr is an occasional guest as well. At Horror Movie Podcast, they are dead serious about horror movies. Listen here!

MPN TSFP LogoTHE SCI FI PODCAST is produced by MSC host Joshua Ligairi and features MSC co-host William Rowan Jr as a full-time member of the sci-fi team and MSC co-host Cody Clark as a frequent guest. The podcast is hosted by friend of MSC Matt Daniels who is also a frequent guest on Horror Movie Podcast. And like HMP, TSFP tends to focus on in-depth analysis of themes and franchises, as well as specialty recommendation segments, rather than your typical movie reviews, with a dedication to all things since fiction. TSFP is a bi-weekly show that releases every-other Thursday and episodes aim at the 1 1/2 hour mark, with the goal to be as substantial as HMP but as sleek as Movie Podcast Weekly. Listen here!

 is a podcast that covers all genres, like Movie Stream Cast, but focuses on theatrical releases. MPW is produced and hosted by Jason Pyles, former host of MSC, and features current MSC host Joshua Ligairi as a sometimes co-host. MSC co-host William Rowan Jr is also a frequent guest. MPW is a weekly show that covers at least one new movie that is playing in theaters as well as mini-reviews of what the hosts have been watching lately, and specialty recommendation segments. With more in-depth conversation than MSC (and a lot more digression) a typical episode of MPW run is in the ballpark of 2 1/2 hours. Listen here!

And if you like horror franchises, be sure to check out The Resurrection of Zombie 7 co-founded by Movie Stream Cast founder, Jeff Hammer, along with writer Ron Martin. From Universal Monsters to moderns slashers, they take a look at your favorite horror movie franchises and dedicate an entire episode to each film in the featured franchise. It becomes very tedious at times for Hammer, who has become an in-frequent co-host, but Ron is always up to the challenge. To date, ResZombie7 has covered the ScreamExorcistFinal DestinationNightmare on Elm StreetPsycho franchises and more. Listen here!

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