Special Features 1: 15 Film Gems That You Probably Haven’t Seen (But Should)

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— Meet your hosts
— Random stats about Movie Podcast Network
— Agenda for this episode
— Determining the relative “obscurity” of our film picks
— IMDb closes its message boards


[ 0:11:10 ] Jay of the Dead: The Corpse of Anna Fritz (2015)
Number of IMDb ratings: 2,005

[ 0:19:12 ] Joel Robertson: The Making of “And God Spoke” (1993)
Number of IMDb ratings: 775

[ 0:28:19 ] Joshua Ligairi: Moana With Sound (1926)
Number of IMDb ratings: 328
— and —
Tabu: A Story of the South Seas (1931)
Number of IMDb ratings: 3,560

[ 0:41:21 ] Mattroid: Robinson Crusoe on Mars (1964)
Number of IMDb ratings: 4,852

[ 0:48:39 ] Geek Cast Ry: I Melt With You (2011)
Number of IMDb ratings: 5,158

Network show descriptions for the uninitiated:
Movie Podcast.Network
Geek Cast Live Podcast
The Sci-Fi Podcast


[ 1:00:17 ] Jason: Jackson County Jail (1976)
Number of IMDb ratings: 656

[ 1:10:48 ] Joel Robertson: LolliLove (2004)
Number of IMDb ratings: 1,225

[ 1:18:46 ] Joshua Ligairi: Raiders of the Lost Ark: The Adaptation (1989)
Number of IMDb ratings: 474
— and —
Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made (2015)
Number of IMDb ratings: 1,095

[ 1:24:31 ] Mattroid: Timer (2009)
Number of IMDb ratings: 10,778

[ 1:34:14 ] Geek Cast Ry: The Aristocrats (2005)
Number of IMDb ratings: 15,164

Network show descriptions for the uninitiated:
Movie Podcast Weekly
Movie Stream Cast
Retro Movie Geek


[ 1:47:43 ] Jason: Felidae (1994)
Number of IMDb ratings: 2,744

[ 1:56:20 ] Joel Robertson: The Stepfather (1987)
Number of IMDb ratings: 9,457

[ 2:12:45 ] Joshua Ligairi: The Beaver Trilogy (2000)
Number of IMDb ratings: 404
— and —
Beaver Trilogy Part IV (2015)
Number of IMDb ratings: 88

[ 2:38:44 ] Mattroid: Deep Star Six (1989)
Number of IMDb ratings: 7,337

[ 2:51:01 ] Geek Cast Ry: 44-Inch Chest (2009)
Number of IMDb ratings: 5,977

Network show descriptions for the uninitiated:
Universal Monsters Cast
Horror Movie Podcast

IV. Wrap-Up / Ending


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6 thoughts on “Special Features 1: 15 Film Gems That You Probably Haven’t Seen (But Should)

  1. Is this where we talk about Survivor? We haven’t had much interaction this season, and I kinda miss you all! I looked up our stats:

    Dino 37
    Icarus 37
    Jenifer 33
    Juan 30

    So, Dino and Josh tied for the highest place here. Couldn’t find Cody at his usual; JeffProbstHairpiece.

    The Tribe
    Josh 66th
    Dino 140th
    Jenifer 162nd
    Juan 165th
    JPHP 171st

    THERE’s Cody, and not showing too well, either. Good job again, Josh.

    Purple Rock
    I could only find;
    JPHP at 61
    Jenifer at 168

    Anyone else out there? Did I make misread the data? (A healthy possibility) And best of all, are you enjoying the season? I am. I love returning players. Me and my gang were so sad when our favorites, Malcom and Ozzy went home, but you just had to know that was happening. There are still some good players in there just coasting along…Cirie, Aubry,,, And Tai, with TWO idols nobody knows about! Can you believe he’s managed to keep his mouth shut about those for this long? I keep trying to see who’s the biggest threat left, but I think they all are! And what’s up with the food sitch? They don’t really mention food all that much anymore, and Debbie didn’t lose hardly any weight?

  2. I started the season with entries in all three leagues. I rarely actually watch Survivor on Wednesday nights, however, because of schedule coordination issues. (My wife and daughter and I all watch together.) So that makes it a little harder for me to keep track of the entry deadline than it may be for people who actually watch the show when it airs. Also, after a slew of interesting players went out near the beginning, my interest in the season waned a bit. I’ve still watched every episode, of course, but my game investment dipped to the point where I forgot the deadline a couple of times. I tried to straighten everything out for a week or two, but then the Jazz were in the playoffs and I had another couple of missed weeks.

    JSFL actually eliminated my entry altogether (which happens there if you don’t actively participate for too many weeks in a row). My entry in The Tribe is still around, however, so I made some picks this week. Yay, me! And, of course, Purple Rock is an autopilot thing after the second show airs.

    I think Cirie is doing the best job of deflecting attention from herself while quietly manipulating others. She’s probably played the best game out of all the old warhorses, and I think she’d win if the jury voted today. I want to root for Aubry, because I enjoyed her so much the first time around, but she’s really been on the fringes. I’m thrilled Tai has two idols, but it looks like he may not actually need to play either one. Which makes them kind of boring, even though I think Tai has played a smarter (and more subtle) game the second time through and would love to see him win. If he’s smart about those idols, then he may actually have the best shot of anyone still in the game.

    • Haven’t seen it yet. :-( Cool that there’s a crazy tribal, tho. That’s always fun.

      • Ohmygosh. What do you think about the new trend of players “playing” at Tribal? i.e; getting up and whispering to other players? I think it’s nuts! But way fun. I just don’t like that I don’t know WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!!

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