Movie Stream Cast 75: Citizen Four (2014) and Invisible Ink and our Top 5 Paranoid Thrillers

msc-citizenfour-bannerOn episode 075 of Movie Stream Cast, video artist and Tyrone Davies joins Josh to discuss his docu-series Invisible Ink: Surveillance and Secrecy, which you can help crowd-fund right now on IndieGoGo, as well as review the Academy Award-winning Laura Poitras documentary Citizenfour (2014), which is streaming for a subscription on Amazon Prime and for a $3.99 digital rental  on most platforms. Rachel also joins the show briefly when Josh gives you his “Top 5 Paranoid Thriller” lists.

STREAMING NEXT: Mascots (2016)

Check out Tyrone’s IndieGoGo campaign for Invisible Ink!

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